Thursday, June 25, 2020

My Opinion: Leftists, BLM, Protests, Police

Warning: This is a long opinionated rant. It’s been building up and I must let it out. I do not intend to offend but if I do… suck it up cupcake! Ranger on.

When I was in High School I was a photographer for the school newspaper. The newspaper put out an article that was a little controversial and the Principal decided we needed to rescind this article. He said it was not “appropriate”. As students we pushed back! This was censorship in our eyes. I’m not a big activist or fighter for “social” change. But I didn’t like this as a teenager. I went to the teacher who was our advisor and she empathized with my position but the principal was also her boss! I appealed to everyone I could appeal to including the school district superintendent. I ran into walls at every turn. So I took the problem into my own hands. This was the 70’s and not everyone had a printer or a copier or even a computer. So I did the next best thing. My Dad was a teacher in a different school and had access to a mimeograph machine. I started an underground newspaper called “Another View”. I counted the lockers in all the locker areas and that’s how I came up with a circulation number. I printed my newspaper talking about not only the censorship but other problems I found in the editorial of our school newspaper and problems in our school. I printed off the paper and went to school early. I then slipped a copy of my newspaper into every locker on campus. It worked like a charm. The Principal backed down and I only published 2 issues of “Another View”. So I think I’m well versed in giving my opinion. This blog is yet another outlet for me to share what I think. I only mention this because I want you to know that I try to stand up for what I think is right or to point out what is wrong. It’s in my DNA. Maybe that makes me a whiner…

I find some hypocrisy in the protests of today. Why this particular injustice when ignoring other incidents? I also find that me as a white guy can’t really understand the difficulty that a black man has in this country. I try to understand and I try to equate their experience with times I’ve felt discriminated against. I don’t think it’s the same. I know black people and I think that I treat them like any other of my friends. I’m not sure it’s enough. Bad police officers need to get out of police forces. Departments need some weeding out protocols and I’m not sure what that would look like. We don’t need defunding, but more funding! I know that the violence and destruction has nothing to do with the protests, but it does. If you get 50 people together and they are arm-in-arm and they are chanting in front of a line of police trying to do their job, all it takes is a bottle thrown from the back for everything to fall apart. This is the nature of protests and protestors know it. There has to be a better way to protest. And if you’re protesting and someone is walking or driving by, leave them alone! I don’t think that protesting does much but polarize and divide. It may bring attention to what your beef is but I don’t see much real change coming from protests. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

I also don’t like what I see from rational, educated people concerning racism. First and foremost, I believe EVERYONE is racist. Perhaps that may offend some who think they are “woke” or enlightened. To be human is to be discriminating. It’s not always a gross injustice. If anyone thinks that all people understand all races and cultures, or doesn’t get annoyed by someone of another race doing things differently, then they are not in touch with reality. It’s happened to every one of all races. Does that mean we’re all racist? I think it means we’re all human but it probably is somewhat racist. What I’m trying to say is humans have a hard time with other humans and if they are a different race it isn’t always what I would call racism. Good grief, are we all that frail? Are we all that easily offended? I’m getting pretty fed up with any race falling back on their history to bring attention to their current plight. If that’s true then where are my reparations? I’m a white Mormon and my ancestors were run out of Missouri and killed and treated pretty bad. Does that mean that every time something happens to me I must be oppressed? The governor of the state of Missouri issued an “extermination order” on my religion and some of my relatives. They weren’t slaves but they were targeted to be killed! I’m also Irish. What about the Irish slaves?

I know that there are real problems with racism against the black race and others. I know that it happens every day. That is completely wrong! It needs to change. I don’t think the tragedy of the past means the present must pay up! The present needs to change and attempt to equalize things. There is always a problem with the word “equal.” My children used to think that inequality=unfairness. They would say “That’s not fair!” I would correct them and say “You mean it’s not equal. Life is not equal.” No amount of laws and changes in society will make all humans equal. If anyone believes that then they are socialist or communist, two ideologies that fail. Even our Heavenly Father does not make us equal. Each of us is weak in different areas, is that fair? Shouldn’t I be a concert pianist instead of the plinker that I am? Shouldn’t I look like Brad Pitt? Shouldn’t I make the same money as a pro baseball player? Equal opportunity does not really exist. But we should do our best to help everyone. So I don’t really have the answers but I do want to point out that if someone is hired over me because of their race is that not reverse discrimination? Trying to force a business to hire more people of color is not wrong? I do acknowledge that when I get pulled over by a policeman I’m not afraid for my life. A black man may be. Law enforcement needs to change. I’m not sure they will. If you are a law enforcement officer (LEO), regardless of your race, and you work in an area that has a high black or Asian or whatever minority population, you will deal with that race in a negative light of crime. After working that for several years you might think the race you work with is involved in lots of crime. Would that effect how you treat all of that race? Even if you are aware of the problem and are trying, it would still effect you because you are human. Is that an excuse to be physically or verbally abusive or violent? Of course not! But not everything that effects a race negatively is racist.

Another thing that’s been on my mind. This country is the most free of any country on earth. Regardless of our problems we enjoy more liberty than any other people. That has been paid for with blood, sweat, and tears. Not the 60’s band, but the real thing. I was shot at and watched my friends die so that we could enjoy these freedoms. So I take it a little personal when people talk about how rotten this country is or how it needs to be more like a different country. I agree that the Constitution is a living document. We should try to make changes where they are needed. But certain terms or words bug me. Colonial, or nationalist are not bad things. If not for colonists we would not be here. Putting our country first is not a bad thing. Especially when we as a country spend billions to help and trade with other countries. I agree that certain wars were probably not needed. But some things are worth defending. So to quote a character in a movie “We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something.” If you feel that this country is just not good enough then I would suggest you travel the world to see contrasting governments and rights. After that trip if you still see things that need to change here, shut up and “pick up a weapon and stand a post” or help make those changes. But please don’t bad mouth what has gone on before. Slavery was and is horrible. But so is a dictatorship.

Our time in civil war is not something we should ever forget. It was a war of economics, not slavery. But with it came change in this country. Why would we want to forget that? Why does history offend people? It should move us to never let these things happen again. The leaders of the South wanted to secede. The North did not want to happen. Why are the attitudes and actions of the past forgotten? If they are forgotten we may not see the signs of their return! The scriptures are full of history that is not comfortable, should we forget them and make them disappear?

I’ve whined about this before but I feel it needs re-whining. I am a different guy than most. I’m pretty rough around the edges and don’t like a lot of playing around. Sometimes my wife is pretty blunt and direct. I think I helped make her that way. When we were first married she would try and communicate by not being very direct. She wanted to be nice and all I did was get frustrated. She is now direct, but still nice. I don’t like political correctness. Sometimes diplomacy may be implemented to save feelings, but only to a certain point. We all need to have thicker skins. There’s nothing wrong with emotions but I believe one of the reasons we are in this life is to learn to control emotions. That is control them, not turn them off. So stop letting words hurt you or in other words, stop letting your emotions control you. Remember the old rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? We seem to not believe this rhyming wisdom. I’ve been called a war monger, an idiot, a dangerous person, a nut, an extremist, a neo-Nazi, a white supremist, and more. I’ll only agree to the idiot… People get fired for saying words. Intent should always be considered. Ever hear someone use the word “cotton picking?” This actually is a racist phrase. Blacks in the south picked cotton. So if someone is out of their cotton pickin’ mind, then that reference is to black slaves. Do people who use this intend to be racist? Usually not. Should we try and take that out of our vocabulary? Probably. I remember hearing George HW Bush use the term “pick-a-ninny” in reference to black children. This is a word used in the 40’s and 50’s so if you grew up in that time you may have been taught this word. If you choose to be offended by it then you will be. Years ago being gay did not mean a sexual orientation. That is not true today. I don’t think it’s a big problem but we do need to police our words a little. I do not want to offend anyone but I won’t mince words. If someone calls me whitey or cracker, it doesn’t really phase me. Names don’t really phase me very much. Just because someone uses it doesn’t make it so. There have been times I’ve used words to try and offend or shock another person. I don’t swear, but it’s not hard to offend if you try. I should not do this but sometimes offended people make a career out of being offended. That doesn’t set well with me and so I make the wrong choice of offending them on purpose because they are a soft target. I need to not do this but it bugs me their pansy, snowflake feelings get hurt so easily. It’s my way of telling them to get a life and it’s not all about them! We have a saying in my family, “Suck it up, cupcake!” I try to resist and sometimes I control myself, sometimes not.

