Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My Suggestions For Church Defense

With the changing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints policy on firearms and “lethal weapons” I’ve had a few requests for training that would improve your chances in an active killer (I hate calling them shooters, the police are shooters, these people are killers). So I’ve put together some things I’m sharing with my family. I’m sending them a DVD of these things. They are not all mine so I can’t sell them or give them to you but I can tell you where to find them to train yourself, or your family. Don’t be fooled, reading an article, or seeing a video is not real training. Seek out real, competent training where you live. These things are only a glimpse of what is really needed. After being trained you must practice. Without these two things, training and practice, you can fool yourself into believing you can handle an attack. With these two things, training and practice, you can begin to learn what you will need to survive an active killer or criminal attack.
Here are some of my recommendations:
Read First!
October 2019
Pre-advice before you choose a self-defense weapon or method.

Get trained. Most of us have busy lives. We have children and homes, jobs and callings. Learning about defense can easily take a back seat to life. That is OK as long as you get do eventually get to it. Look for course on the use of these weapons where you live. If you are so inclined you can find these classes in other places and put aside the time and money for them. Once you receive training, set up a practice or training schedule. As we make time to exercise we should make time to practice the defensive skills we learn. Unlike physical exercise your defense training schedule can be monthly or quarterly. Reviewing simple training and getting “hands on” real life training is not difficult. Setting up some simple drills can mean the difference between real defense, and a false sense of security. Skills are perishable. Do not get caught into thinking you will react the same under the stress and pressure of a real attack as you did during a course 2 years ago. Training and practice are extremely important. With training you need to know the limits and the implications of the weapon you choose to defend you and yours with. Some “non-lethal” weapons can be lethal if not used properly.

Be lawful. Find out the laws where you live. Don’t just take the advice of someone you may ask or internet information, make sure you get real information about the laws concerning defense where you live. Look for “stand your ground” laws or “castle doctrine”. Some of the weapons I’ve suggested may be illegal where you live. Also, don’t get information and then never look again, laws change all the time and you must be aware.

Be aware that non-lethal is just that, non-lethal. Sometimes without the threat of death an attacker will continue on and “take his chances”. Make sure if you use non-lethal weapons and you temporarily stop the threat, that you can escape and get to safety. A good blast from pepper spray may stop someone but not everyone. The effects will eventually stop and then the attacker will just be mad.

Choose and use these weapons prayerfully and with sense. Train and practice! You will be lead to what is best for you and your family in their safety and security. Everything you read or watch is not doctrine. Take what you need and leave the rest. Use what will work for you.

Watch First!

Into the Fray Episode 56: Defense Without A Gun?


Defensive Mindset Personal Defense Network
By Bob Pincus
Could not find the video

The Master speaks on: Mental Color Code
By Jeff Cooper
Look on the internet for a copy of Color Code in print.

Personal Defense Tips: Firearms Training - The OODA Loop
By Bob Pincus

Threat Indicators

You can find this on the internet
Staying Alive When Rules Don't Apply
By Tim Larkin



ASP Techniques: Defensive Tactics

Tactical Pens

Focused Impact Volume 1: A Practical Course In Self-Defense With Tactical Pens

Pepper Spray
Self Defense Tips - How to Use Pepper Spray

Choosing Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Review - The Pretty Loaded Field Test

Hand to hand combat

Geoff Thompson on real violence-The Fence

The Fence - Geoff Thompson - Clip 1

How to throw a throat punch (Extreme Self-Defense) BOYNOw

The Elbow Spike

Focused Impact Volume 2: A Practical Course In Self-Defense With Tactical Pens

Pepper Spray

Self Defense Tips - How to Use Pepper Spray

Knife Fighting

Knife Fighting 101- Black Scout Combatives

Stun Gun
I haven’t found good training information or videos on this weapon. I’ll keep looking.

Please take all of this information as a beginning. Get competent training and then practice. Be careful and don’t think that anything here is earth shattering material. This is only a tool to give you a background in these subjects. I put the mindset first because the proper mindset can keep you out of more trouble than being a professional with any of these weapons or techniques will. Also, learn the laws of your state and maybe even county or city. But some of these things may be illegal. Know what you’re doing.

