Saturday, September 11, 2021

"Run, Hide, Fight" Can Kill You

I just went through this training again. Run, Hide, Fight! I am re-posting this article from December 2019 about the flaws in this training that is used so often. In 2017 in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas 2 people were killed but the gunman was killed by a parishioner who had volunteered to be on a security team. There is video of the shooting if you can handle that sort of reality. This made me think about the governments "Run, Hide, Fight" (RFH) campaign. The shooting in Texas was over in seconds. The RFH would have done no one any good. Security on the spot made the difference. There were 7 people armed in that church that we can see in the video. These church security teams have some type of training usually. There was 250 people in that church. Two were killed before the gunman was stopped by someone else with a gun. I have worked for the federal government in one capacity or another my entire adult life. The training we receive is RFH. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have also adopted this training. I fear for those who put so much stock in this training. Let me explain why. RFH is a soft response to hard violence. The problem with RFH is that it does not teach about the extreme violence that a mass shooter is. It does not teach the importance of being ready mentally for this type of attack. It does not talk about the normalcy bias that most people experience during a violent encounter. Living in North America most people are relatively safe most of the time and their "normal" does not involve violence. I think that's one of the great benefits of living in the U.S. But it does foster an inadequate mindset of "All is well." This can be dangerous because there is usually a Afreeze@ before the fight or flight response. That is sometimes precious seconds that could be used to run or hide. This is a definition of the freeze from a 2010 article by Dr. David Golstein "The fight-or-flight response, also known as the acute stress response, refers to a physiological reaction that occurs in the presence of something that is terrifying, either mentally or physically. The response is triggered by the release of hormones that prepare your body to either stay and deal with a threat or to run away to safety." Most people are not prepared for this response and so often nothing actually happens which is what we call freeze. That's where the ADeer in the headlights@ look can come from. It's too bad that RHF doesn=t acknowledge something that most people will experience. There are ways to learn to control this reaction and it has to with a mindset. Preparing for this type of event in your mind can make a difference. Thinking of scenarios AIf someone comes in that door and does this, I=ll do this@ can help if ever faced with the real thing. I know you can't imagine every scenario, but just thinking of a few will put you much further ahead than you would be. It also gives your mind somewhere to go during this type of event that may keep you from freezing. It does work and is used to train tactical teams. I used to teach a tactical response class in the military. I would use an air horn at a particularly quiet moment to demonstrate the way something unusual can get your adrenalin pumping. It was interesting to see the reaction from some battle experienced people who were told it was coming! Another problem with RHF is that it fosters a "checklist" attitude. These events are situationally driven. Sometimes you may have to go straight to Fight because the situation warrants it. But the way RHF is taught Fight is a "last resort". That is not reality and so it teaches you can't fight yet because you haven=t exhausted the run and hide options yet. This can get you killed. It should be taught "Run or Hide or Fight" to be of any advantage to a victim. The RHF system also creates a victim right away without even giving anyone a chance at something else. It creates a non-aggressive mindset when there are many scenarios where those being attacked should be in a self-defense mode rather than a "roll-over-you're-dead" mode. For some reason the general public in the U.S. have this idea that only law enforcement can or will defend you. Law enforcement is the best in the world in this country. But unless you carry an officer in your back pocket or bag they are minutes away! There are politicians and snowflakes out there that would have you believe that only the police can use violence to defend you. Most law enforcement will agree that is simply not true, yet it is still perpetuated. "Don't fight with your attacker, give them what they want." A purse or wallet is one thing but a woman's virtue is something else! Don't let this false training deceive you! Since Columbine law enforcement has changed its tactics with mass shooters. They used to establish a secure perimeter and wait for SWAT to take out a killer. No longer do they do this. Many people have died with this tactic. Law enforcement has changed, and you should too. Don't let anyone teach you that running and hiding are the first things you should do in an active shooter situation. Don't misunderstand, running and hiding are very good options. They can save many lives. But situational awareness is the most important skill along with a quick threat assessment. Learn about your options. Get trained so that when fight is the best and first option, you=ll be ready. Try to teach others, politicians and leaders, that gun free zones are where people die. Give us the options to get trained and to defend ourselves. If there is one thing we can learn from the tragedy in another Texas Church, it's that someone armed and even trained basically can save lives and make the difference. Don=t be a victim, get training and practice what you learn. Semper Paratus Check 6 Burn PS I do not think RHF training is very good, but it is something. Take out some of the flaws and include situational awareness and this would be better training. You can do this yourself. Take lame training, and turn it into something that makes a difference.

