Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who Protects You? Self-Defense and The Family

Who protects you?
The police,the military, politicians, your parents, laws?
I believe that only one protection out there can truly protect you, and that is God. But He will only take care of us so far. Faith is not really the best strategy. Don’t get me wrong, I trust and know I’ve been spared more than once in my life.
James 2:17
“So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”
So we must do something by acting. Be doers of the word and not hearers only. We show our faith by doing all we can, then relying on God.
So who is actually looking after you? When you are born your parents take care of you. They are the ones who teach you and make sure your safety. But ultimately, there is no one there to make sure you are secure. The police will stop crime when they see it and they try to be everywhere as a deterrent, but of course, they cannot be everywhere. The military tries to ensure the freedom and security of our country but really, they too are limited. Politicians and laws are ok but when it comes to murder, terrorism, and general mayhem, it’s been against the law for many years and it does not really stop it from happening.
You must care for yourself. The police are not even obligated to protect you short of witnessing a crime. Try as the government might, terrorism still happens here. If you don’t become your own “bodyguard” then no one will.
I propose that you can care for yourself and your family. You can learn to protect your family and teach them to protect themselves. But it takes your commitment and your involvement.
Someone in a class once asked me if I had to start from scratch, what would I do to begin to secure my family and property?
That question involves a lot. It is very individualized. A family living in Manhatten has different challenges than a family living on the plains of Kansas. So to describe what I think you should do to start can be daunting. But I have thought about this a lot. These are my thoughts.
Have a security plan. This encompasses many things, but I believe a plan should be in place. You plan should include the threats you are preparing for. This can be from natural disasters to crime. Living in Florida you should prepare for hurricanes but maybe not so much for rock/mud slides. In Colorado you may prepare for extreme cold/blizzards but not hurricanes. You can assess your own threats. In Manhatten you may have more crime than in rural Kansas.
Crime can happen almost anywhere. Terrorism is usually in largely populated areas although schools and sporting events even in small towns are vulnerable. Research crime in your area and even some terror acts in similar places like yours.
Learn how to avoid certain areas that may be more prone to crime. Look critically at your home and how you can fortify it. Look at travel routes and how you can change them to not be predictable. Teach your family to be aware of their surroundings (situational awareness) and what to look for in a would-be attacker. Familiarize yourself and your family with weapons of all kids for self-defense. Prepare items for natural disasters and power outages. Learn skills that will assist in your preparedness. Take classes that may be offered in preparedness and self-defense. Even medical classes, such as CPR, would make your family better prepared.
As you know this is a gun blog. I like guns. I think they are one of the best means we have of protecting ourselves. Learn the proper safety, shooting, storing, and carrying of guns. Teach your family the same. All people should learn and know gun safety. It doesn’t even matter if you plan to own a gun or not. You should have a general knowledge of guns and experience with safety and guns.
Act upon your own self-defense. There are many out there who actually believe we are safer without guns. The problem is, criminals and terrorists don’t agree. Give yourself and your family a fighting chance. In the last 2 years there has been 76 articles posted with the label Family Security. A few of them are here:
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If you don’t get your information from LDS Gunsite, please seek it out elsewhere. Be sure of the info’s validity. Gun people have differing opinions. Seek out someone you know and trust to ask what they think of a particular subject. Make sure they agree with your thinking about self-defense. Even some in law enforcement have unhealthy ideas about how we should care for ourselves. Be careful with your research.
Defending yourself in any way requires good training and lots of practice. However you decide to defend yourself, have continuous training and practice. Don’t just dabble in your family’s defense.
Semper Paratus
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