In the 1980’s there was a comic strip that was my favorite. It was Bloom County by Berkley Breathead. I love his humor with a political edge.

The star of the comic is Opus, a penguin. He is sitting at a bus stop with several people. One of them says to him, “Ya know…you penguin types offend me.” Then another guy reading a newspaper says, “Hey…I’ll tell ya what offends me…dirty words, that’s what.” The next panels have others telling each other what offends them. Then they all say at once, “My gosh…LIFE is offensive!!” and all run off screaming. The last panel has Opus looking at you and saying, “Offensensitivity.” This is a humorous way of saying all of us can be overly sensitive and offended. One of my favorite quotes applies to offensensitivity. It’s from Eleanor Roosevelt and she said, “No one can offend you without your permission.” So stop giving your permission!

Being politically correct is usually quite offensive. To think that sticks and stones will break my bones but words WILL hurt me is a sign of immaturity. We should be civil and kind to each other that is true. But to go out of your way and to change your speech and to worry all the time about peoples “feelings” is childish and stupid. Being civil and kind is what adults do. Worrying about a “safe space” is not civil or kind, it’s idiotic. It’s not reality. There are people who have not matured and learned to be civil and kind or they just don’t care. They will always be there and to act like you can be shielded from that is pretty foolish. Learn to live with it and try to teach differently. Meanwhile, don’t subject the rest of us to your entitled baby ways.

Anthony Federico was fired from ESPN in 2012 for writing a headline about the New York Knicks basketball team losing a game. The team had a Chinese-American (he was born in California so I guess it means his parents were not from the U.S.) who played for them. The headline said the phrase “chink in their armor” though no one thought the phrase was racial or derogatory on purpose. So ESPN thinks the American people are total idiots. We can’t, or won’t, accept that this writer used a phrase that has been used many times in sports writing inappropriately? We’re that stupid and unforgiving? Give me a stinking break!

I once used the phrase “he’s on the war path” with a coworker who is Native American. It was not malicious and he was bright enough, and adult enough, to laugh it off though I apologized. Should I have been more aware of what I was saying? Sure! But had I meant to say something potentially racist? No! Of course not! So we walk around on egg shells afraid we’ll lose our job or offend half the world if we innocently speak or write! Pure hogwash! (No offense pig community) Does this seem normal or right to you? I’ve had enough!

I feel like the character Edgar Friendly in the 1993 movie Demolition Man who has left the politically correct upper world for the free world of down below.

“You see, according to Cocteau's plan I'm the enemy, 'cause I like to think; I like to read. I'm into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I'm the kind of guy who likes to sit in a greasy spoon and wonder - "Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?" I WANT high cholesterol. I wanna eat bacon and butter and BUCKETS of cheese, okay? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in the non-smoking section. I want to run through the streets naked with green Jell-O all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to, okay, pal?”

Freedom of speech will be offensive. I don’t like R rated movies, do you know why? I don’t like the language and the sex in them. Do I have a freedom of choice of what entertainment I see? Yes! Should R rated movies be banned? Probably not. That’s how it works. If you don’t like something don’t buy-participate-watch-read-listen to it! We’re trying to regulate and change the very foundation of freedom. In the above movie Demolition Man you would get fined automatically if you swore in public. Wouldn’t that be crazy if it were true? Someone somewhere would decide what words are good and what words are bad.

Absolute freedom does not work. We need laws or anarchy will try to dominate and will fail.

I believe there are many out there who are maybe democrat, and maybe liberal, and maybe other labels I could come up with, that do not like authority. They scoff at anyone trying to tell them what they are doing is wrong. They don’t even consider that their “social warrior” ways could be wrong. They are not interested in anyone else’s view or opinion. They do not want civil discourse. Just to be clear, if you are one of these closed minded “progressives” and you want to get in my face, know that I’m coming for you. I will work with anyone who has different opinions and points of view until the cows come home. I can compromise if you can do the same. But it’s not wise to push those who are not afraid of dealing with violence, very hard. You’re libel to push them into a corner and then wonder why you got bit. There are those Antifa types out there who think they are tough. Yet the left is always whining about how mean the right is. We’re war mongers and violent. If that’s so how do you think a fight with us is going to go? Will you all of a sudden become what you accuse us of? I’m not worried about some skinny, masked white guy with a bat and a spray can. I’m not making any threats to anyone but I think the war monger, violent one can defend themselves.

I want to say something that many will have a fit about and will start in trying to hurt me with words. It’s not a real popular thing to do but I support law enforcement. Mr Floyd did not deserve to treated that way. There’s no excuse. Mr. Floyd was a human being and innocent until proven guilty. But we also know he did commit criminal acts before. He was an addict criminal. Had he not been a criminal he would be alive. He made choices too. I’m not saying that there doesn’t need to be change and that some officers need to go, but what I am saying is they are important and necessary. Those who think they are not needed have never been to a third world country. They have never seen what “military policing” looks like. Because I don’t care how “woke” you are, no police means no force of law, that is anarchy. You can’t live and function in anarchy. I’ve been in countries that live this way. Antifa would not survive. “Just getting along” would be fine until you get a criminal element in the mix. Living without any authority might work on a small tent filled street in Seattle, but not for long. Criminals will rule. Strong will prey upon the weak. Your little Utopia will turn into a battle zone. I understand the frustration of the police. They are trying to do their job. It’s not easy to tell people they are doing something wrong and then act upon it. It’s no fun to try and judge who is wrong and who is lying. It’s hard to get lied to all the time. Some police turn around and lie themselves to try and get their job done. Some try to get their job done by abusing people and still others actually break the law trying to uphold the law. It’s not easy. It takes a special kind of person who has control and integrity to enforce the law and not get caught up in the lawlessness. There are those who do it and do it well. Then we meet that cop who pulls us over for speeding and he or she wants us to be afraid and bow down to their authority. They have a chip on their shoulder and they take it out on the public. You’ve met them. They are jerks and everyone, including their fellow officers, know it. So there is the challenge. The higher-ups in law enforcement need to find ways of catching these jerks and help them to change or show them the door. They also must have something in place that will weed out the bad cops that do more than just pass out bad tickets. It must happen. And us the citizens of this Republic need to have some trust and give them the time, money to be successful. If not we have Chaz, which is really nothing. I have trained, been trained by, and have known and do know many good and decent LEO’s. They are not perfect but they are striving to be good. But for now, I will support those good men and women in law enforcement who are doing their best and giving their all to take care of us and our country.

I don’t trust Black Lives Matter. Look on their website under the “We believe” tab. I feel that “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

This seems to go contrary to this from “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”

“The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.”

Do those two ideas mesh? I can’t support an organization I don’t trust, and who has beliefs I believe go against the Lords direction. I know there are many Progmos (progressive Mormons) and Exmos (ex-Mormons) who would not agree with me. It’s OK. I can summon the will to live. I’m not sure they can, but to quote the poets Jagger and Richards, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

This country is in turmoil and some elected officials have broken their oath of office. They are supporting lawlessness. They should no longer be in office. I believe the Mayor of Seattle, Washington and the Governor of Washington State have both decided crime is ok in their respective city and state. I would hope that they would be thrown out office. There are others too. The Seattle Mayor said it was like a “block party” in the autonomous zone a few weeks ago. Now there’s been two shootings. Now she wants to dismantle Chaz. What a joke. Who could have guessed a place where police could not go would have a shooting? What a great surprise. Couldn’t even last a month without law and order. Not that the elected officials cared. They forget their oath. If you look at their oath of office it is similar to the military oath that I took many years ago. They don’t quite understand that oath. They also have a casual relationship with the truth and integrity.