Remember 20 Years Ago, And 9 Years Ago, Never Forget

The other day I was at work a little late. That meant I left work later than usual. I work on a federal installation that is run mostly by the military. That means that every morning and every night the flag is raised and lowered. If you have ever spent much time on any military base you will know that for a few minutes each day, tribute is given to our nation and to its flag. Traffic stops, and the vehicle occupants sit quietly to pay respect. Where ever people are walking, they stop, face toward the main flag pole and salute or stand reverently with their hand over their heart. I experienced this for the millionth time that evening. While I was sitting in my car, I thought that nowhere else that I know of does everything stop to recognize and revere AOld Glory@ and this great country. It made me proud to be an American! How many Americans really understand the meaning of this symbol of our liberties and freedom? How many Americans know how to treat this symbol? We are going to give you a brief lesson on how to treat the flag. Flag Etiquette and standards of respect The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used. They are: The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. It is flown upside down only as a distress signal. The flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering speakers, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top. The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, except that a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations. The flag should never have placed on it, or attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind. The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything. When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting hands and arms. To store the flag it should be folded neatly and ceremoniously. The flag should be cleaned and mended when necessary. When a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified manner. Displaying the Flag Outdoors: When the flag is displayed from a staff projecting from a window, balcony, or a building, the union should be at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half staff. When it is displayed from the same flagpole with another flag - of a state, community, society or Scout unit - the flag of the United States must always be at the top except that the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for Navy personnel when conducted by a Naval chaplain on a ship at sea. When the flag is displayed over a street, it should be hung vertically, with the union to the north or east. If the flag is suspended over a sidewalk, the flag's union should be farthest from the building. When flown with flags of states, communities, or societies on separate flag poles which are of the same height and in a straight line, the flag of the United States is always placed in the position of honor - to its own right...The other flags may be smaller but none may be larger...No other flag ever should be placed above it...The flag of the United States is always the first flag raised and the last to be lowered. When flown with the national banner of other countries, each flag must be displayed from a separate pole of the same height. Each flag should be the same size. They should be raised and lowered simultaneously. The flag of one nation may not be displayed above that of another nation. Raising and Lowering the Flag: The flag should be raised briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously. Ordinarily it should be displayed only between sunrise and sunset. It should be illuminated if displayed at night. The flag of the United States of America is saluted as it is hoisted and lowered. The salute is held until the flag is unsnapped from the halyard or through the last note of music, whichever is the longest. Displaying the Flag Indoors: When on display, the flag is accorded the place of honor, always positioned to its own right. Place it to the right of the speaker or staging area or sanctuary. Other flags should be to the left. The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of states, localities, or societies are grouped for display. When one flag is used with the flag of the United States of America and the staffs are crossed, the flag of the United States is placed on its own right with its staff in front of the other flag. When displaying the flag against a wall, vertically or horizontally, the flag's union (stars) should be at the top, to the flag's own right, and to the observer's left. The Salute: To salute, all persons come to attention. Those in uniform give the appropriate formal salute. Citizens not in uniform salute by placing their right hand over the heart and men with head cover should remove it and hold it to left shoulder, hand over the heart. Members of organizations in formation salute upon command of the person in charge. The Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem: The pledge of allegiance should be rendered by standing at attention, facing the flag, and saluting.When the national anthem is played or sung, citizens should stand at attention and salute at the first note and hold the salute through the last note. The salute is directed to the flag, if displayed, otherwise to the music. The Flag in Mourning: To place the flag at half staff, hoist it to the peak for an instant and lower it to a position half way between the top and bottom of the staff. The flag is to be raised again to the peak for a moment before it is lowered. On Memorial Day the flag is displayed at half staff until noon and at full staff from noon to sunset. The flag is to be flown at half staff in mourning for designated, principal government leaders and upon presidential or gubernatorial order. When used to cover a casket, the flag should be placed with the union at the head and over the left shoulder. It should not be lowered into the grave. These are most of what you need to know. I also think that most people should know how to fold a flag properly but this won=t be covered here. Several years ago my wife taught me a great lesson. She was concerned about a faded, ragged flag being flown over a Wendy's restaurant. After several calls to the management and trying to convey her feelings over an appropriate symbol being flown, she got her desired results. They replaced the flag. Now, this is really not a rant against Wendy's restaurants, they are fine businesses. But this is typical of Americans not thinking, or maybe not caring, about our wonderful flag. We must be vigilant, but we must be diplomatic. Not everyone will harbor the same passion over this great symbol. The best thing is to be firm, but to try to teach patriotism. Remember, we are a melting pot. Not everyone who is a citizen has grown up being taught patriotism. Twenty years ago today I was working on an Air Force base. I, like many of you, watched in horror as war was brought to our glorious Republic. I=ll never forget how fast our aircraft got out of the sky. We were in the highest alert mode I=d ever been in other than an exercise. I also remember the patriotism as most Americans came together and grieved together. It is scandalous to me that even our political leaders felt we needed to go to war to take care of this problem, yet many of them changed their views and some even lied about what they had supported. Even worse to me, a veteran, is the fact that some politicians think that Washington DC had so much to do with the taking out of the mastermind of 9/11. I question anything that does not give credit where it is due. The US military has done many thankless acts in its long history but regardless of what has happened in Washington or in wars, they still give reverence to our symbol. Old glory. The grand old girl. Stars and stripes. I would hope that after only twenty short years we can still remember. Also, do not forget the 4 souls that lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. In a scandalous act our government sat back and basically let this attack happen. I do not call this a conspiracy, but many things were covered up. There were 10 investigations of Benghazi. As usual they were a sham. I know personally how this works. There was an investigation of the Iran-Contra affair by the Tower commission, like Benghazi investigations, came up with a solution that was far from truth. Within that particular investigation aid to the Contras was stopped by Congress. That is a lie. I was at a small American Army made landing strip in Panama well after the aid was supposed to be stopped, and it was not. So, as a powerless ex-President who believes investigations ran by Congress or any other government entity would reveal truth, I know that they do not. Because of those impotent investigations the U.S. military was at a base in Panama and lost 4 good men to an attack. We should not have been there, just as help should have been given to the brave souls who did not survive in Benghazi. And our ex-President, who needs to just shut his pie-hole, thinks there was nothing he or his staff did wrong. He has his right to free speech, but should he have used that speech to bash his successor? A better person would have not. And then to bring up a sore spot on his “scandal-less” administration, shows me he is still the classless idiot he was while in office. If you want to know what happened at Benghazi, ask someone who was there. Not someone who supposedly is investigating it. Kris Paronto was there. He says these investigations are wrong, but we should believe those politicians over an honorable veteran. The politicians won. The President and the Secretary of State still have lives and incomes. Clinton even ran for President. Had they been honorable, they would have taken responsibility. Good men died because of their politics. And then the ex-President has the gall to talk about “conspiracy theories” surrounding the debacle. What a horse’s patoot. No wonder Kris Paronto said he wanted to choke the ex-President. I have the same feeling. Remembering 9-11 is important because of the attacks on our country. But also remember 9-11-2012 where we lost more good people to terrorists. Remember regardless of nasty politicians who are only about themselves and their politics. Semper Paratus Check 6 Burn

Friday, September 10, 2021

Ammo Scammers

This article is about ammo scammer websites. But know this could be other gun related products. There are many new gun owners out there.
With the shortage of ammo being a real thing many fake ammunition websites have popped up. I was going along a few months ago looking for primers when I found a site that had lots of primers in stock. The flag was that they had a LOT! The prices were also pretty low. There was no limit on anything they were trying to sell. This started me looking around the website. The pictures that were being used seemed awfully “general”. It seemed like pictures from a photo library. Very nondescript. Then I looked for an address. I couldn’t find one. There was only a email address. Then I started to get further into the site. There were other places on this website that promised training information. They acted as if this business was a gun training business that sold ammo and reloading products. It was pretty elaborate until you started clicking some of these side links. These areas were not yet developed. The content was not there. It wasn’t just under construction. So I filled out the personal information area telling them to bite me! These scammers are almost always outside the United States. Most of the content has been stolen. Of course the business names are fake and so are the logos. If you have never heard of this site or business make sure to read the content. Many of these scammers do not use English as their first language. You can tell in their content. Here are some tips for recognizing fake websites. Too good of a deal If it’s too good to be true it probably is. Prices are often very cheap. You know what these products are going for. Look at the prices from websites you know are reputable to get an idea what prices should be. Social media Look to see if they have any social media links. Then follow those links. It takes a lot of time and work to maintain websites and social media accounts. Scammers won’t put in the time and work. Payment Just like the phone scammers payment is often from some crazy third-party or social media platforms. Most will not take credit cards. Contact Often scammers will want to communicate with you on another platform. They will direct message you and want to communicate with a chat app. Addresses Check their business address. It’s pretty easy to check. Many won’t have any address at all. English as their first language Bad grammar and crazy misspelled words and obvious typos are all indicators of a scammer. Security indicators SSL (this stands for computer-speak “Secure sockets layer”) certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a website's server. SSL certificates make encryption possible, and they contain the website's identity. Tap the lock at the beginning of URL address to see if your connection is secure. But be aware that some scammer sites actually have SSL certificates. Forums Look at some forums and see if you can find the business you are considering being discussed. You can also look for reviews of the business on the site or in forums. Forums are known to be brutally honest. Doubt If you have doubts do not buy! Trust In the end use trusted businesses and websites. Be careful out there brothers and sisters! Semper Paratus Check 6 Burn

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LDS Gunsite Complete Index 2014 - 2020

I realized I never posted this updated with 2020 index. The year 2020 was a little weird as we all know. But here is the complete Index. Index from 2014 through 2020

LDS Gunsite Blog Index 2014
Jan 2014 (4)
1. Why this website exists 1/27/2014
2. How do I love Let me count the ways 1/28/2014
3. Protection in the church 1/29/2014
4. Avenging Angel 1/30/2014

