Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day

Today is the day after Memorial Day. Do we still remember?
I spent Memorial Day with three warriors. One was a retired A10 pilot. The other a current A10 pilot, and the last a current pilot, all combat veterans. It was interesting to listen to their stories and their memories of distant lands. To top it off, their wives were there too. They spoke of the things they experienced, trying to keep the home fires burning, raising kids, and being there for their warrior. I am not a pilot but have been around flight lines and fighting aircraft my entire adult life.
I know Memorial Day was yesterday. I hope you were able to remember those warriors who did not come home to their families. They gave us a great gift at a horrible price. I am privileged to have a long line of ancestors who served in the military. My Father was in the second World War and my Grand Father was in the first World War. Fortunately for me they came back. I am grateful that they came back because I would not be here if they hadn’t. I also appreciate their honor.
I hope that you enjoyed your Memorial Day. I’m glad we have specific days to remember those who gave so much. I would hope we remember more often.
Semper Paratus
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