These weapons are not considered lethal even though all of them have killed in the past. They are not designed to be lethal, maybe that’s the key. Even a hammer can be lethal but that’s not what a hammer is for. So in an effort to remove ambiguity from the Church’s firearm policy, they decided to make it clear on guns, and muddy on everything else. It does bother me a little that the Church believes the Constitution to be inspired all but the 2nd Amendment. It’s something I can live with.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Overwatch: Drill of the Month For October

Measuring Progress Drill
This is a great drill to find your baseline of accuracy and gauge your improvement over time. It is good practice to have drills that allow you to have measurable outcomes and a tool to see your progression. Trainers recommend this drill for those who are attempting to find the gun that allows for the best accuracy. This drill uses 50 rounds for the five different sequences of 10 shots each.
• Start with five loaded rounds.
• Set target at 3 yards.
1. Place spare rounds within reach.
2. Fire one shot at target's center, follow through for one second and then return to low ready position.
3. Raise pistol and fire two shots, one second follow through and return to low ready.
4. You will want to repeat the previous action, but will fire three shots this time and reload for the third shot.
5. Bring the pistol up and shoot the center four times, one second follow through and place your firearm on the bench.
6. Bring in target, record your marks made in body scoring area. The outer scoring area and the head do not count in this drill.
7. Write your score as (3) X/10, where the number in parenthesis is the yards, X the number within range and 10 is the number of shots fired.
Repeat the drill again at 5, 7, 10 and 15 yards.

See “Overwatch: Drill of the Month” page for more drills

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Ammo Shortage of 2008 and

2008 Brought many crazy things. The stock market collapsed and politics was fully engaged. Barack Obama was just elected and that scared the heck out of every supporter of the second amendment! I think that’s probably how it started. President Obama had made some noise in his campaign about gun control and many believed stricter laws were imminent. So many started to buy up all the ammo they could find creating a “run” on ammunition throughout the country. This also happened somewhat in 2012 after the Sandy Hook shootings. When this “crisis” started I decided on buying reloading components instead of ammo. That proved to be a bonus for me because the shortage had not hit primers yet, although it eventually did. It didn’t affect me a lot because I’ve always had an inventory of ammunition. What worried me some was that I would start to deplete that inventory and not be able to replace it. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry and things bounced back. During this time of uneasiness I found a great place to search for ammo.
This site is great for finding what you need in the area of ammunition, reloading components, and magazines. I like the no nonsense way this site is set up and that they tell you when something is out of stock or not. It also will show you the total price of ammunition but also the price per round. You can set your “good deal” threshold which means you can pick a price per round that you’re looking for and the site will let you know in red letters or a “beep alert” that you can set. I found this site easy to use and simple (like my brain). Now, I know that there are other similar sites out there but this was the first one I came across and it helped in my time of “need”. There is even a list of retailers that they follow on this site that is ever growing.
I am grateful even in these times of plenty that is out there. It’s easy to find what I need fast. Check it out
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Learning Threat Indicators