So this is my rant. I hope you were able to make it through it. If not, I understand. This is all my own personal opinion. If anyone wants to civilly debate any of this that’s fine. But if I get crap from some Progmo or some leftist snowflake know that I will try to control myself, and I’ll blame it on my PTSD, but I’ll probably close and engage. Thank you for your time.

Semper Paratus

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Threat Indicators in Church, Etc

It was late at night just past 1 AM. I don’t normally get off work that late. I needed gas and the place I normally get it I knew was closed. So I stopped at a 24 hour convenience store with pretty good lighting. I got my gas that I paid for at the pump. I was putting up the pump getting ready to leave when out from behind the pump I saw a guy coming toward me. I put up my hand and said “Hold on buddy!” He was a little shocked I guess and he stopped. I got into my vehicle and sped away. What had he wanted? Did he want directions? I had not seen another vehicle. Was he a homeless guy looking for spare change? I didn’t stick around to find out. Was I paranoid? Maybe. I was armed but I did not want to get into a conflict. It had been 100 degrees that day and so it was still 80 out. Why was he wearing a hoody? I didn’t really want to find out. Did I profile the guy? You bet I did. For my own safety. I think he was a white guy but I wasn’t that interested in race. He was walking at a quick enough pace that I thought I saw determination in his step.
Anyone who says they do not profile is either lying or just not paying attention. To be safe we must make some type of judgement call.
In 2014, the FBI published “A Study of the Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States.” The study examines 63 active shooting incidents in the US between 2000 and 2013, in an attempt to identify “those who may be on a pathway to deadly violence.”
In it, a single demographic data point clearly distinguishes American mass shooters from other citizens: 94% were men. In a separate FBI study published in April 2018, analyzing 50 active shooter incidents between 2016 and 2017, all shooters were male.
Most active shooters were also either single (57%) at the time of shooting, or divorced or separated (22%).
According to the 2014 study, mass shooters are mostly white (63%), but that is in line with the 60% of the US population that identifies as white and non-Hispanic.
There is much more in this study.
Read the entire study here:
But from this study and other law enforcement encounters we can comfortably create some pre attack indicators for those intent on doing violence.
Identifying Physical Pre-Attack Indicators
Physical pre attack indicators include appearance and dress, and can include:
• Oversized clothes or clothes not appropriate for event/weather
• Keeping hands in pockets/concealed
• Confirmation touch (repositioning weapon)
• Small bulges near waist or hip
• Adjusting waistband or clothing
• Undo Attention to carried objects
• Oversized torso or bulky jacket/vest
• Favoring one side (strong side)
• Blading (turning body to protect weapon
Identifying Behavioral Pre-Attack Indicators
Behavioral pre-attack indicators include overt actions and more subtle gestures. These may include:
• Minimizing door-to-door distance from vehicle (parking in fire lanes, etc.)
• Low familiarity with the area
• Nervousness
• Mental discomfort
• Tunnel vision/1,000-yard stare
• Repeated comments and/or prayer
• Muttering
• Difficulty making decisions
• Trouble communicating
• Repeated entries/exits to the area
These are only a few indicators but a good place to start. When you see these indicators, usually there are more than one, but not all, keep close eye on this person.
Learn body language and keep high situational awareness. Stay in yellow until you see some of these indicators then go to orange. When the behavior changes or you see indicators of other things, go back to yellow. (See “Situational Awareness Day 2019” 9/19/2019 for Coopers Color Codes)
These are especially important to learn for those who serve in Bishoprics or those who are on the stand through meetings. Being up on the stand is a vantage point where you can see most of the congregation. If this applies to you learn these indicators and more. If possible get trained in situational awareness and threat indicators.
Semper Paratus
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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

LDS Gunsite Index 2014 through 2019

This is a complete index of the articles in this blog from its beginning in 2014 until last year 2019. Each year we publish the previous year’s index. We will continue to do this at the beginning of each year but it will be a total index in addition to the previous year. We will also have this index on a separate page for your convenience. We hope this will help you to find past articles.

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109. Ammo Storage: Keep You Powder Dry! 9/19/2014
110. Choosing a Knife 9/22/2014
111. Family Security Plan Part 6: Portable Security 9/24/2014
112. Concealed Carry: Ideas For The Newbie 9/25/2014
113. Family Practice Drills 9/26/2014
114. Preparedness, Security, and Moroni 9/29/2014
115. Riot Security 9/30/2014

Oct 2014 (12)
116. Trigger Check 10/2/2014
117. Happiness is Zero at 50 10/3/2014
118. Evacuation, Bugout, or Get Out of Dodge 10/3/2014
119. Family Communications Code 10/7/2014
120. Vehicle Security: Situtional Awareness 10/8/2014
121. Security: Determining Your Own Threat Matrix 10/8/2014
122. Pocket Survival 10/10/2014
123. Moroni's Training and You 10/14/2014
124. Being Followed in a Car 10/15/2014
125. 5 Weapons Everyone should have 10/17/2014
126. CC Non permissive environments 10/21/2014
127. CC Practice Perfectly 10/23/2014

Nov 2014 (21)
128. Security is never convenient 11/4/2014
129. CC Final word on Caliber 11/6/2014
130. Hard or Soft target, don’t be a victim 11/7/2014
131. A Short Veteran Thanks 11/10/2014
132. Fundamentals of Home Defense 11/13/2014
133. How safe is your family when you are away? 11/18/2014
134. Preparation and others 11/19/2014
135. CC: Be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet 11/19/2014
136. A Reverence for shooting 11/20/2014
137. Ed’s Red bore cleaner 11/20/2014
138. Knife blade steel 11/20/2014
139. Protecting your spouse, working together 11/21/2014
140. Walk softly, carry a big stick 11/21/2014
141. Skills emergency comm 11/24/2014
142. CC and terrorism, indirect threat 11/24/2014
143. CC the perfect gun 11/24/2014
144. Time of thanks time of vigilance 11/26/2014
145. CC Pocket pistols 11/26/2014
146. Be "Sharp", Sharpening Your Knives 11/26/2014
147. Phone numbers you should consider in your phone 11/26/2014
148. Concealed Carry: Does Self Defense Really Happen? 11/30/2014

Dec 2014 (15)
149. Concealed Carry: Carry Gun Care 12/3/2014
150. CC: Trust God to Defend Your Family... After All You Can Do 12/5/2014
151. Concealed Carry and Social Life 12/5/2014
152. Porter Rockwell's Hair 12/5/2014
153. Day of Infamy and Your Security 12/7/2014
154. Gun Safety In The Church, 1868 12/9/2014

155. The Rifle of The Mormon Battalion 12/9/2014
156. Concealed Carry: Carry Ammo 12/10/2014
157. What Is Your Major Malfunction? or Clearing Your Gun 12/10/2014
158. Everyday Carry: A Notebook 12/12/2014
159. Another Call to Action: Revisted 12/12/2014
160. Stopping The Threat And Self Care 12/15/2014
161. Law Enforcement and Armchair Quarterbacking 12/17/2014
162. CIA Moscow Rules 12/18/2014
163. Peace of Mind From A Room: Safe Room 12/18/2014
164. Everyday Carry (EDC) Cleaning 12/19/2014
165. Security and Christmas 12/19/2014