Feb 2014 (4)
5. Storing Ammo 2/6/2014
6. The Ruger 10 22 2/6/2014
7. The 200th Hour 2/15/2014
8. Less Than Lethal 2/15/2014

Mar 2014 (8)
9. Threat Cons and Training 3/4/2014
10. Should You Carry? 3/4/2014
11. Yellow to Orange 3/8/2014
12. The OODA Loop Combat Concept 3/20/2014
13. Pick a source, any source Myth of MSM 3/20/2014
14. HiHo HiHo it’s off to the range we go 3/21/2014
15. How comfortable is your loadout? 3/21/2014
16. Shooting from cover 3/26/2014

Apr 2014 (7)
17. Kids and Guns: A good combo? 4/1/2014
18. Cleanliness next to godliness, clean guns 4/1/2014
19. Making someone 4/4/2014
20. Remember Chris 4/4/2014
21. OPR OP Rockwell philosophy 4/9/2014
22. Risk: Crowd Safety 4/27/2014
23. The right and responsibility of Self defense 4/29/2014

May 2014 (16)
24. Flashlight Illumination 5/1/2014
25. Improv weapons 5/6/2014
26. Stop the threat 5/7/2014
27. Mormon Self defense 5/13/2014
28. Benghazi 5/15/2014
29. Personal and family security 5/15/2014
30. Remember Jeff and White Feather 5/16/2014
31. Security in an LDS church 5/19/2014
32. The road to concealed carry 5/19/2014
33. Concealed Carry Myths 5/21/2014
34. More than just a day off 5/25/2014

35. Active shooter response 5/28/2014
36. Avoiding a carjacking 5/28/2014
37. Home security while you are away 5/29/2014
38. Toy guns and training 5/29/2014

Jun 2014 (15)
39. Concealed Carry Responsibility 6/3/2014
40. Concealed Carry: Distance is your friend 6/4/2014
41. What cover is and is not, don’t die 6/6/2014
42. CC Participant, OP Rockwells guns 6/9/2014
43. Cost effective training 6/10/2014
44. Tactical knives for everyday use 6/12/2014
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Jul 2014 (20)
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Aug 2014 (20)
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76. Mormons: Low standards of sec 8/4/2014
77. Immigration and Threat 8/7/2014
78. Mormons: Low standard 2 8/11/2014
79. Mormons: Low standard 3 8/11/2014
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87. CC: Choosing a gun 8/18/2014
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89. Concealed Carry: Defense In A Vehicle 8/21/2014
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Sep 2014 (21)
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115. Riot Security 9/30/2014

Oct 2014 (12)
116. Trigger Check 10/2/2014
117. Happiness is Zero at 50 10/3/2014
118. Evacuation, Bugout, or Get Out of Dodge 10/3/2014
119. Family Communications Code 10/7/2014
120. Vehicle Security: Situtional Awareness 10/8/2014
121. Security: Determining Your Own Threat Matrix 10/8/2014
122. Pocket Survival 10/10/2014
123. Moroni's Training and You 10/14/2014
124. Being Followed in a Car 10/15/2014
125. 5 Weapons Everyone should have 10/17/2014
126. CC Non permissive environments 10/21/2014
127. CC Practice Perfectly 10/23/2014

Nov 2014 (21)
128. Security is never convenient 11/4/2014
129. CC Final word on Caliber 11/6/2014
130. Hard or Soft target, don’t be a victim 11/7/2014
131. A Short Veteran Thanks 11/10/2014
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Dec 2014 (15)
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150. CC: Trust God to Defend Your Family... After All You Can Do 12/5/2014
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155. The Rifle of The Mormon Battalion 12/9/2014
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157. What Is Your Major Malfunction? or Clearing Your Gun 12/10/2014
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163. Peace of Mind From A Room: Safe Room 12/18/2014
164. Everyday Carry (EDC) Cleaning 12/19/2014
165. Security and Christmas 12/19/2014

LDS Gunsite Index 2015
Jan 2015 (16)
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14. Preparedness: A Desperate Appeal 1/26/2015
15. Situational Awareness: The OODA Loop In Action 1/27/2015
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Feb 2015 (13)
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18. Review: Preppers Matrix 2/2/2015
19. An Appeal: Please Join LDS Gunsite 2/2/2015
20. Concealed Carry: Become A Crimefighter With Knowledge 2/9/2015
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28. Improvised Weapons: Fire Extinguisher 2/27/2015
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Mar (13)
30. Security Smarts 3/2/2015
31. Defensive Gun Myths 3/3/2015
32. Home Defense: The "Fire Extinguisher Gun" 3/3/2015
33. Developing Situational Awareness Part 1 3/4/2015
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39. Choosing A Self Defense Pen 3/18/2015
40. Medical: Wound Care Kit 3/18/2015
41. Concealed Carry/Home Defense: Verbal Warnings 3/26/2015
42. Basic of Knives and Knife Points 3/31/2015

Apr (13)
43. Training: Creating A Training Plan 4/3/2015
44. Concealed Carry: Defense As A Couple 4/7/2015
45. Remembering Chris Kyle 4/8/2015
46. Old Glory 4/9/2015
47. Mutual Security or Defending With A Partner 4/10/2015
48. 5 Guns That Helped Shape The History of The Church and West 4/13/2015
49. EDC: Important Part Of Preparation 4/13/2015
50. Should You Hide Guns and Ammo? 4/14/2015
51. OP Rockwell Philosophy 4/16/2015
52. The Eternal Question: How Much Ammo? 4/20/2015
53. Survival Knots 4/20/2015
54. Responsible Self Defense 4/28/2015
55. Riot Security and Safety 4/29/2015

May (11)
56. Helping Someone Choose A Gun 5/1/2015
57. Water Storage – Myth vs. Fact 5/18/2015
58. Remembering John Dean "Jeff" Cooper 5/18/2015
60. Reason For Self Defense 5/18/2015
61. Benefits of Dry Fire 5/19/2015
62. Remembering Bill Jordan and Carlos Hathcock 5/19/2015
63. Bikers, Police Protection, and Your Security 5/20/2015
64. Memorial Day 5/26/2015
65. The Cost of Stupidity: Law Enforcement and Us 5/27/2015
66. How To Achieve Security At Church 5/28/2015

67. Training: Force On Force and Airsoft 5/28/2015

Jun (11)
68. Oaths and Our Word 6/1/2015
69. Concealed Carry: Use of Force Continuum 6/3/2015
70. Less Than Lethal Ideas and Monkey Fists 6/5/2015
71. Security At An ATM 6/5/2015
72. 9mm Ammunition 6/12/2015
73. Remember Our National Symbol 6/15/2015
74. Shotguns and Real Advice 6/17/2015
75. President Obama Politicizes A Shooting 6/22/2015
76. Honor Porter Rockwell's Birthday 6/24/2015
77. Range Bags 6/24/2015
78. Concealed Carry: Making Carry Easier 6/26/2015