Back in my misspent youth I spent some time in the military. It was there I learned some skills that I probably will never use again in my life. I took a tactical driving course given by the State Department back in the 80’s. I have never had to perform a “J” turn in regular life yet. I also learned, and practiced, building clearing. This is actually one skill that I have used once. But the hand-to-hand combat training really has had its advantages. I don’t get in a lot of fights. But in the military I often found myself around those who had been drinking. With the training I had I was able to stop altercations before they turned into something ugly. Recognizing an imminent attack is something that most humans don’t even realize can be done. Most attackers don’t realize that they broadcast their intentions, sometimes very loud! Body language is something that each of us as humans have. Here are some of the indicators:
Blading/Change of Stance: Body ‘blading’ happens when the aggressor puts his strong foot slightly behind him so that his body is bladed, setting up his strong hand to have more power (fighting stance). He is subconsciously setting up his attack.
Fist Clenching or Pumping: One of the side-effects of the fight-or-flight response is that blood is pulled from the extremities into the large muscle groups and major organs. Due to vasoconstriction in the hands and fingers, a natural response is to pump or clench them. It is also a physical manifestation of his plans to strike you.
Trembling: Due to adrenaline, you may notice trembling of the hands or knees. It’s just another indicator that the aggressor is in an agitated state. This is not necessarily a sign of fear, rather it is another physical manifestation of the huge amount of adrenaline coursing through the body, readying it to strike and fight.
Rapid Breathing: Again, this is another indication of agitation and stress. Breaths frequent to distribute oxygen to the large muscles, the heart rate goes up and the body is in a state of excitement.
Avoiding Eye Contact: This could mean a few different things or a combination of them. When a person is trying to mentally process the situation in an agitated state, it is difficult to multitask (hold your attention and think of a plan and psyche himself up). It could also be an attempt to lull you into a sucker punch (i.e. looking over your shoulder so that you turn your face).
Posturing: It is common among many animal species as well as us humans. One of the main indicators is puffing up the chest to make one appear larger and flaring the arms a bit out to the side to make it look like their muscles are pushing their arms out so as to appear more muscular, or lowering the head as if ready to charge.
Bobbing and Rocking: This is similar to trembling and fist clenching above. With the adrenaline getting pumped into their systems, the aggressor may display odd movements. He may bounce up and down, rock back and forth, sway, or bounce his fists up and down. This is an outlet for the dump of extra energy, and indicates a subconscious preparation for action.
Hiding the Face: An aggressor on the verge of attacking may attempt to conceal their stress and excitement by turning their head or hiding their faces. This may also be seen when an aggressor wipes his face, slicks back his hair, scratches his nose, wipes his mouth etc.
Focused Attention: AKA “target glances”. Focused and/or repeated attention on a particular body part such as the chin or groin showing where they will probably strike, or to your gun if you open carry.
Thousand Yard Stare/delayed responses: The person seems to be looking through you/seems to glaze over or "gone". He is mentally shutting down and is ready to go on aggressive physical autopilot. See above “avoiding eye contact”. Attacker is preparing his next move and may be slow to respond to questions. Blink rates may noticeably go way up or way down as their body preps for contact.
Pacing: the adrenaline running through the attacker’s body provides an immense, abnormal burst of energy. This may be manifested by pacing to relieve the body's excited energy.
Scanning/looking over their shoulder/your shoulder: looking for witnesses, their friends/backup, law enforcement, your friends
Mouth/Jaw activity: licking of lips, clenching of the jaw, pursing of the lips, chin jutting forward, lips become pale, talking to themselves out loud or under their breath working themselves up, suddenly setting their jaw- if jaw was relaxed it is suddenly clenched in preparation to better take a counter-strike.
Flaring of nostrils- goes along with rapid breathing- flared nostrils allow for more oxygen intake.
Increase in pulse- can be visible in the neck arteries, sometimes veins in forehead can protrude.
Sweating- profusely, suddenly
Dilation of pupils: eyes widening or squinting noticeably- varies by person.
Excessive animation: unnaturally moving a lot, especially with the hands/arms. This could be to try to trick you into thinking he is just gesturing when it is really serving to cover a coming strike.
Moving the hands up to the face or chest area: he is trying to minimize the distance from his fist to your face
Pointing/poking/pushing: Poking a pointer finger into the chest is an indicator that they are not yet ready for a strike and need to be “pumped” up some more, they are looking for you to say/do something to take them to the next step of being validated in hitting you. Pushing/shoving is also another way a person can make physical contact in an aggressive manner when not yet ready to strike.
Usually at least one of these signs can be seen in an attacker before the attack has actually happened. Sometimes stepping “off the X” is enough to give you time to react. If you detect one of these signs it may give you time to get away or defuse the situation. Nevertheless, knowing these signs can give precious seconds to prepare for what is coming. Doing your best to never be in a situation where someone would feel compelled to attack you is always the best course. The best fight to be in is the one that never happens. But if you find yourself in the wrong place, or with the wrong people, these signs can be invaluable. Always remember the defensive ADD, avoidance, deterrence, diffusion.
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Friday, September 27, 2019

Safety, 200th Hour, Safety!