LDS Gunsite Index 2015
Jan 2015 (16)
1. A New Year: Planning like Moroni 1/5/2015
2. The “Editor” Vetting Process 1/8/2015
3. French Terrorism and Your Threat Response 1/12/2015
4. LDS Gunsite Index 2014 1/13/2015
5. French Terrorism Analysis 1/14/2015
6. Concealed Carry: Carrying In The Winter Cold 1/14/2015
7. Concealed Carry: Reasons To Carry 1/16/2014
8. Gear Review: The Versatile Shemagh 1/19/2015
9. Review: Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Charger 1/20/2015
10. Father Of Delta Force David Beckwith 1/23/2015
11. Happy Birthday John Browning 1/23/2015
12. Happy Birthday John Boyd: The OODA Loop 1/23/2015
13. LDS Gunsite Turns 1! 1/24/2015
14. Preparedness: A Desperate Appeal 1/26/2015
15. Situational Awareness: The OODA Loop In Action 1/27/2015
16. Home Defense: Shotguns and Very Bad Advice 1/27/2015

Feb 2015 (13)
17. Happy Chris Kyle Day! 2/2/2015
18. Review: Preppers Matrix 2/2/2015
19. An Appeal: Please Join LDS Gunsite 2/2/2015
20. Concealed Carry: Become A Crimefighter With Knowledge 2/9/2015
21. Family Security: What I’d Teach My Kids About Security 2/12/2015
22. Mormon Outlaw: Butch Cassidy’s Gun 2/20/2015
23. Building A Medic Bag 2/20/2015
24. Muscle Memory and Training 2/20/2015
25. Review: You Tube Channel Nutnfancy 2/23/2015
26. Family Security: Data Mining and COMSEC/OPSEC 2/26/2015
27. Who's Watching You?: Paying Attention and Surveillance 2/27/2015

28. Improvised Weapons: Fire Extinguisher 2/27/2015
29. Prepare With Training: Visualization 2/27/2015

Mar (13)
30. Security Smarts 3/2/2015
31. Defensive Gun Myths 3/3/2015
32. Home Defense: The "Fire Extinguisher Gun" 3/3/2015
33. Developing Situational Awareness Part 1 3/4/2015
34. The Most Important Preparedness Item 3/5/2015
35. Developing Situational Awareness Part 2 (200th Post) 3/5/2015
36. Developing Situational Awareness Part 3 3/6/2015
37. Concealed Carry: Train The Basics of Gun Defense 3/11/2015
38. Gun Terms: Don't Be An Idiot 3/12/2015
39. Choosing A Self Defense Pen 3/18/2015
40. Medical: Wound Care Kit 3/18/2015
41. Concealed Carry/Home Defense: Verbal Warnings 3/26/2015
42. Basic of Knives and Knife Points 3/31/2015

Apr (13)
43. Training: Creating A Training Plan 4/3/2015
44. Concealed Carry: Defense As A Couple 4/7/2015
45. Remembering Chris Kyle 4/8/2015
46. Old Glory 4/9/2015
47. Mutual Security or Defending With A Partner 4/10/2015
48. 5 Guns That Helped Shape The History of The Church and West 4/13/2015
49. EDC: Important Part Of Preparation 4/13/2015
50. Should You Hide Guns and Ammo? 4/14/2015
51. OP Rockwell Philosophy 4/16/2015
52. The Eternal Question: How Much Ammo? 4/20/2015
53. Survival Knots 4/20/2015
54. Responsible Self Defense 4/28/2015
55. Riot Security and Safety 4/29/2015

May (11)
56. Helping Someone Choose A Gun 5/1/2015
57. Water Storage – Myth vs. Fact 5/18/2015
58. Remembering John Dean "Jeff" Cooper 5/18/2015
60. Reason For Self Defense 5/18/2015
61. Benefits of Dry Fire 5/19/2015
62. Remembering Bill Jordan and Carlos Hathcock 5/19/2015
63. Bikers, Police Protection, and Your Security 5/20/2015
64. Memorial Day 5/26/2015
65. The Cost of Stupidity: Law Enforcement and Us 5/27/2015
66. How To Achieve Security At Church 5/28/2015

67. Training: Force On Force and Airsoft 5/28/2015

Jun (11)
68. Oaths and Our Word 6/1/2015
69. Concealed Carry: Use of Force Continuum 6/3/2015
70. Less Than Lethal Ideas and Monkey Fists 6/5/2015
71. Security At An ATM 6/5/2015
72. 9mm Ammunition 6/12/2015
73. Remember Our National Symbol 6/15/2015
74. Shotguns and Real Advice 6/17/2015
75. President Obama Politicizes A Shooting 6/22/2015
76. Honor Porter Rockwell's Birthday 6/24/2015
77. Range Bags 6/24/2015
78. Concealed Carry: Making Carry Easier 6/26/2015

Jul (18)
79. Happy 4th 7/4/2015
80. EDC: The Basics 7/7/2015
81. China and Personal Information Security 7/8/2015
82. Trigger Control 7/8/2015
83. Gun Maintenance: Steps Of Cleaning a Gun 7/10/2015
84. Family Security: Why I Carry 7/13/2015
85. Radio Controlled Aircraft for Intel and Security 7/14/2015
86. Concealed Carry: Train Like You Mean It! 7/14/2015
87. Concealed Carry: Changing Your Clothes 7/14/2015
88. Choosing Home Defense Ammunition 7/14/2015
89. Training: Jeff Cooper's Drills 7/15/2015
90. Remember the Mormon Battalion 7/16/2015
91. Travel Security: Flying With A Weapon 7/23/2015
92. Field Medicine: Tourniquets 7/23/2015
93. Concealed Carry and Open Carry: Which? 7/24/2015
94. Happy 24th of July! 7/25/2015
95. Family Security: Preparedness In Home Security 7/27/2015
96. Color Code: Always Stay In Yellow 7/27/2015
97. Politics, Boy Scouts, And The LDS Church 7/29/2015

Aug (17)
98. Gun Safety and Kids 8/4/2015
99. Concealed Carry Mistakes Review 8/4/2105
100. Concealed Carry: Be A Smooth Operator 8/4/2015
101. Training: Trigger Press 8/5/2015
102. Trigger Pull 8/5/2015
103. Vigilance and "Some Sort of War" 8/6/2015
104. Urban Survival: The Basics 8/6/2015

105. Do You Red Team? 8/7/2015
106. Concealed Carry: Part of a Man’s Responsibility 8/17/2015
107. Preparedness Skill: Dead Drop 8/24/2015
108. Concealed Carry Skill: Gunfights 8/24/2015
109. Hoplophobia: How To Talk to Anti Gunners 8/25/2015
110. Shooting Skills: Basics of Marksmanship 8/26/2015
111. Concealed Carry in a Crowd 8/27/2015
112. Concealed Carry Skill: Gunfights Part 2 8/28/2015
113. Trigger Press Basics 8/28/2015
114. Safety Again 8/28/2015

Sep 2015 (13)
115. Skills We Should Improve 9/1/2015
116. Privacy: It's More Than Closing Your Blinds 9/2/2015
117. 9 11 Remembered and OPR Philosophy 9/11/2015
118. Beginning to Hate Mainstream Media: Finding Real News 9/11/2015
119. Water Storage: Chlorination 9/11/2015
120. Concealed Carry: Deadly Shooting Errors 9/11/2015
121. Moving And Shooting: From Choirboy 9/14/2015
122. Skills: Fire Building Is Not As Easy As It Looks 9/15/2015
123. The Best Medicine For Preparedness 9/16/2015
124. Philosophy Of Use For EDC and BOB 9/24/2015
125. Self defense Rules 9/24/2015
126. Target Recognition: Flashlights 9/28/2015
127. Review: Leatherman Wingman Multi tool for EDC 9/28/2015