Jul (18)
79. Happy 4th 7/4/2015
80. EDC: The Basics 7/7/2015
81. China and Personal Information Security 7/8/2015
82. Trigger Control 7/8/2015
83. Gun Maintenance: Steps Of Cleaning a Gun 7/10/2015
84. Family Security: Why I Carry 7/13/2015
85. Radio Controlled Aircraft for Intel and Security 7/14/2015
86. Concealed Carry: Train Like You Mean It! 7/14/2015
87. Concealed Carry: Changing Your Clothes 7/14/2015
88. Choosing Home Defense Ammunition 7/14/2015
89. Training: Jeff Cooper's Drills 7/15/2015
90. Remember the Mormon Battalion 7/16/2015
91. Travel Security: Flying With A Weapon 7/23/2015
92. Field Medicine: Tourniquets 7/23/2015
93. Concealed Carry and Open Carry: Which? 7/24/2015
94. Happy 24th of July! 7/25/2015
95. Family Security: Preparedness In Home Security 7/27/2015
96. Color Code: Always Stay In Yellow 7/27/2015
97. Politics, Boy Scouts, And The LDS Church 7/29/2015

Aug (17)
98. Gun Safety and Kids 8/4/2015
99. Concealed Carry Mistakes Review 8/4/2105
100. Concealed Carry: Be A Smooth Operator 8/4/2015
101. Training: Trigger Press 8/5/2015
102. Trigger Pull 8/5/2015
103. Vigilance and "Some Sort of War" 8/6/2015
104. Urban Survival: The Basics 8/6/2015

105. Do You Red Team? 8/7/2015
106. Concealed Carry: Part of a Man’s Responsibility 8/17/2015
107. Preparedness Skill: Dead Drop 8/24/2015
108. Concealed Carry Skill: Gunfights 8/24/2015
109. Hoplophobia: How To Talk to Anti Gunners 8/25/2015
110. Shooting Skills: Basics of Marksmanship 8/26/2015
111. Concealed Carry in a Crowd 8/27/2015
112. Concealed Carry Skill: Gunfights Part 2 8/28/2015
113. Trigger Press Basics 8/28/2015
114. Safety Again 8/28/2015

Sep 2015 (13)
115. Skills We Should Improve 9/1/2015
116. Privacy: It's More Than Closing Your Blinds 9/2/2015
117. 9 11 Remembered and OPR Philosophy 9/11/2015
118. Beginning to Hate Mainstream Media: Finding Real News 9/11/2015
119. Water Storage: Chlorination 9/11/2015
120. Concealed Carry: Deadly Shooting Errors 9/11/2015
121. Moving And Shooting: From Choirboy 9/14/2015
122. Skills: Fire Building Is Not As Easy As It Looks 9/15/2015
123. The Best Medicine For Preparedness 9/16/2015
124. Philosophy Of Use For EDC and BOB 9/24/2015
125. Self defense Rules 9/24/2015
126. Target Recognition: Flashlights 9/28/2015
127. Review: Leatherman Wingman Multi tool for EDC 9/28/2015

Oct 2015 (17)
128. Surviving A Hijacking 10/2/2015
129. ISIS Threatens Military Members: Lessen You Footprint 10/6/2015
130. Skills: Situational Awareness Like Jason Bourne 10/8/2015
131. Active Shooter "Training" 10/9/2015
132. Abraham Lincoln and Guns 10/9/2015
133. The Man Behind The Man: Jonathan Browning 10/10/2015
134. The Guns of The United States Border Patrol 10/11/2015
135. You Know You're A Concealed Carry Nut When... 10/14/2015
136. Self Defense: Never Surrender 10/14/2015
137. Gun Retention 10/14/2015
138. First Gun: Gun “Action” Speaks Louder Than Words 10/15/2015
139. No More, No More Mr. Nice Guy 10/16/2015
140. Skills: Clearing Your Home 10/19/2015
141. Practicing Situation Awareness With Drills 10/22/2015
142. Concealed Carry: NPE (Non Permissive Environment) 10/27/2015
143. The Top Gun Survey Says... Baloney! 10/28/2015
144. On Being Violent: Your Violence Threshold 10/30/2015

Nov 2015 (14)
145. Concealed Carry: The Art Of De escalation 11/2/2015
146. Bug Out Bag: Packing Your Bag 11/3/2015
147. Skills: Ammunition Reloading 11/4/2015
148. LDS and Liberal? I say unto you, Nay 11/7/2015
149. Lessons From Fort Hood 11/9/2015
150. Come Clean: Maintaining Your Carry Gun 11/10/2015
151. Veteran's Day: Remember With Reverence 11/12/2015
152. Guns and Preparation 11/13/2015
153. How To Recognize A Bomber 11/13/2015
154. France, Freedom, and Security 11/17/2015
155. Who Protects You? Self Defense and The Family 11/19/2015
156. Family Security Planning 11/22/2015
157. Concealed Carry: Dealing With Terrorism 11/23/2015
158. Being Prepared "Legally" 11/25/2015

Dec 2015 (10)
159. Privacy: Back To Cash 12/2/2015
161. Day Of Infamy 12/7/2015
162. Violence and Doing What Is Right 12/8/2015
163. Guns Criminals Carry 12/9/2015
164. Dry Fire: Cheap, Effective Training 12/9/2015
165. A Voice of Warning 12/11/2015
166. Kids Skills 12/15/2015
167. Building First Aid Kits 12/16/2015
168. The Danites 12/16/2015
169. A Good Time To Reflect 12/25/2015

LDS Gunsite Index 2016
Jan (24)
1. 2016 1/1/2016
2. If I Were Muslim 1/1/2016
3. To Conceal or to Open, That is the Question 1/4/2016
4. LDS Gunsite Index 2015 1/5/2016
5. Evasion Driving 1/8/2016
6. Get Home Bag 1/8/2016
7. Staying Warm: Wool Blankets 1/11/2016
8. Training: Practice, Practice, Practice! But Do It Right 1/13/2015
9. A Rare Entertainment Comment 1/19/2016
10. FBI, 9mm and The Caliber Debate 1/19/2016
11. Delta Force and Charles Beckwith 1/19/2016
12. Do Not Vote For This Scoundrel! 1/20/2016
13. Build A Basic Gun Cleaning Kit 1/21/2016

14. Privacy: Webcams 1/22/2016
15. Carrying At Church 1/22/2016
16. The OODA Loop and You John Boyd's Birthday 1/22/2016
17. Canadian Tragedy and Why Laws Don't Protect Anyone! 1/23/2016
18. Privacy: Encryption and "Lazy" Law Enforcement 1/24/2016
19. Self Defense: Plan A, B, And C 1/25/2016
20. Paracord As A Tool 1/27/2016
21. Terrorism Can Happen Here: Prepare 1/27/2016
22. LDS Gunsite Turns 2! 1/28/2016
23. Call Signs 1/28/2016
24. Active Shooter Plans 1/29/2016

Feb (18)
25. A Round In The Chamber 2/2/2016
26. Cutting Sign: Tracking 2/4/2016
27. Zeroing A Battle Rifle 2/5/2016
28. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 1: Breaks and Dislocation 2/9/2016
29. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 2: Bleeding 2/10/2016
30. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 3: Establishing An Airway 2/10/2016
31. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 4: Deliver A Baby 2/11/2016
32. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 5: Know Symptoms 2/11/2016
33. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 6: Wound Dressing 2/12/2016
34. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 7: Suturing 2/12/2016
35. SIP (Shelter In Place) Kit at Work or School 2/12/2016
36. Giving Bad Gun Advice! 2/17/2016
37. Is The FBI Stupid? 2/17/2016
38. Cover and Concealment: Stop A Bullet 2/19/2016
39. Gun Free Zones 2/22/2016
40. Law Enforcement and All Lives Matter 2/22/2016
41. Profiling The Right Way 2/26/2016
42. Siphoning Gas/Water 2/29/2016