When I was a young small arms instructor in the military I had been teaching for about a month. The NCOIC (non- commissioned officer in charge) of the CATM (combat arms training and maintenance) called me into his office. This guy was a Viet Nam veteran who served in the Army as an infantryman during the war. He was a grisly, no nonsense kind of guy. He asked how things were going and then pulled out a file with my name on it. I did not even work for the security unit that he was in charge of. He mentioned my shooting scores for re-qualifying. I had done pretty well that day and he mentioned that it’s been a year since my initial instructor course. I had only just started to instruct. Finally he said, “We’re getting close to your 200th hour and I wanted to make sure things were going well.”
Why is the 200th hour such a critical time? That’s when trained, experienced professionals make some pretty bad mistakes. In certain areas of my job as an instructor I had a checklist. Now I could quote the checklist but it was important not to. You follow the checklist to not skip a step, not because you don’t have the tasks memorized. As an instructor I had the four safety rules memorized but I made it a point to have a printed copy of them in my hand when I reviewed them so I would not miss anything. When dealing with danger to life, ensure safety.
If you are new to guns and you haven’t been carrying long make it a point to take note of your 200th hour of training or carrying. Take that time to review the safety protocols you have in place. Think about what you do and how you do it. If you need some changes to be safer then make them. Never feel like it is “overkill” to be safe. Checking something twice is not redundant it is ensuring safety.
One of the things that many shooters do not understand is that even experienced gun handlers can make a mistake under certain circumstances. Being tired, unfocused, or under stress can affect actions. Reviewing the 4 basic safety rules and expounding upon them can be a very important task.
The only exception to this occurs when one has a weapon in his hands and he has personally unloaded it for checking and just checked it. As soon as he puts it down, Rule 1 applies again. Obviously if a slide is back and you can see into a chamber the gun is safe but the rule is more about bad habits and good ones. There is no difference in how you point the gun if you are sure it is “loaded” or “unloaded”.
You may not wish to destroy it, but you must be clear in your mind that you are quite ready to if you let that muzzle cover the target. To allow a firearm to point at another human being is a deadly threat, and should always be treated as such. This and three are the most broken of the rules. You must be meticulous about this. Others and other things are obvious to not point at, but what about you? Your body, your hand, your leg, your foot.
In a combat situation I remember how badly this rule was broken. I do remember how often a negligent discharge would happen. Amazingly, they rarely hit anyone. But I don’t like the odds.

This we call the Golden Rule because it's violation is responsible for about 80 percent of the firearms disasters we read about. The problem is the design of a gun is such that this may be easy to violate. Triggers should be easy to get to. You must make a conscious choice to keep your finger straight.
You never shoot at anything until you have positively identified it. You never fire at a shadow, or a sound, or a suspected presence. You shoot only when you know absolutely what you are shooting at and what is beyond it.
Many people, even experienced gun handlers, think that after rule 1 is accomplished, there are no more rules. This is of course BALONEY! In most incidents the other 3 rules were ignored and as a result, a negligent discharge. If you have a gun. If you ever think you will ever own or use a gun, these 4 rules should be tattooed on your brain. Do not violate these rules in any form. Remind others also. I do this constantly with my family. Not because I don't trust them, on the contrary, I absolutely do not want them hurt or for them to experience the heartbreak of an accident that they could have prevented.
The only time I point the barrel at myself or another person is when the gun is apart and the barrel is off the slide. Otherwise, all rules apply. I even hate the idea of carrying a weapon that has one in the chamber. Which, by the way, is stupid NOT to do if you carry for self-defense. If there is an external hammer it doesn't necessarily have to be pulled back with an auto that is double action.
Good habits save lives. A strong lifetime habit of handling a weapon respectfully EVEN when unloaded can prevent injury and death when your brain isn't paying as much attention as it should.
First, unload the firearm, then lock the action open and double-check that it's unloaded, using your eyes and then your fingertip to be sure. (That takes care of Rule One.) Be conscious of your muzzle direction at all times. Don't get sloppy or careless with the muzzle even though you think the gun is now unloaded. (Rule Two.) Close the action and deliberately point the muzzle at a consciously-chosen safe aimpoint. One reason people point guns in foolish directions is because they haven't consciously chosen a good direction, so choose a specific spot to aim the muzzle before you put your finger on the trigger. (Rule Three.) When you choose that spot, be certain it can really stop a bullet of the caliber your gun can fire. For instance, for a handgun you might choose to aim at a cement wall in the basement, or at the top of a thick stack of books, or at a purpose-made product such as a Safe Directions pad, or at the corner of the floor in a one-story building. (Rule Four.)
Remember the 200th hour. This is about the time that someone spends training when they make their first mistake. In flying this can happen with pilots. I tend to agree. By the 200th hour your experience just starts to exceed your knowledge and you can become careless. That's when mistakes are made. Be aware of this and act accordingly. I believe the second “danger hour” is after 2 years. Know your limits and NEVER break the rules!
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Friday, September 20, 2019