Oct 2015 (17)
128. Surviving A Hijacking 10/2/2015
129. ISIS Threatens Military Members: Lessen You Footprint 10/6/2015
130. Skills: Situational Awareness Like Jason Bourne 10/8/2015
131. Active Shooter "Training" 10/9/2015
132. Abraham Lincoln and Guns 10/9/2015
133. The Man Behind The Man: Jonathan Browning 10/10/2015
134. The Guns of The United States Border Patrol 10/11/2015
135. You Know You're A Concealed Carry Nut When... 10/14/2015
136. Self Defense: Never Surrender 10/14/2015
137. Gun Retention 10/14/2015
138. First Gun: Gun “Action” Speaks Louder Than Words 10/15/2015
139. No More, No More Mr. Nice Guy 10/16/2015
140. Skills: Clearing Your Home 10/19/2015
141. Practicing Situation Awareness With Drills 10/22/2015
142. Concealed Carry: NPE (Non Permissive Environment) 10/27/2015
143. The Top Gun Survey Says... Baloney! 10/28/2015
144. On Being Violent: Your Violence Threshold 10/30/2015

Nov 2015 (14)
145. Concealed Carry: The Art Of De escalation 11/2/2015
146. Bug Out Bag: Packing Your Bag 11/3/2015
147. Skills: Ammunition Reloading 11/4/2015
148. LDS and Liberal? I say unto you, Nay 11/7/2015
149. Lessons From Fort Hood 11/9/2015
150. Come Clean: Maintaining Your Carry Gun 11/10/2015
151. Veteran's Day: Remember With Reverence 11/12/2015
152. Guns and Preparation 11/13/2015
153. How To Recognize A Bomber 11/13/2015
154. France, Freedom, and Security 11/17/2015
155. Who Protects You? Self Defense and The Family 11/19/2015
156. Family Security Planning 11/22/2015
157. Concealed Carry: Dealing With Terrorism 11/23/2015
158. Being Prepared "Legally" 11/25/2015

Dec 2015 (10)
159. Privacy: Back To Cash 12/2/2015
161. Day Of Infamy 12/7/2015
162. Violence and Doing What Is Right 12/8/2015
163. Guns Criminals Carry 12/9/2015
164. Dry Fire: Cheap, Effective Training 12/9/2015
165. A Voice of Warning 12/11/2015
166. Kids Skills 12/15/2015
167. Building First Aid Kits 12/16/2015
168. The Danites 12/16/2015
169. A Good Time To Reflect 12/25/2015

LDS Gunsite Index 2016
Jan (24)
1. 2016 1/1/2016
2. If I Were Muslim 1/1/2016
3. To Conceal or to Open, That is the Question 1/4/2016
4. LDS Gunsite Index 2015 1/5/2016
5. Evasion Driving 1/8/2016
6. Get Home Bag 1/8/2016
7. Staying Warm: Wool Blankets 1/11/2016
8. Training: Practice, Practice, Practice! But Do It Right 1/13/2015
9. A Rare Entertainment Comment 1/19/2016
10. FBI, 9mm and The Caliber Debate 1/19/2016
11. Delta Force and Charles Beckwith 1/19/2016
12. Do Not Vote For This Scoundrel! 1/20/2016
13. Build A Basic Gun Cleaning Kit 1/21/2016

14. Privacy: Webcams 1/22/2016
15. Carrying At Church 1/22/2016
16. The OODA Loop and You John Boyd's Birthday 1/22/2016
17. Canadian Tragedy and Why Laws Don't Protect Anyone! 1/23/2016
18. Privacy: Encryption and "Lazy" Law Enforcement 1/24/2016
19. Self Defense: Plan A, B, And C 1/25/2016
20. Paracord As A Tool 1/27/2016
21. Terrorism Can Happen Here: Prepare 1/27/2016
22. LDS Gunsite Turns 2! 1/28/2016
23. Call Signs 1/28/2016
24. Active Shooter Plans 1/29/2016

Feb (18)
25. A Round In The Chamber 2/2/2016
26. Cutting Sign: Tracking 2/4/2016
27. Zeroing A Battle Rifle 2/5/2016
28. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 1: Breaks and Dislocation 2/9/2016
29. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 2: Bleeding 2/10/2016
30. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 3: Establishing An Airway 2/10/2016
31. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 4: Deliver A Baby 2/11/2016
32. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 5: Know Symptoms 2/11/2016
33. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 6: Wound Dressing 2/12/2016
34. Wilderness or Grid Down Medical Skills 7: Suturing 2/12/2016
35. SIP (Shelter In Place) Kit at Work or School 2/12/2016
36. Giving Bad Gun Advice! 2/17/2016
37. Is The FBI Stupid? 2/17/2016
38. Cover and Concealment: Stop A Bullet 2/19/2016
39. Gun Free Zones 2/22/2016
40. Law Enforcement and All Lives Matter 2/22/2016
41. Profiling The Right Way 2/26/2016
42. Siphoning Gas/Water 2/29/2016

Mar (23)
43. Conspiracy and Secret Combinations 3/1/2016
44. Review: Alcohol Stoves 3/2/2016
45. Load Out: How Much Ammo Should You Carry? 3/4/2016
46. Distance Is Your Friend: The 21 Foot "Rule" 3/8/2016
47. Honest Shooting: Reality and Training 3/9/2016
48. The Weight Of Concealed Carry 3/10/2016
49. Gas Station Security: Don't Be Vulnerable 3/14/2016
50. Home Defense Bag: A Bump In The Night 3/16/2016
51. Politically Correct. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That... 3/16/2016
52. Preparation Mindset 3/17/2016
53. A Sad Day For Music 3/21/2016

54. A Conservative With A Gun 3/22/2016
55. Terrorism Again 3/22/2016
56. Ways To Fight Terrorism 3/23/2016
57. Non Lethal Option: Pepper Spray 3/23/2016
58. Details To Fighting Terrorism 3/24/2016
59. Are Your Targets On Target? 3/25/2016
60. Algiers Security Protocol 3/27/2016
61. Gun Control Baloney 3/28/2016
62. Shooting With "Older Eyes" 3/28/2016
63. Reloading Makes Sense 3/28/2016
64. Hiding From Thermal Imaging 3/28/2016
65. Security Plans 3/31/2016

Apr (29)
66. Rate Yourself 4/1/2016
67. Cyrus Wheelock and Self defense 4/4/2016
68. Why Mormon Men Should Be Rambo 4/5/2016
69. Suspicious Or Vigilant 4/6/2016
70. Reverence For Our Flag 4/7/2016
71. Survival Knives: Choosing The Best For You 4/7/2016
72. Remembering Chris Kyle 4/8/2016
73. Knife Attack Defense 4/8/2016
74. 4210 Yard Shot! 4/8/2016
75. Apartment and Dorm Security 4/12/2016
76. Oil Lamps For Light 4/12/2016
77. Pre Assault Indicators: Reading An Attack 4/12/2016
78. Modern Day Stripling Warriors 4/14/2016
79. Vote! Secretary Clinton's Problem With The Truth 4/14/2016
80. Stopping A Bullet 4/14/2016
81. Harden Your Target 4/15/2016
82. Shooting Goals Drills Help You Get There 4/15/2016
83. April Drill of the Month 4/18/2019
84. EDC Criteria 4/18/2016
85. Decision Making and Preparedness 4/20/2016
86. Texas, The Alamo, And Independence 4/21/2016
87. Power Out Preparedness 4/22/2016
88. Survival Guns 4/22/2016
89. Concealed Carry: When To Draw 4/26/2016
90. Security At A Rest Stop 4/28/2016
91. Privacy And Communication 4/28/2016
92. Concealed Carry In A Vehicle 4/29/2016
93. May Scenario Of The Month 4/29/2016
94. May Drill Of The Month 4/29/2016