Mar (23)
43. Conspiracy and Secret Combinations 3/1/2016
44. Review: Alcohol Stoves 3/2/2016
45. Load Out: How Much Ammo Should You Carry? 3/4/2016
46. Distance Is Your Friend: The 21 Foot "Rule" 3/8/2016
47. Honest Shooting: Reality and Training 3/9/2016
48. The Weight Of Concealed Carry 3/10/2016
49. Gas Station Security: Don't Be Vulnerable 3/14/2016
50. Home Defense Bag: A Bump In The Night 3/16/2016
51. Politically Correct. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That... 3/16/2016
52. Preparation Mindset 3/17/2016
53. A Sad Day For Music 3/21/2016

54. A Conservative With A Gun 3/22/2016
55. Terrorism Again 3/22/2016
56. Ways To Fight Terrorism 3/23/2016
57. Non Lethal Option: Pepper Spray 3/23/2016
58. Details To Fighting Terrorism 3/24/2016
59. Are Your Targets On Target? 3/25/2016
60. Algiers Security Protocol 3/27/2016
61. Gun Control Baloney 3/28/2016
62. Shooting With "Older Eyes" 3/28/2016
63. Reloading Makes Sense 3/28/2016
64. Hiding From Thermal Imaging 3/28/2016
65. Security Plans 3/31/2016

Apr (29)
66. Rate Yourself 4/1/2016
67. Cyrus Wheelock and Self defense 4/4/2016
68. Why Mormon Men Should Be Rambo 4/5/2016
69. Suspicious Or Vigilant 4/6/2016
70. Reverence For Our Flag 4/7/2016
71. Survival Knives: Choosing The Best For You 4/7/2016
72. Remembering Chris Kyle 4/8/2016
73. Knife Attack Defense 4/8/2016
74. 4210 Yard Shot! 4/8/2016
75. Apartment and Dorm Security 4/12/2016
76. Oil Lamps For Light 4/12/2016
77. Pre Assault Indicators: Reading An Attack 4/12/2016
78. Modern Day Stripling Warriors 4/14/2016
79. Vote! Secretary Clinton's Problem With The Truth 4/14/2016
80. Stopping A Bullet 4/14/2016
81. Harden Your Target 4/15/2016
82. Shooting Goals Drills Help You Get There 4/15/2016
83. April Drill of the Month 4/18/2019
84. EDC Criteria 4/18/2016
85. Decision Making and Preparedness 4/20/2016
86. Texas, The Alamo, And Independence 4/21/2016
87. Power Out Preparedness 4/22/2016
88. Survival Guns 4/22/2016
89. Concealed Carry: When To Draw 4/26/2016
90. Security At A Rest Stop 4/28/2016
91. Privacy And Communication 4/28/2016
92. Concealed Carry In A Vehicle 4/29/2016
93. May Scenario Of The Month 4/29/2016
94. May Drill Of The Month 4/29/2016

May (13)
95. John Marlin, Gunmaker 5/3/2016
96. Self defense: A Personal Choice 5/6/2016
97. Daniel Wesson, Gun Innovator 5/9/2016
98. New cartridge: first change in decades 5/9/2016
99. Instructor Tips For Beginners 5/19/2016
100. Remembering Bill Jordan: Border Patrolman, Marine combat veteran, Gun professional 5/20/2016
101. Gun Culture 1.0 and 2.0: Which Are You? 5/20/2016
102. BOB Help: Navy SEAL Survival Kit 5/20/2016
103. Survival Kit or Get Home Bag 5/23/2016
104. Reloading During A Fight 5/26/2016
105. News Sights For Old Sight 5/26/2016
106. Truth And Gun Grabbers 5/26/2016
107. Concealed Carry Tips For New Carriers, Reminder For Experienced 5/31/2016

Jun (22)
108. Defense Scenario Of The Month For June 6/1/2016
109. Muscle Memory And Training 6/2/2016
110. Drill of the month 6/2/2016
111. Tactical Driving: A Few Tips 6/6/2016
112. Surrender 6/6/2016
113. Learning From San Bernardino and Terrorist Attacks 6/10/2016
114. The Tueller Drill 6/10/2016
115. Real Security In The U.S. 6/13/2016
116. What You Need To Know: Active Shooter 6/16/2016
117. Good Guy With A Gun (A Little Rant) 6/17/2016
118. Use it or it will use you: Fatal Funnel 6/17/2016
119. Ruger Mini 14 and Bill's Birthday 6/21/2016
120. Batteries Power Your Preparation 6/22/2016
121. Ambush! What We Learn From Tragedy 6/23/2016
122. Say what? Hearing Protection 6/27/2016
123. Striker Fired Versus Hammer Fired 6/27/2016
124. Fighting From/With A Vehicle 6/27/2016
125. A Green Berets EDC 6/28/2016
126. Porter Rockwell's Birthday 6/28/2016
127. Preparing For An Active Shooter Event 6/28/2016
128. Seeing And Hearing An Attack 6/29/2016
129. Reading Ammo Boxes And Choosing 6/30/2016

Jul (17)
130. Pledge Honorably On Independence Day 7/4/2016
131. See Trigger Press Drill: Drill of the Month 7/7/2016
132. Actually Becoming Prepared 7/8/2016

133. Don't Be The Hunted: E & E 7/8/2016
134. Trying To Get Through The Holster Jungle 7/11/2016
135. Teaching A Woman To Shoot 7/12/2016
136. Rifle of the Mormon Battalion 7/14/2016
137. Being Secure At A Public Event 7/19/2016
138. Remembering Samuel Colt On His Birthday 7/19/2016
139. Your Own Chicken Outfit 7/20/2016
140. Security While Shopping 7/21/2016
141. Introducing FLAG: A New Occasional Writer 7/22/2016
142. Nutrition In A Junk Food World 7/22/2016
143. Make a Plan, Be Prepared 7/22/2016
144. Lessons From Tragedy 7/27/2016
145. Pandemic Basics 7/28/2016
146. Serious First Aid Kit For The Range 7/29/2016

Aug (25)
147. Concealed carry: Ins and Outs 8/1/2016
148. Situational Awareness...Again 8/2/2016
149. The Shemagh: the History and Uses 8/2/2016
150. Storing Ammunition 8/3/2016
151. The Bombing of Japan: Lessons To Learn 8/6/2016
152. Gun Show Tips 8/8/2016
153. Stripper Clips and Speed Loaders 8/8/2016
154. Thyme For Herbs: By Flag 8/8/2016
155. Armed In A Bathroom 8/11/2016
156. Privacy and RFID Chips 8/12/2016
157. Annie Oakley Inspirational Shooter 8/15/2016
158. Being A Shooting Instructor 8/16/2016
159. A Few Songs and Some Thoughts On Preparedness 8/17/2016
160. Buy Ammo While You Can 8/19/2016
161. Basics Of Bullet Casting 8/19/2016
162. Thyme For Herbs: Basics and Terminology 8/19/2016
163. The Great .223 5.56 Debate 8/23/2016
164. Getting Out Of Dodge: Evacuating The City 8/25/2016
165. AR Build Tips 8/25/2016
166. How To Improve Shooting 8/29/2016
167. Why Do You Need An AR 15?: Knowledge Over Hype 8/30/2016
168. Managing Recoil During Self Defense 8/30/2016
169. Scenario Of The Month For September 8/31/2016
170. Overwatch: September Drill Of The Month 8/31/2016
171. Gun Misconceptions 8/31/2016

