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Concealed Carry Myths (Reprint from May 21, 2014)

I seem to get a lot of questions about concealed carry. Many involve these 5 myths. “But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.” (D&C 9:8)
This is a scripture we have read and heard many times. There is a lot in this scripture and a great story behind it. But I think this scripture also says, “Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Weigh it to see if it is right or applies to you. If you feel a need, pray concerning it. Now when I was choosing a gun for concealed carry I didn’t pray about it (although I don’t see anything wrong with praying for direction). But I did take the things I read on the internet with a grain of salt. There are some people I trust on the internet. I’ve followed certain people on youtube channels or websites for some time. I trust them because they have proven their opinion to me for years. I only go to forums for a quick overall view. These are some myths I’ve read about but do not agree with. As in all things, even my opinion isn’t worth much. Do your own research and see for yourself.
1. Carry the smallest gun you can find
Almost every gun maker has made a sub-compact handgun. There are many out there but you need to find a gun that fits you. One size does not fit all! My son loves Rugers. So he naturally bought an LC9. He hates it! He’s a pretty big guy with big hands. The LC9 is just too small for him to be comfortable. He needs a compact not a sub-compact. Some people carry a full sized 1911 and have no problem with it. Me? I’m a sub-compact guy. Smaller and lighter is what I want. Everyone is different so a blanket statement like one size fits all is the best, is just absolutely wrong. Some like subs because they are easy to conceal. But subs hold less ammo. Full sized guns have a larger ammo capacity, but they are more difficult to conceal. Find out what will work for you! Make sure it’s comfortable because if it is not, you’ll be less apt to carry it. The gun also must be easy for you to shoot. Like the 3 bears, not too big and not too small, but just right.
2. Make sure you carry without a round in the chamber to be safe!
This is the most ridicules thing I have ever heard! If you feel this way just leave your gun in the safe!
Unless you carry a 50 year old weapon I don’t think you need to worry about your gun going off unless you press the trigger. Without a charged weapon (round in the chamber) you would have to rack the slide. Contrary to movies and TV, that is just too time consuming. If you are drawing your weapon you are ready to use it. How can you be ready to use it if you have to operate it to get it ready? If you accept the responsibility of carrying a deadly weapon then you have a responsibility to carry it safely. Let me be clear about this. Not having a round in the chamber could get you killed. That’s only my opinion.
3. Those who are new to concealed carry should carry a revolver.
I love revolvers! There are some great ones out there. They are quite reliable and easy to operate. But as for that style of weapon to be used by those new to carrying a gun, I don’t think so. I’m not sure it takes a whole lot more experience or intelligence to operate a semi-auto as opposed to a revolver. I wouldn’t discount any gun until I found out what worked for me. With any weapon training is needed. Revolvers carry less ammo but are simple to operate. But semi autos may be just as simple with the right training. Again, try a variety of weapons and calibers you think would work for you. Being comfortable with a particular gun will help you to be accurate and confident.
4. This caliber is better than that caliber
It would not be a bad thing to learn a little about ammunition. Are you better protected with one caliber over another? Of course not! I can tell you this, a well placed shot is better than a bazooka. We maybe not a bazooka but you get my drift. A .380 between the eyes is much better than one hit in the arm from a .45. The idea is to stop the threat. I don’t put a lot of stock into stopping power. A well placed shot is what I look for. So get out there and practice!

5. You shouldn’t carry a gun without a safety
As I’ve trained many and as I’ve been trained in the military, my trigger finger is my safety. I don’t like manual safeties. Especially on a concealed carry gun. I want to pull my weapon and shoot. I want to keep it as simple as I can. But as in all things, if you feel more secure with a safety, by all means use one. I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought the safety was off at the range and failed to shoot because the safety was on doing it’s job. Just imagine if you thought the opposite and needed that gun to work! Just remember when you practice with a weapon that has a safety to include putting the safety on and off so you won’t have that problem.

Remember, learn all you can. Ask instructors and those who have been around the gun world a while. Take as much training as you can. Don’t just believe everything you read or hear. Find out for yourself. If you will follow certain sites on the internet you will quickly find out which one you can trust. Especially be wary of mainstream media. I’ve taught my kids “No truth in the news, no news in the truth.” There are other myths out there. The challenge is to recognize them and discard them.

Semper Paratus

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  1. I have a friend who only carries occasionally, as opposed to myself that carries all day every day. I could not believe what he told me. Not only does he NOT carry with one in the chamber, but the magazine stays in his shirt pocket! He is convinced that if the need were to arise, he could lock and load in plenty of time. I told him that when the adrenaline starts pumping and he fumbles and drops his magazine, the bad guy will be taking his gun and beat him to death with it. He'll then pick up the mag and continue his life of crime with a new free gun.