May (13)
95. John Marlin, Gunmaker 5/3/2016
96. Self defense: A Personal Choice 5/6/2016
97. Daniel Wesson, Gun Innovator 5/9/2016
98. New cartridge: first change in decades 5/9/2016
99. Instructor Tips For Beginners 5/19/2016
100. Remembering Bill Jordan: Border Patrolman, Marine combat veteran, Gun professional 5/20/2016
101. Gun Culture 1.0 and 2.0: Which Are You? 5/20/2016
102. BOB Help: Navy SEAL Survival Kit 5/20/2016
103. Survival Kit or Get Home Bag 5/23/2016
104. Reloading During A Fight 5/26/2016
105. News Sights For Old Sight 5/26/2016
106. Truth And Gun Grabbers 5/26/2016
107. Concealed Carry Tips For New Carriers, Reminder For Experienced 5/31/2016

Jun (22)
108. Defense Scenario Of The Month For June 6/1/2016
109. Muscle Memory And Training 6/2/2016
110. Drill of the month 6/2/2016
111. Tactical Driving: A Few Tips 6/6/2016
112. Surrender 6/6/2016
113. Learning From San Bernardino and Terrorist Attacks 6/10/2016
114. The Tueller Drill 6/10/2016
115. Real Security In The U.S. 6/13/2016
116. What You Need To Know: Active Shooter 6/16/2016
117. Good Guy With A Gun (A Little Rant) 6/17/2016
118. Use it or it will use you: Fatal Funnel 6/17/2016
119. Ruger Mini 14 and Bill's Birthday 6/21/2016
120. Batteries Power Your Preparation 6/22/2016
121. Ambush! What We Learn From Tragedy 6/23/2016
122. Say what? Hearing Protection 6/27/2016
123. Striker Fired Versus Hammer Fired 6/27/2016
124. Fighting From/With A Vehicle 6/27/2016
125. A Green Berets EDC 6/28/2016
126. Porter Rockwell's Birthday 6/28/2016
127. Preparing For An Active Shooter Event 6/28/2016
128. Seeing And Hearing An Attack 6/29/2016
129. Reading Ammo Boxes And Choosing 6/30/2016

Jul (17)
130. Pledge Honorably On Independence Day 7/4/2016
131. See Trigger Press Drill: Drill of the Month 7/7/2016
132. Actually Becoming Prepared 7/8/2016

133. Don't Be The Hunted: E & E 7/8/2016
134. Trying To Get Through The Holster Jungle 7/11/2016
135. Teaching A Woman To Shoot 7/12/2016
136. Rifle of the Mormon Battalion 7/14/2016
137. Being Secure At A Public Event 7/19/2016
138. Remembering Samuel Colt On His Birthday 7/19/2016
139. Your Own Chicken Outfit 7/20/2016
140. Security While Shopping 7/21/2016
141. Introducing FLAG: A New Occasional Writer 7/22/2016
142. Nutrition In A Junk Food World 7/22/2016
143. Make a Plan, Be Prepared 7/22/2016
144. Lessons From Tragedy 7/27/2016
145. Pandemic Basics 7/28/2016
146. Serious First Aid Kit For The Range 7/29/2016

Aug (25)
147. Concealed carry: Ins and Outs 8/1/2016
148. Situational Awareness...Again 8/2/2016
149. The Shemagh: the History and Uses 8/2/2016
150. Storing Ammunition 8/3/2016
151. The Bombing of Japan: Lessons To Learn 8/6/2016
152. Gun Show Tips 8/8/2016
153. Stripper Clips and Speed Loaders 8/8/2016
154. Thyme For Herbs: By Flag 8/8/2016
155. Armed In A Bathroom 8/11/2016
156. Privacy and RFID Chips 8/12/2016
157. Annie Oakley Inspirational Shooter 8/15/2016
158. Being A Shooting Instructor 8/16/2016
159. A Few Songs and Some Thoughts On Preparedness 8/17/2016
160. Buy Ammo While You Can 8/19/2016
161. Basics Of Bullet Casting 8/19/2016
162. Thyme For Herbs: Basics and Terminology 8/19/2016
163. The Great .223 5.56 Debate 8/23/2016
164. Getting Out Of Dodge: Evacuating The City 8/25/2016
165. AR Build Tips 8/25/2016
166. How To Improve Shooting 8/29/2016
167. Why Do You Need An AR 15?: Knowledge Over Hype 8/30/2016
168. Managing Recoil During Self Defense 8/30/2016
169. Scenario Of The Month For September 8/31/2016
170. Overwatch: September Drill Of The Month 8/31/2016
171. Gun Misconceptions 8/31/2016

Sep (18)
172. Staff Of Life: Wheat 9/01/2016
173. Review: and National Situational Awareness Day 9/01/2016
174. Family Safety and Security Is A Mindset 9/01/2016
175. Negligent Discharges Are No Accident 9/7/2016
176. Drone Survival 9/8/2016
177. Parking Lot and Parking Garage Security 9/9/2016
178. Making Intelligence Work For Your Family 9/13/2016
179. Brigham Young's Colt .31 9/14/2016
180. 9 11 After a Few Days Of Thought 9/15/2016
181. Trampling Other’s Sacred Symbols 9/16/2016
182. Body Armor And Plate Carriers 9/19/2016
183. Riot Avoidance And Safety 9/23/2016
184. Do It Yourself Gunsmithing 9/23/2016
185. Gunfighting Advice From Gunfighters 9/23/2016
186. Happy Situational Awareness Day! 9/26/2016
187. Vehicle Backing Off The "X" 9/26/2016
188. The Steps Of A Draw 9/27/2016
189. 25 "Rules" Of A Gunfight 9/28/2016

Oct (13)
190. Generator Power As An Option 10/5/2016
191. Overwatch: October Drill Of The Month 10/6/2016
192. Storing Gasoline 10/6/2016
193. Food Choices For Your Prep Plan 10/6/2016
194. Security From RAT's: Communications Security 10/7/2016
195. Back up For The Contingency Plan 10/11/2016
196. Are You Being Followed? 10/13/2016
197. Rant About Politics And LDS Members 10/14/2016
198. "Experts" 10/14/2016
199. Spare Magazine and Maintenance 10/20/2016
200. Registration and Privacy 10/21/2016
201. Find Ammunition Quickly and Cheaply: 10/24/2016
202. Preparedness and The Normalcy Bias 10/28/2016

Nov (21)
203. Escape and Evade: Important Skills You May Never Need 11/1/2016
204. Carry Condition: An Appeal For Condition One 11/7/2016
205. Tactics For The Field 11/7/2016
206. Guns And Statistics 11/7/2016
207. Vote! Vote! Vote! 11/8/2016
208. November Drill Of The Month 11/8/2016
209. Selecting A Flashlight 11/10/2016
210. Veteran’s Thoughts 11/10/2016

211. Movement And Training 11/16/2016
212. 25 "Rules" Of A Gunfight: Revisited In Detail (Part 1) 11/17/2016
213. Shooting In Cold Temperatures 11/18/2016
214. 25 "Rules" Of A Gunfight: Revisited In Detail (Part 2) 11/18/2016
215. Targets And Their Varieties 11/21/2016
216. Feeling Home On The Shooting Range 11/21/2016
217. Reholstering Safely 11/22/2016
218. Trash And Shredding: OPSEC 11/22/2016
219. Speed And Acuracy 11/23/2016
220. Untraceable, Anonymous Communication 11/28/2016
221. Family Security Plans 11/28/2016
222. We Gotta Get Outa This Place: City Evac 11/29/2016
223. Happy Birthday Oliver Winchester! 11/30/2016

Dec (8)
224. December Drill Of The Month 12/2/2016
225. It Can Happen Anywhere 12/6/2016
226. Pearl Harbor and Situational Awareness 12/7/2016
227. GSR: Evidence Of Training 12/8/2016
228. Making Your Own Pepper Spray 12/9/2016
229. Stop Being/Raising Wimps! 12/14/2016
230. Turn Out The Lights And Train 12/15/2016
231. Europe Being Attacked: What's It To You? 12/19/2016