Sep (18)
172. Staff Of Life: Wheat 9/01/2016
173. Review: and National Situational Awareness Day 9/01/2016
174. Family Safety and Security Is A Mindset 9/01/2016
175. Negligent Discharges Are No Accident 9/7/2016
176. Drone Survival 9/8/2016
177. Parking Lot and Parking Garage Security 9/9/2016
178. Making Intelligence Work For Your Family 9/13/2016
179. Brigham Young's Colt .31 9/14/2016
180. 9 11 After a Few Days Of Thought 9/15/2016
181. Trampling Other’s Sacred Symbols 9/16/2016
182. Body Armor And Plate Carriers 9/19/2016
183. Riot Avoidance And Safety 9/23/2016
184. Do It Yourself Gunsmithing 9/23/2016
185. Gunfighting Advice From Gunfighters 9/23/2016
186. Happy Situational Awareness Day! 9/26/2016
187. Vehicle Backing Off The "X" 9/26/2016
188. The Steps Of A Draw 9/27/2016
189. 25 "Rules" Of A Gunfight 9/28/2016

Oct (13)
190. Generator Power As An Option 10/5/2016
191. Overwatch: October Drill Of The Month 10/6/2016
192. Storing Gasoline 10/6/2016
193. Food Choices For Your Prep Plan 10/6/2016
194. Security From RAT's: Communications Security 10/7/2016
195. Back up For The Contingency Plan 10/11/2016
196. Are You Being Followed? 10/13/2016
197. Rant About Politics And LDS Members 10/14/2016
198. "Experts" 10/14/2016
199. Spare Magazine and Maintenance 10/20/2016
200. Registration and Privacy 10/21/2016
201. Find Ammunition Quickly and Cheaply: 10/24/2016
202. Preparedness and The Normalcy Bias 10/28/2016

Nov (21)
203. Escape and Evade: Important Skills You May Never Need 11/1/2016
204. Carry Condition: An Appeal For Condition One 11/7/2016
205. Tactics For The Field 11/7/2016
206. Guns And Statistics 11/7/2016
207. Vote! Vote! Vote! 11/8/2016
208. November Drill Of The Month 11/8/2016
209. Selecting A Flashlight 11/10/2016
210. Veteran’s Thoughts 11/10/2016

211. Movement And Training 11/16/2016
212. 25 "Rules" Of A Gunfight: Revisited In Detail (Part 1) 11/17/2016
213. Shooting In Cold Temperatures 11/18/2016
214. 25 "Rules" Of A Gunfight: Revisited In Detail (Part 2) 11/18/2016
215. Targets And Their Varieties 11/21/2016
216. Feeling Home On The Shooting Range 11/21/2016
217. Reholstering Safely 11/22/2016
218. Trash And Shredding: OPSEC 11/22/2016
219. Speed And Acuracy 11/23/2016
220. Untraceable, Anonymous Communication 11/28/2016
221. Family Security Plans 11/28/2016
222. We Gotta Get Outa This Place: City Evac 11/29/2016
223. Happy Birthday Oliver Winchester! 11/30/2016

Dec (8)
224. December Drill Of The Month 12/2/2016
225. It Can Happen Anywhere 12/6/2016
226. Pearl Harbor and Situational Awareness 12/7/2016
227. GSR: Evidence Of Training 12/8/2016
228. Making Your Own Pepper Spray 12/9/2016
229. Stop Being/Raising Wimps! 12/14/2016
230. Turn Out The Lights And Train 12/15/2016
231. Europe Being Attacked: What's It To You? 12/19/2016

LDS Gunsite Index 2017
Jan (10)
1. Why 9mm Defends Me 1/1/2017
2. Reasons To Carry 1/4/2017
3. January Drill Of The Month 1/4/2017
4. Preparedness Goals 1/12/2017
5. Military Slang For Everyday 1/16/2017
6. Email and Privacy 1/23/2017
7. Guns Make Us Safe 1/26/2017
8. 3rd Year, Oaths, and Immigration Security 1/31/2017
9. LDS Gunsite Index 2016 1/31/2017
10. Overwatch: Drill of the Month for January 1/31/2017

Feb (10)
11. More Immigration Security 2/2/2017
12. Should YOU Carry? 2/2/2017
13. Tacticool Gear 2/8/2017

14. Surviving A Knife Fight 2/14/2017
15. The Survival Gap 2/14/2017
16. Top 5 Articles For 2016 2/15/2017
17. Shooting From The Ground Up 2/16/2017
18. Self Defense For The Average Guy 2/21/2017
19. My Dear Scouting Is Dying 2/22/2017
20. Gun Safety And You 2/24/2017

Mar (15)
21. Your Precious "Metals": Storing Ammo 3/2/2017
22. The Key To Self Defense: Keychain Weapons 3/2/2017
23. Overwatch: Drill of The Month For March 3/3/2017
24. When To Draw 3/3/2017
25. EDC: I Love Tac Pens! 3/3/2017
26. When To Leave: REDOUT 3/6/2017
27. Important Questions For Preparedness Planning 3/8/2017
28. Nutrition And Food Storage from FLAG 3/8/2017
29. Biker Attack Security 3/14/2017
20. How To Treat A Stalker 3/15/2017
21. How To Fly With A Gun 3/15/2017
22. Beware The IRS and Other Scams 3/16/2017
23. Mossberg Family Gunmakers 3/20/2017
24. Civilian Response To Active Shooter Event 3/22/2017
25. Brigham Young's .31 Cal 3/24/2017

Apr (10)
26. State Of The World 4/5/2017
27. Overwatch: Drill of the Month For April 4/5/2017
28. The Castle Doctrine And You 4/6/2017
29. After All We Can Do 4/7/2017
30. Stay In The Fight: Freeze, Fight, or Flight 4/12/2017
31. FLAG's Food Storage Journey 4/21/2017
32. Self Sufficiency 4/26/2017
33. And More Self sufficiency: Preparedness In The Burbs 4/27/2017
34. .38 Special: Love/Hate Relationship 4/28/2017
35. Eating For Health: The Foundation Of Defense from FLAG 4/28/2017

May (10)
36. The Holy Grail: Shot Placement 5/2/2017
37. Shotguns For Home Defense 5/2/2017
38. Overwatch: Drill Of The Month For May 5/8/2017
39. Jeff Cooper's Birthday: Seven Principles Series, Intro 5/10/2017
40. Eating Healthy By FLAG 5/10/2017
41. LDS Scouting Slipping Away 5/11/2017