What, Me Worry? Security At Church

Someone who knows me and knows I write this Blog asked me a question. “Why do you advocate for self-defense in Church buildings even with the Church’s latest change in policy?” Yes I do advocate for self-defense at Church, but also everywhere! My experiences in the military gave me an appreciation for security and often I am “hyper-vigilant”. But to be honest, I’ve kept track of violence on Church property for some time. The only “research” I do concerning it is a Google search, so you can see it’s not very scientific. But the results are alarming enough to where I want my kids aware and using some situational awareness. Here it is:
Violence at LDS buildings and threats toward the Church

April 1999
“2 Shot Dead In Mormon Library”

January 2008
Lehi, UT
“Woman shot to death outside church”

August 2010
Vasalia, CA
“Mormon bishop fatally shot in California chapel; gunman killed”

December 2010
South Jordan, UT (Oquirrh Mountain Temple)
“Police shoot armed man outside LDS temple”

December 2011
SALT LAKE CITY — Murder charges were filed Friday in the case of the shooting death of Hairam Torres, who was found dead in the back seat of a rental car parked at an LDS Church parking lot in West Valley City on Dec. 10.

February 2013
Columbus, OH (Columbus Temple)
“Police: 2 Shot In Parking Lot Of West Side Mormon Temple”

July 2013
PLAIN CITY, Utah -- A man was arrested outside a church in Plain City on Sunday after authorities said an argument over "seat saving" in the pews escalated to a fistfight in the parking lot and another man being hit by a car.

November 2013
Las Vegas, NV (Las Vegas Temple)
“Son of judge killed himself in Las Vegas LDS temple courtyard”
(This was a suicide but it was violence on Church property)

October 2014
“Woman shot outside of church in South Salt Lake”

May 2015
EAGAR, Arizona — An Arizona man is dead and two others injured — including a pregnant woman — after he began shooting at a LDS stake center in Eagar, Arizona, and later at his residence, officials say.
“Suspect killed by police after shooting at Mormon stake center”

June 2015
OAKLEY, CA — Two people were shot, and another bludgeoned multiple times, during a large fight between two groups outside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while Sunday service was getting out, police said.

April 2016
GILBERT, Ariz. - Gilbert police are looking Wednesday morning for the three men involved in shooting a 19-year-old man at an LDS church Tuesday night.

July 2016
Smithfield, UT
“Police have arrested a 30-year-old Smithfield man, Jason Summers, who is accused of shooting at someone while trying to break into an LDS Church, Thursday night.”

August 2016
Solon, OH
An officer saw a man sitting in his car beside the LDS church. As the officer approached, the man jumped out of his car, ran into the trees and shot himself. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
(This too was a suicide and not necessarily on Church property)

June 2016
A meth purchase gone bad led to a vehicle chase and shooting. The fleeing vehicle went into the parking lot of an LDS church as the aggressors caught up to them and continued shooting at them. The victims tried to break into the church to get away which prompted a burglar alarm & police came. Nobody was hit by the gunfire.

June 2016
Amarillo, TX
A 23-year-old man shot another man nearly a month before that Wednesday when he was injured in another gun battle. The man walked over a mile to get away from the scene where he knew police would be looking for him. He chose to hide behind an outside wall of the LDS church, where an observant officer noticed his leg sticking out. The man refused orders to show himself, and when the first thing officers saw was his gun they opened fire on him. He was hit but will survive.

April 2016
Vancouver, WA
As a group was in the LDS Church playing basketball, someone broke out a window in the other end of the church, entered the building, and set books and the podium on fire. The guys playing basketball smelled the smoke and discovered the fire, putting it out before anyone got hurt.

March 2016
Herriman, UT
A 12-year-old boy was playing in the parking lot of the LDS church when a man pulled up in his car and tried to convince the boy to get in with him. The boy ran off and police have been looking for the potential abductor.

January 2016
Idaho Falls, ID
A man’s estranged wife showed up at his funeral at an LDS Chapel and became angry. The bishop asked her to please not say those things, and she pulled out a gun and began to threaten the funeral attendees. Everyone got out safely, and police arrived to disarm and arrest her.