LDS Gunsite Index 2017
Jan (10)
1. Why 9mm Defends Me 1/1/2017
2. Reasons To Carry 1/4/2017
3. January Drill Of The Month 1/4/2017
4. Preparedness Goals 1/12/2017
5. Military Slang For Everyday 1/16/2017
6. Email and Privacy 1/23/2017
7. Guns Make Us Safe 1/26/2017
8. 3rd Year, Oaths, and Immigration Security 1/31/2017
9. LDS Gunsite Index 2016 1/31/2017
10. Overwatch: Drill of the Month for January 1/31/2017

Feb (10)
11. More Immigration Security 2/2/2017
12. Should YOU Carry? 2/2/2017
13. Tacticool Gear 2/8/2017

14. Surviving A Knife Fight 2/14/2017
15. The Survival Gap 2/14/2017
16. Top 5 Articles For 2016 2/15/2017
17. Shooting From The Ground Up 2/16/2017
18. Self Defense For The Average Guy 2/21/2017
19. My Dear Scouting Is Dying 2/22/2017
20. Gun Safety And You 2/24/2017

Mar (15)
21. Your Precious "Metals": Storing Ammo 3/2/2017
22. The Key To Self Defense: Keychain Weapons 3/2/2017
23. Overwatch: Drill of The Month For March 3/3/2017
24. When To Draw 3/3/2017
25. EDC: I Love Tac Pens! 3/3/2017
26. When To Leave: REDOUT 3/6/2017
27. Important Questions For Preparedness Planning 3/8/2017
28. Nutrition And Food Storage from FLAG 3/8/2017
29. Biker Attack Security 3/14/2017
20. How To Treat A Stalker 3/15/2017
21. How To Fly With A Gun 3/15/2017
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Aggressiveness, Speed, Coolness 5/17/2017
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Ruthlessness and Surprise 5/30/2017

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13. Responsible Gun Ownership and Practice 2/16/2018
14. If You Are Willing 2/20/2018
15. School Security: If It Were My Kids 2/22/2018
16. Fight Against Gun Laws! Call To Action 2/23/2018
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Aug (4)
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39. What Stops A Bullet And What Doesn't 8/29/2019

Sep (8)
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Oct (5)
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Dec (2)
53. "Be Nice!" (Everyone's Mom) 12/27/2019
54. The Flaws Of "Run, Hide, Fight" 12/31/2019

Friday, June 12, 2020

Who Said It? June

June Quote
"A free man must not be told how to think, either by the government or by social activists. He may certainly be shown the right way, but he must not accept being forced into it."

May Quote

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

Han Solo

Han Solo was a male Human smuggler from the planet Corellia. He aided the rebellion and was quite the scoundrel. In 1997, George Lucas described Han as "a cynical loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good".
Every picture I’ve seen of Han Solo holding a gun tells me he has horrible trigger discipline!

Gun Safety Is No Accident!