42. Part 1 Jeff Cooper's 7 Principles: Alertness and Decisiveness 5/11/2017
43. Peace Officer Memorial Day 5/15/2017
44. Part 2 Jeff Cooper's Seven Principles:
Aggressiveness, Speed, Coolness 5/17/2017
45. Part 3 of Jeff Cooper's Seven Principles:
Ruthlessness and Surprise 5/30/2017

Jun (12)
46. Warrior Checklist From Steve Claggett 6/1/2017
47. Overwatch: Drill of the Month for June 6/6/2017
48. Expand Your Situational Awareness With Drills 6/7/2017
49. Monthly Book Review: June 6/7/2017
50. When Is Fake, Real? When It's News 6/9/2017
51. Learn To Embrace The Suck! 6/14/2017
52. Perfect Practice: Good Habits 6/15/2017
53. Buying Food In Bulk by FLAG 6/21/2017
54. The Darknet: Mystery and Free Speech 6/21/2017
55. Porter Rockwell Philosophy 6/21/2017
56. Don't Be A Sitting Duck! 6/23/2017
57. Rotating Carry and Defense Ammo 6/26/2017

Jul (10)
58. Aim Small 7/6/2017
59. Overwatch: Drill of the Month For July 7/6/2017
60. Eating Healthy and Crap: From FLAG 7/6/2017
61. Monthly Read: Book Review For July 7/6/2017
62. The Unexpected Bang: Negligent Discharge 7/11/2017
63. Concealed carry Advice From A Pro 7/19/2017
64. Security Dealing With A Stalker 7/20/2017
65. Importance Of An Exit 7/26/2017
66. Types Of Surveillance: Who's watching Who? 7/26/2017
67. I'm Not A Knife Guy, I Swear! 7/31/2017

Aug (10)
68. Extreme Weapons And The Atomic Bomb 8/7/2017
69. Monthly Read: Book Review For August 8/7/2017
70. Not Being A Man Of Blood 8/11/2017
71. Overwatch: Drill Of The Month For August 8/11/2017
72. Human Trafficking: How To Prevent Kidnapping 8/14/2017
73. You Carry A Gun? 8/18/2017
74. We Are Not Australia: Gun Control 8/22/2017
75. Choirboy and Burns List of Security At Church 8/23/2017
76. Concealed Carry “Don’ts” 8/23/2017
77. Who Decides? 8/28/2017

Sep (12)
78. Strike First to Survive 9/1/2017
79. Emergency Preparedness Security 9/4/2017
80. Remembering 9 11 9/11/2017
81. LDS Missionary Fights Back After Attack In Brazil 9/13/2017
82. Monthly Read: Book Review For September 9/13/2017
83. Overwatch: Drill Of The Month for September 9/13/2017
84. Safe Water: Boiling 9/19/2017
85. Reality Based Training 9/19/2017
86. Basic Privacy: Big Brother Is Out There 9/21/2017
87. Saving Water Damaged Guns 9/22/2017
88. National Situational Awareness Day 9/26/2017
89. Wet Ammunition 9/26/2017

Oct (11)
90. Your Safety And Security Is Your Responsibility 10/3/2017
91. Porter Rockwell and The OODA Loop 10/3/2017
92. How To Store Ammo and How Much 10/5/2017
93. Mainstream Media Does It Again 10/5/2017
94. Monthly Read: Book Review For October 10/5/2017
95. What We Can Learn From The Vegas Shooting 10/12/2017
96. Snipers 10/12/2017
97. Overwatch: Drill Of The Month For October 10/13/2017
98. Privacy: Scribbling 10/19/2017
99. Buying A Glock Is Dangerous! 10/20/2017
100. Some Phone Apps To Consider 10/31/2017

Nov (5)
101. Utah State Firearm: 1911 and John Browning 11/2/2017
102. Current State Of Our Lives: Church Security 11/11/2017
103. Changing Hearts and Minds: Teaching Shooting 11/15/2017
104. Stats, Reality, And Always Being Armed 11/16/2017
105. Monthly Read: Book Review For November 11/17/2017

Dec (9)
106. Reminders Of OP Rockwell Philosophy 12/1/2017
107. December 7th and Christmas 12/7/2017
108. EDC Ideas 12/7/2017
109. Suicide Bomber Profiles 12/13/2017
110. Tips In Being Vigilant During Christmas Season 12/14/2017
111. Bugout To Survive 12/16/2017
112. Security Mindset 12/16/2017
113. Monthly Read: Book Review For December 12/18/2017
114. Buying A Tourniquet 12/21/2017

115. Porter Rockwell and Christmas 1847 12/23/2017

LDS Gunsite Index 2018
Jan (6)
1. LDS Gunsite Index 2017 1/2/2018
2. Poor Man’s James Bond Series (1 through 4) By: Kurt Saxon 1/3/2018
3. Hearing Protection: Hear Me Out 1/5/2018
4. Expedient Fallout Shelter: For When It's Real 1/18/2018
5. LDS Gunsite's 4th Anniversary: Murphy's Laws 1/25/2018
6. Overwatch: Drill Of The Month for January 1/29/2018

Feb (12)
7. Grim Reality of Self-Defense 2/5/2018
8. Overwatch: Drill Of The Month For February 2/6/2018
9. Monthly Read: Book Review For February 2/6/2018
10. Porter Rockwell Tactical Preparedness 2/9/2018
11. School Shootings and The Normalcy Bias 2/15/2018
12. Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground Basics 2/16/2018
13. Responsible Gun Ownership and Practice 2/16/2018
14. If You Are Willing 2/20/2018
15. School Security: If It Were My Kids 2/22/2018
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Mar (5)
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Apr (3)
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May (8)
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30. My Rationalization 5/4/2018
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Jun (8)
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41. Flag Day 6/15/2018
42. Recognizing Cover 6/15/2018
43. Changing Out Your Carry Ammo 6/19/2018
44. Don't Raise Offensensitive Kids 6/28/2018
45. A Legacy of Protecting Prophets 6/29/2018

Jul (7)
46. The OODA Loop: O=Observe (Part 1 of 4) 7/2/2018
47. The 4th: Remembering Honor And Sacrifice 7/2/2018
48. The OODA Loop: O=Orient (Part 2 of 4) 7/3/2018
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50. The OODA Loop: D=Decide (Part 3 of 4) 7/23/2018
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Aug (6)
53. Trust But Verify 8/7/2018
54. Hyrums Gun 8/13/2018
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56. Parachute Cord: It's Not Just For Jump School 8/21/2018
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58. Fight The Freeze 8/28/2018

Sep (7)
59. Remembering 9-11-2001 and 9-11-2012 9/11/2018
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Nov (4)
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LDS Gunsite Index 2019
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2. Proportional Response 1/10/2019
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30. Celebrate Porter Rockwell's 206th Birthday With A OPR Tour 6/21/2019

31. Man/Livestock Tracking: Cutting Sign 6/23/2019

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Oct (5)
48. Learning Threat Indicators 10/2/2019
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Dec (2)
53. "Be Nice!" (Everyone's Mom) 12/27/2019
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Recognizing A Bad Guy With A Gun