January 2016
Rigby, ID
Around 10:25 PM that Friday night police responded to the parking lot of an LDS church on reports of gunfire. Police found a shattered window at the church, then arrested a man a short time later based on descriptions given by witnesses.

June 2017
Riverside, CA
Girl abducted from Mormon Church sexually assaulted in a dumpster
(This was violence but no weapon is mentioned.)

April 2017
A woman rebuked another woman for parking in a handicap spot without a sticker. The driver drove up beside her in the parking lot of the LDS Church and threw a Slushy in her face, then ran over her breaking both her legs. Police continue to look for the Cadillac Escalade driver.

January 2017
Kalamazoo, MI
A woman was in the LDS church parking lot when she was confronted by a man demanding her car keys. She refused, so he punched her repeatedly in the face and took it anyway. She had no idea it was at the end of a violent crime spree including armed robbery, arson, and another woman shot in her home.

November 2017
San Diego, CA
On November 29 a jihadist media group published an image suggesting San Diego could be in the crosshairs of terrorists this holiday season. The San Diego California Temple in University City appears to be their target of choice. An image of a terrorist holding an assault rifle was superimposed on the Mormon temple, which appears to be on fire. The two towering spires rise up on either side of the jihadist. A statement at the bottom of the image reads, “Coming Soon.. San Diego.” The words “Coming Soon” are wrapped in Christmas decorations and splattered with red.

March 2018
Newberry Township, Pennsylvania
A shooting on Friday, March 30, at a church in Newberry Township was ruled a suicide by the York County coroner.
Police were on the scene at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 800 Pleasant Drive, in the township when a coroner was dispatched about 6 p.m. for a report of a possible self-inflicted fatality, according to a coroner's report.

May 2018
ST. GEORGE, Utah — A Mormon church spokesman says an intruder broke into a church temple in southern Utah and damaged furniture, artwork and other items before being stopped by church workers and arrested by police.
Eric Hawkins of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says the St. George Temple resumed normal operations after the incident Saturday morning.
Hawkins says the intruder damaged items as he made his way to the temple’s fifth floor and caused additional damage there.
(This is not physical violence. But the guy had to have had something in his hand to do this damage. And he made it to the 5th Floor!)

July 22, 2018.
Fallon, NV
On Sunday, a middle-aged Mormon man went into the LDS chapel where his ward was having sacrament meeting, and sat quietly for part of the service. Then he opened fire, killing one ward member and wounding another.

Dec. 2, 2018
Aparecida de Goiania, Brazil
'Everyone will die': Blood-soaked man is arrested for stabbing four during Sunday service at LDS church in Brazil

Uniform Crime Reporting program results DOJ 2017 statistics

Of the 1,749 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:
58.1 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.
18.6 percent were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias.
4.3 percent were victims of anti-Catholic bias.
3.3 percent were victims of bias against groups of individuals of varying religions (anti-multiple religions, group).
2.3 percent were victims of anti-Protestant bias.
1.8 percent were victims of anti-Other Christian bias.
1.5 percent were victims of anti-Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other) bias.
1.5 percent were victims of anti-Sikh bias.
0.9 percent (15 individuals) were victims of anti-Hindu bias.
0.9 percent (15 individuals) were victims of anti-Mormon bias.
0.7 percent (13 individuals) were victims of anti-Jehovah’s Witness bias.
0.7 percent (12 individuals) were victims of anti-Buddhist bias.
0.5 percent (8 individuals) were victims of anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.
4.9 percent were victims of bias against other religions (anti-other religion).
The FBI documented 15 "anti-Mormon" hate crimes, or crimes specifically targeting Latter-day Saints, in 2017. That's roughly twice the seven "anti-Mormon" hate crimes recorded in 2016 or the eight in 2015, when the bureau first started tracking bias-motivated offenses against religious minorities.

July 23, 2019
St. George, Utah

Shooting in LDS Church parking lot

This is something that seems to be escalating. I know that there have been problems in other countries with members or missionaries but those seemed to be isolated incidents that did not repeat very often. They are now the “norm” for the United States.
These and other personal reasons I have for advocating self-defense at Church. I do not, and will not, suggest that anyone breaks Church policy. I wrestle with this struggle myself but that is a personal problem. My advice is to be safe and secure. There are other ways to defend yourself and just paying attention will get you far.

Semper Paratus
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