Friday, April 29, 2016

May Drill Of The Month

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This is a drill that was taught to me by a Customs agent. He said it was taught to him by a Sniper Arron Perry, Canadian Forces.

Sniper Shot (Brain In a Box)

You'll need a small cardboard box approximately the size of a human head. Cut out half of the top from the middle. Insert an inflated balloon that's smaller than the inner dimensions of the box. There should be clearance on the sides, top, and bottom. Tie a string to the balloon and hang your target from the top piece of a target stand.
The shooter is given one round in a short time span to shoot the slightly swinging head and disrupt the central nervous system so that the suspect is unable to detonate his IED.

What shooters will see if they hit the box but miss the smaller balloon, is that the box will not drop as the balloon remains inflated because its diameter is larger than the hole you cut at the top of the box. Hit the head and the "brain" inside and the box will drop.
This drill emphasizes the critical nature of shot placement. A peripheral head shot may not immediately stop the suspect from killing.

Even with a dead solid perfect shot, there are no guarantees.