These are previous posts because the current problems dictate that we be careful everywhere, at school, at work, at a concert, dancing at a club, and even in church. This is a letter I sent my kids the morning of December 8, 2011. By that afternoon the news of a shooting at Virginia Tech was everywhere. This information is indeed timely. I present the information to you for your consideration. I just had an e-mail discussion with an old friend of mine. We met in jump school in the military. He works now for church security but is ex-FBI. We originally were talking about concealed carry but then we got on the subject of recognizing when someone is armed. These are some of what I learned. These are common behavioral indicators of an armed person: 1. Security Check - instinctively checking and rechecking to see if there weapon is still there. 2. Un-natural Gait - moving unnaturally due to being uncomfortable. 3. Jacket Sag - pistol in a pocket causing the coat to hang unusually. 4. Hunchback Stride - Stock of the long gun protruding from the armpit. 5. Bulges and Outline/Weapon - The imprint of the weapon against clothing. 6. Visible Weapon B My friend had a partner who once called this being over exposed. 7. Palming - Concealing the weapon from frontal view; hiding behind the leg. These are the ABC=s response A - Stands for Action; this consists of #2, 4 and 7 gunman signs. B - Means Behaviors; Gunman characteristic #1, or anything else relating to it like looking to see repeatedly if a weapon is in their waste band. Other suspicious mannerisms count as well. C - Denotes Clothing the suspect is wearing; #3, 5 and 6. Applying the seven characteristics of a gunman to the first three letters of the alphabet allows for the rapid recall, and affording a life safety reaction quickly. Being aware of others in certain situations is something I=ve talked about a lot. Situational awareness is something few practice, but most of us should. Especially in places we are comfortable. I=ve talked about the Cooper color code. Here=s a reminder. CONDITION WHITE- White is the lowest level on the escalator. In Condition White one is unaware, not alert, and oblivious. This state can be characterized as "daydreaming" or "preoccupied". People in White tend to walk around with their heads down, as if watching their own feet. They do not notice the impending danger until it literally has them by the throat. CONDITION YELLOW- This is a relaxed state of general alertness, with no specific focal point. You are not looking for anything or anyone in particular; you simply have your head up and your eyes open. You are alert and aware of your surroundings. You are difficult to surprise, therefore, you are difficult to harm. You do not expect to be attacked today. You simply recognize the possibility. CONDITION ORANGE- This is a heightened state of alertness, with a specific focal point. The entire difference between Yellow and Orange is this specific target for your attention. Your focal point is the person who is doing whatever drew your attention to him. It might be the fact that he is wearing a field jacket in August. It might be that he's standing by a column in the parking garage, instead of going into the building, or getting in a car and leaving. It might be that you have been in five stores at the mall, and saw this same guy in every one of them. His actions have caused you to take note of him, so you must assess him as a potential threat, just as the fighter pilot assessed the blip earlier. CONDITION RED- In Red, you are ready to fight! You may, or may not, actually be fighting, but you are MENTALLY PREPARED to fight. In many, or perhaps even most, circumstances where you have gone fully to Red, you will not actually physically do anything at all. The entire process of escalating from Yellow, to Orange, to Red, then de-escalating right back down the scale as the situation is resolved, occurs without any actual physical activity on your part. The key is that you were mentally prepared for a conflict, and thus could physically act if the situation demanded. Unfortunately we can be in white too often. Some places may include, our living room, at church, at work, or at school. Places that are very familiar we need to ensure we are alert and have situational awareness. When someone is out of place, or seems wrong, that=s when we should be ready for anything and applying the ABC=s above. My friend Choirboy knows firsthand the dangers of complacency. He was caught unaware at a restaurant in Salt Lake City. An armed man tried to rob the register. Choirboy said he was lucky he was semi-concealed from the man and was able to draw his weapon and stop the situation from getting worse. Remember to keep your eyes open and always have a plan. Stay in Yellow. Semper Paratus Check 6 Burn

Beware Of Holsters!

This came to me many years ago (2011) through ITS Tactical. I highly recommend their website and store. They carry very well thought-out products that you can't fina anywhere else. This is from their blogdconcerning leather holsters. I had this very holster that I had for many years. I was not currently using it because it was worn out. That is why I stopped using it. This was a Galco but it can be any leather holster. I would recommend Galco holsters but always inspect your holster for problems like this from a well worn holster. I use a lot of pocket holsters that I replace often. But any of them could have the same problem so always be aware. Thank you ITS for the great warning and education! "Editor-in-chief’s note: We’d like to thank the anonymous individual who came forward with this important information and allowed us to get it out to everyone here at ITS Tactical. “What the hell was that?!?” she said. It took me a half a second to realize that my gun had just gone off…on my hip…in its holster. My wife and I had just finished breakfast at our favorite café and got into the car. Me being the passenger, I rotated my torso to the left to fasten my seatbelt like I always do. When I straightened again, my Glock 19 discharged, blowing a 9mm hole through my pants, underwear, the leather seat and bottom of the car’s door frame. The bullet nicked my hip, but the wound is nothing a bandage couldn’t cover. So what went wrong? Guns never go “Bang” all by themselves. After ensuring I wasn’t hemorrhaging profusely and didn’t have to make a dash for the hospital, I stayed seated in the car as my wife came around to my door and opened it. I undid my belt and slid the Galco JAK202 Slide Belt Holster, with the gun still in it, off my belt. Why it went off was immediately apparent. Accidental Discharge
The trusty, comfortable, leather holster I had been using for a year and two weeks had done what a baseball glove does after lots of use; It got soft. This particular holster carries the pistol outside the waistband, but inside the belt. The belt slides through slots in the outer side of the holster.
The problem stemmed from the leather on the inner side of the holster getting soft. A crease formed, which eventually was large enough to extend beyond the trigger. Manipulate the gun in just the wrong manner and this crease is no different than a finger on the trigger. Boom! I can’t say I didn’t know the crease had been formed in the holster. I trained myself to be sure that when holstering, to make sure the gun was fully in the holster, with the trigger protected. On this day, did I forget to do that when I holstered up? Did the leather finally get so soft that a combination of body movements and interference by the cushy leather seat move the Glock enough to create a situation where the trigger was engaged by the holster? I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure, but I’ll humbly admit to the former as the likely culprit. However, if it was the latter, then those of you who use this type of holster need to be aware of its limitations and the possibility of experiencing what I did.
It might have been a very different story had the incident happened while we were dining. That bullet ricocheting off the concrete floor could have done untold damage and just as easily killed somebody. Fortunately nobody got hurt and damage to the car was minimal. It will be an interesting conversation with the insurance company to see if they’ll cover the repairs. Lessons Learned
Holstering your gun can be just as important as drawing it. Make sure you pay attention when doing so. If your leather is getting soft and worn, be sure that it won’t interfere with your trigger or just replace it. The back of the slide and/or grip was being pushed downward into the leather holster…or the holster was being pushed upward with some force. My guess is the firearm was being pushed and the fold in the holster acted as a finger and depressed the Glock trigger safety. This truly brings home the importance of taking care of your equipment and ensuring it’s in proper working order. Hopefully you can learn from my situation and prevent an accident like this from happening to you. Editor-in-chief’s note: We’d like to thank the anonymous individual who came forward with this important information and allowed us to get it out to everyone here at ITS Tactical. Please share this with everyone you know that carries in a leather holster!" Be careful out there! Semper Paratus Check 6 Burn