LDS Gunsite Recommended Links

The following are websites that we think are worth your time.
This will be a mixture of gun sites and preparedness sites. Enjoy!

Nutnfancy Youtube Channel

This channel deals with adventure and dangerous things. Gun and outdoor gear reviews. Car and Motorcycle videos also.
Patriotnurse Youtube Channel

This channel deals with medical issues. Especially first aid, and field medicine. She also talks about natural remedies.
SHTF School Blog

Selco is a Bosnian who lived through the siege that went on in many of the Balkan cities during 1992-1995. He learned a lot of survival and sells courses. His blog is pretty informative too.
Everyday No Days Off

Love these guys! Great Videos and fun commentary. Some good info.
Gun Carrier

Lots of good information.
Target Focus Training

This is a great, simple, effective program that will help in your self-defense plans. Check it out!
Pretty Loaded

Safety, situational awareness, and common sense reviews. Love these girls!

Survival Doctor

This is Dr Hubbard giving what I consider expert advice on DIY medicine.

The address above is his blog, but his website is full of info, videos, and his books for sale.

Good Stuff!

Tactical Intelligence

This is a great site with a LOT of info! They cover all aspects of preparedness including guns, shooting, and security.

Give them a try!


Got Lamp Oil?

This is a great free forum with lots of info on a large variety of preparedness, defense, and even spiritual subjects with an LDS/Mormon view. I like it a lot!


LDS Cops

This is a site devoted to LDS Cop stories. I haven't looked through the whole site but what I have read I like.


Spy Escape and Evasion

Jason Hanson is an ex-CIA Officer who reveals his "secrets". He sells many great products and is an instructor. His spy school has some great classes in everything from escape and evasion to
shooting. I like his blog articles.