Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Choosing A Self-Defense Pen

Tactical pens are a good self-defense tool as a back-up weapon.
Before I go any further let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. I am not a lawyer. My legal advice is to get legal advice from a competent lawyer. Some say that to use a tactical pen puts you at legal risk. I think using any weapon, especially a gun, will put you at legal risk. So should I just not carry anything because of the risk? No, I will continue to carry self-defense weapons.
A tactical pen might not be as effective as a firearm or as intimidating as a knife, but it can certainly be better than no weapon in your everyday carry (EDC) options. A weaponized writing instrument can do damage to a bad guy yet still be carried in most settings without alarming law enforcement or the public.
But not all pens are created equal. Here are some attributes to consider when shopping for a self-defense pen:
Ink: Don’t forget this tool’s original mission: writing. If you can’t sign a credit card receipt without the ink skipping, leaking, or running dry, your pen is nothing more than a tactical pocket stick. Also look for a model that lets you easily replace the ink cartridge.
Design: Capped or retractable? The former requires you to pull or twist a cap while the latter uses a pushbutton to activate the retractable pen. Each one has its pros and cons.
Materials: The plastic in your Bic won’t cut it. Look for a pen made of strong, durable, lightweight components (aluminum, titanium, composite, etc.).
Grip: The pen has to feel natural in the hand. If it’s uncomfortable when you’re writing, imagine how it’ll feel when striking a mugger.
Clip: A strong pocket clip that won’t bend (let alone snap off) is vital to secure carry and a quick draw when you need it.
Aesthetics: It’s more than just selecting the coolest-looking model. An regular looking pen won’t draw unwanted attention or get confiscated at the airport.
There are many of these pens on the market. I prefer the Maxam tactical pen. Maxam has more than one model. I like the 2 piece, flat head cap and the spike on the other end. I like the pen and the price.
After you’ve decided on a pen find a self-defense instructor that gives classes on how to use a self-defense pen. Then get trained! Ask your instructor if there are some drills you can use to practice, then practice!
Like anything else that is possibly lethal or dangerous, be careful in your practice and learn to use this weapon with precision.
Semper Paratus
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