I am a Life member of the NRA. The National Rifle Association is our best bet to fight against those who would like to eliminate the right to bear arms. Do I believe the NRA is always right? No! Like any other organization, I don’t always agree with what they get behind. There are other gun groups out there doing fine work too, but the NRA is my choice to fight for our rights. I am an NRA instructor in pistol, rifle, personal protection, and as a range safety officer. I only mention these things because I want to talk about gun safety rules. The NRA’s rules are different than what I feel should be taught. The NRA’s rules are:
1: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2: ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3: ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
These are the 10 rules that add to the top 3.
1. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction
2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
3. Keep your gun unloaded until ready to use
4. Know your target and what’s behind it
5. Know how to use your gun safely
6. Be sure your gun is safe to operate
7. Only use the correct ammunition for your gun
8. Wear ear and eye protection, where appropriate
9. Never shoot under the influence of alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, or prescription medication
10. Store guns safely
Now, I have no problems with these rules. But if you are teaching and you want your students to remember the safety rules, 10 is not the ideal number. All these are good rules.
I don’t have any problem teaching these additional concepts, but I just don’t feel you can realistically teach 10 rules (which is why they have shortened it to the top 3) and expect someone to retain and remember them. My suggestion for rules are 4:
1. All guns are always loaded.
2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
I’ve seen some lists that say “Treat every gun as if it is loaded.” I don’t like the words “treat” and “as if”. I think that leaves too much open. I prefer, “all” and “always”. Often I will change number 2 to “Never let the gun point at anything you are not willing to destroy”. For those just starting out may not know what the muzzle is or what cover means. Either way is fine. I have sometimes added “…and out of the trigger guard…” to number 3 but that can become too wordy.
The key is to teach safety what students can remember. Whichever rules you like make sure you follow all of them. Just following the first and ignoring the second will make you unsafe. Being safe depends on all the rules being followed. I also believe that you can have a loaded gun before you actually have to use it. In self-defense, if you don’t have a round in the chamber you are behind the curve. That is only my opinion because I know others will train with racking a round in their training routine. I don’t agree with that, but I also have no problem with someone who believes that is safer and better. I can live with someone who wants to train that way without criticism. If it works for you I am good with it, but I would never teach it. Other than a self-defense situation, I would agree that a gun should be kept and stored unloaded. But if you go into my safe that I keep my carry guns in you will find them all loaded. Knowing these rules, following them at all times—and insisting that others do the same—will help keep you and your family safe. But gun safety goes well beyond the "Big Four."
Before handling a gun, learn how it operates. Know its basic parts, how to safely open and close the action and remove any ammunition from the gun or magazine. Remember, a gun's mechanical safety device is never foolproof. Nothing can ever replace safe gun handling.
Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
Just like other tools, guns need regular maintenance to remain operable. Regular cleaning and proper storage are a part of the gun's general upkeep. If there is any question concerning a gun's ability to function, a knowledgeable gunsmith should look at it.
Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
Only BBs, pellets, cartridges or shells designed for a particular gun can be fired safely in that gun. Most guns have the ammunition type stamped on the barrel. Ammunition can be identified by information printed on the box and sometimes stamped on the cartridge. Do not shoot the gun unless you know you have the proper ammunition.
Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.
Guns are loud and the noise can cause hearing damage. They can also emit debris and hot gasses that could cause eye injury. For these reasons, shooting glasses and hearing protection should be worn by shooters and spectators.
Never use alcohol, over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs before or while shooting.
Alcohol, as well as any other substance likely to impair normal mental or physical bodily functions, must not be used before or while handling or shooting guns.
Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.
Many factors must be considered when deciding where and how to store guns. A person's particular situation will be a major part of the consideration. Dozens of gun storage devices, as well as locking devices that attach directly to the gun, are available. However, mechanical locking devices, like the mechanical safeties built into guns, can fail and should not be used as a substitute for safe gun handling and the observance of all gun-safety rules.
From the NRA Family website
6 Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms by B. Gil Horman
“1. Trigger Locks are a simple and affordable option for preventing a gun from being loaded or fired by an unauthorized user. Whether they are provided by the manufacturer or the dealer, most new guns are now sold with a trigger lock right in the box. These locks take different forms. A trigger shoe clamps down around the trigger or trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being manipulated. Because these devices come into direct contact with the trigger, they should never be installed on loaded guns.
Cable locks block the action of a firearm, preventing the action of rifles and shotguns from being closed. When used with a semi-automatic pistol, they will also prevent a magazine from being loaded into the grip. For revolvers, the cable is looped through the barrel to prevent the cylinder from closing.
If a dedicated gun lock is not available, an ordinary padlock can be used with many guns. Simply slip the hasp of the lock between the back side of the trigger and the trigger guard to prevent the trigger from cycling. Trigger locks are inexpensive (less than $20), or even free through some community programs, and can successfully prevent an unintentional discharge when installed properly. However, they do not offer any physical protection for the firearm or a measurable level of theft deterrence.
2. Gun Cases are readily available at local sporting goods stores in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and material options to fit every kind of commercially available firearm. Case options range from padded fabric sleeves to rugged foam-lined plastic containers, with prices from $10 to $150. The primary role of this kind of affordable carry case is to protect one or more firearms from physical damage.
Most soft and hard-side cases can be “legally” locked for firearm transportation to and from shooting events. A padlock through a soft case’s zipper pull or a hard case’s carry handle can do the trick (check your local regulations). Affordable, portable, and easy to store, locked gun cases represent a common and convenient safe gun storage method, and a big step up from tossing a bare gun into a drawer or closet. A locked carry case will certainly keep small children from handling a firearm, just as a trigger lock will.
However, their usefulness as safe storage devices is limited by the materials from which they are made. The soft fabrics and plastics used in these cases can be quickly defeated by ordinary edged tools. Because gun cases are designed to be light to carry and handle, they can be carted around just as easily by a thief as their lawful owner. Unless they are secured within some other lockable structure, gun cases may be stolen, along with their contents, to be opened and pilfered at another location.
3. Strong Boxes and Security Cases represent an effort by manufacturers to provide gun owners with the anti-theft and gun-finish protection features of a locking gun cabinet while maintaining the portability of handgun and long-gun carry cases. Pricing for these units varies greatly, anywhere from less than $50 to more than $300, based on the level of technology incorporated into the system. Some of the best storage options for those who want quick-access to defensive firearms are found in this category.
When it comes to strong boxes, it’s hard to beat the variety of configurations and lock options provided by GunVault. The MV500-STD Micro Vault is a portable model that’s slim and light enough to carry in a briefcase or to be tucked into a small drawer. The No-Eyes electronic keypad allows the user to enter a customized code by touch so that the box can be opened quickly in total darkness if necessary. The Speedvault SVB 500 mounts to vertical surfaces, such as the interior of a desk or closet. The programmable biometric fingerprint reader allows access to a single pistol or revolver in less than two seconds. Multiple-gun or increased-capacity units, such as the DrawerVault and Multi-Vault, are also available.
Secure Firearms Products provides some of the most rugged security cases available for travel. These metallic cases feature welded corners, heavy-duty plated steel latches, case hardened locking studs, and a high security Medeco Lock. Mounting hardware and cables allow the cases to attach directly to the trunk of a car, the wall of a closet, or the interior of a suitcase when flying with commercial airlines.
4. Locking Steel Gun Cabinets provide an increased level of storage capacity and internal configuration options, when compared to security cases and strong boxes, but they differ from gun safes in several respects. The thinner gauge of steel, a simple locking mechanism, and the absence of fire-resistant insulation keeps these units in the $150 to $450 price range and reduces their weight. Because these cabinets are light enough to be moved safely up and down stairs by just one or two people, they can be employed in locations such as apartment buildings or second-floor rooms, where a gun safe would be too large or heavy to install.
An excellent example of this category is the Model GCB-18-C convertible security cabinet from Stack-On. This California DOJ-approved cabinet can hold up to 18 54-inch long guns, or nine long guns and four shelves of storage, or it can be converted to all storage shelves, depending on your needs. The three-point security system features a double-bitted, key-coded lock for greater security. Fastening hardware, for attaching the cabinet to the floor or wall, and foam padding for the shelves and floor of the cabinet are included. If additional storage space is needed, a Model GCB-900 pistol and ammunition cabinet can be mounted on top of the GCB-18-C convertible.
5. Gun Safes represent the most secure gun storage option available to the average gun owner. A basic, no-frills safe is superior to any other storage option discussed so far in preventing unauthorized access to firearms. The dedicated racks and lined interiors will help to protect the finish of the guns and, most importantly, safes are an effective theft deterrent. A gun safe’s weight, the heavy-gauge steel of the outer box, the complex locking mechanism, and the option to bolt the safe directly to a concrete slab, all work together to frustrate the efforts of burglars. Safes not only fulfill the three-fold mission of safe gun storage, they can also provide additional protection against flooding, fires and other disasters. Quality safes are available from American manufacturers, including Cannon, Fort Knox and Liberty Safe.
The purchase of a gun safe represents a significant financial commitment. Just like other high-end consumer products, safes are available with a wide variety of features, all of which affect the bottom line cost of the unit. With prices ranging from $500 to more than $2,500, it’s important to understand which features are important to you. Here are some of the price-changing details to pay attention to:
6. Safe Size: The larger a safe is, the more it costs. So the best way to save money is to purchase only as much interior safe space as required. However, it’s common for a first-time buyer to underestimate the amount of space he needs, resulting in added expense purchasing another safe down the road.
Here is a rule-of-thumb to help in avoiding the undersized-safe problem. Take a look at all of the items that will be going into the safe once it arrives. There are the guns you have on hand, including related gear like optics, ammunition and magazines. Then tally the guns and gear you plan to buy in the future. Now add to that the non-shooting valuables that will make their way into the safe, including computer hard drives, jewelry, documents and so on. Once a minimum storage requirement is calculated, find a safe that meets those needs, and then buy the model that’s one size larger. That should leave you with enough room to maneuver.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a safe:
Steel Thickness: The overall toughness of a safe is generally quantified by the thickness of the steel used in its construction. The thicker the material, the more it costs. Steel is gauged using a reverse scale, meaning the smaller the number, is the thicker the metal will be. This means 10-ga. steel is thicker than 11, 12, or 14 gauge. Buyers need to pay attention to the thickness of the steel in the shell and the door, since thicknesses may be different in each of these components.
Fire Rating: Because fires in the home are far more common than we would like them to be, some gun safes are sold with a fire rating. This rating is determined by measuring the internal temperatures maintained within an insulated safe as it is exposed to a range of elevated temperatures over a measured period of time. There is no federal or industry-regulated standard, however, for how such temperature tests are conducted, and there is no minimum standard for what a fire rating should be. So it’s up to the buyer to pay close attention to the numbers quoted by the manufacturers.
For example, the average American house will burn to the ground in approximately 60 minutes without emergency service intervention. Let’s suppose firefighters can arrive on-site within 10 to 15 minutes of a fire being reported. This means the fire will likely be cooling off, or even extinguished, within the 60-minute window. The temperature of a burning house can reach as high as 1,100 to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, if the contents of a safe can survive an hour or more at 1,300 degrees, it has a solid rating.
Other Features: Many of the remaining features of a gun safe can be considered in the same way as those of an automobile. The fancier the paint job and upholstery are, the higher the cost will be. Electronic locks are faster and easier to use than manual (spin dial) locks, but they can be more expensive. When buying a vehicle, we pay close attention to how the configuration of the interior fits our requirements. With a safe, ensure that the shelves and racks will fit the gun collection properly so as to maximize your storage space. And finally, don’t forget to read the fine print in the warranty. Just like a vehicle, safes are expensive to repair if parts of it become smashed up or worn out.
We have a real advantage today over our gun-owning ancestors when it comes to safe gun storage. Not only has the technology changed and improved in so many ways, there are more options for responsible gun owners to choose from than ever before. No matter what your storage requirements or financial situation may be, there is a safe gun storage method to meet your needs.”
There is really no excuse to be safe with your firearm these days. When my children were young I did not really lock my guns up. I took away the mystery of guns and taught all of my children to shoot and how to be safe with many different kinds of guns. They were taught a healthy respect for guns and told they were not toys. In addition, we never bought them toy guns (other than squirt or nerf type guns that don’t resemble real guns) to play with. As I got older I realized the irresponsibility and danger of this and have since locked up my guns. But I also feel that if kids are determined something locked won’t stop them. It’s important to teach them safety and how to handle guns for their own safety. I now have grand-children that will be taught as my kids were but with the addition of locks. I have seen the error of my previous thinking and have repented. I’m grateful I didn’t lose a child to learn this lesson. Locking up your guns is only part of the responsibility. Teaching guns safety over and over will keep your kids safe and knowledgeable. A few of my kids are into guns but most of them are not. They do still have the safety that I drove into their heads though. Once in a while I will quiz them and they will roll their eyes or complain, but I notice they still know the rules!
Safety is responsibility. Safety is imperative. Safety is everything!
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