Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Framework of Preparedness

I’d like to review for you what my idea of preparedness is. I must put a disclaimer here. I have been involved in preparedness my entire life. Even my childhood was filled with my Mother canning and baking homemade bread to my Father teaching me self-sufficiency by learning carpentry and mechanical skills. My parents taught preparedness to all of us kids. So my idea of preparedness may not be the same as yours. My guess is my idea of preparedness may seem a little excessive to you. Unless you’re paranoid too! I’m not really paranoid but I like options. Preparedness gives you options. So don’t be overwhelmed by what I think preparedness should be. Start small and work your way to your goal. My preparedness has been over 40 years in the making! Survival Plan Bug In (or retreat): Retreat and home defense books for reference Know your neighbors and surroundings Immediate neighbors Identify key infrastructure Map your area Neighborhood awareness group Network with neighbors Share information Neighborhood protection plan Command and control Security responsibilities Designated evacuation area (Related to Bug out) Home defense plan Identify vulnerable areas Reinforced structures and defenses Steel doors Window bars or coverings Fighting positions Designated evacuation area (Related to Bug out) Bug Out: Bug out bag Financial Sanitation Energy Communication Protection Food Water Medical Identify areas Identify key infrastructure State/Local government facilities Military installations Natural and weather hazards Population density National parks Forestry lands State owned lands Family/Friends property Scout areas Practice bug out plan Fuel People Obstacles Medical Knowledge (Level 1) Medication Stored medications Prescription Pet medications (Knowledge connected to First Aid Kits) Every adult should know: Stabilize neck Treat fractures Treat chest wounds Treat cuts, Suture Control bleeding Open airways Treat shock Administer an IV Clinic Medical records Medical documents Bulk medical supplies (related to First Aid Kits) Reference materials (related to First Aid Kits) First aid kits Trauma kit IFAK (Individual first aid kit) Large kit Bulk medical supplies (related to Clinic) Reference materials (related to Clinic) Desired medical personnel Recruitment Networking Veterinarian EMT/Paramedic Doctor/Dentist Knowledge (Level 2) Advanced reference materials and medical equipment Protection State Laws Property protection laws Firearms restrictions Conceal carry laws Non-Lethal Stun gun Pepper/wasp spray Baton Lethal Blades Firearms –Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns Storage- Ammo cans, gun cabinets, burial vaults Ammunition Training- Range, Shooting drills, Courses Gear- Holsters, Carriers, Pouches, Slings Maintenance Cleaning supplies Lubricants Spare parts Reference materials Communication Security- Radio discipline, Call signs, Limit distance, Privacy (Codes, protocols) Long term plan Equipment HAM- Long range, can send data, expensive, license, technical CB- Cheap, anyone can use VHF- Common to marine industry (Requires energy) 2 way- Cheap, anyone can use, GMRS, FRS, FRS/GMRS (Requires energy) Other Emergency plan Weather radio Meeting place Corded phone- powered by utility AM/FM radio Police scanner E-mail Cell phone- Text messages may work Short wave Food Hunting, fishing, foraging Foraging-wild edibles, plant identification (take a guided trip), reference materials Hunting-Firearms, trapping, slingshot, bow/sling bow Hunting experience-Supporting equipment, field dressing Fishing-Know your area (fish species & seasonal patterns) Catching fish-Cast net/traps, trout/tree lines, rod and reel, survival kit Cleaning fish-preparation, preservation (connected to food storage) 72 hour food supply (bug out/emergency supply) 1 month food supply (long term emergency) 1 year food supply (long term) Gardening/Farming (water requirements for plants, irrigation, animals) Growing crops-Sprouting, seeds Hyrdoculture/hydroponics-infrastructure, tanks, pumps Small scale gardening-Management, rotation, seasons, fertilizer, pest Management, harvest Large scale-Land assessment, Management (same as small scale) Raising livestock Water Selecting livestock Animal husbandry Butchering Aquaculture Determining fish and plants This is but a general framework for your own prepareness plan. Remember to start small, don't go into debt, and don't get overwhelmed. Semper Paratus Check 6 Burn

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