Thursday, May 26, 2016

Truth And Gun Grabbers

You may have seen this State Farm Insurance commercial?
If you haven’t seen the commercial and don’t want to click I’ll summarize. A pretty blonde comes out of her apartment to meet her neighbor friend Mike. He is using a State Farm app on his phone for an accident his car was in. He tells her some of the other things you can do with the app. She says she heard State farms app didn’t do all those things. The neighbor asked where she heard that? She says, “On the internet.” He says, “And you believed it.” Then she says, “Yes you can’t put anything on the internet if it’s not true.” He says, “Where’d you hear that?” Then they both say “On the internet.”
Then she proceeds to tell him about her blind date she met on the internet. “He’s a French model.” The date walks up and he’s clearly not a French model. The date says “Bonjoir” and they go off together.
The internet is an amazing, wonderful place. Information that until the internet, was not as accessible, is now at our finger tips. But there is also lots of false things, and misinformation on the internet.
Benjamin Franklin said: “The problem with the internet is that many quotes are not true!”
How did you like that quote? How about this one? “All of what you read on the internet is ¾’s true.” The person that said that was me!
I write on the internet. If it were not for the internet you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I don’t think I would have ever written a book. I have always been interested in the magazine. In junior high and high school I wrote for the newspaper. Actually I took pictures more than I wrote. I also started an underground newspaper. I felt that there was a little too much censorship in our high school newspaper. I put out 3 editions of this. I would come early to school and slide them in everyone’s locker. It was called “Another View”. No it wasn’t a radical newspaper, this was not the 60’s. I’ve published other small newsletters before this little blog. I know that without communication we cannot put across our views. The internet is all about communication. But it must be used wisely.
I have seen, received, and discarded many “forwards” concerning guns that I know are wrong. Some of them I’ve checked on and they were false also. When will gun advocates learn that putting out a quote that is false is not going to help our cause for first amendment rights. It will probably harm it. Don’t do it! The only way to fight the attack on our rights is with pure truth not lies. When you receive something that sounds a little off or outrageous, check the facts. If you can’t confirm the information at least just delete it and don’t forward it along.
There are many anti-gunners out there that I am not fond of. Hilary Clinton, President Obama, Dianne Feinstein, and many others that I can hardly stand. To expose them as the gun haters they are and to expose their dishonesty is something I could love to participate in. But make sure it is the truth. If you quote them make sure it is in context and can easily referenced. In fact, you should always include references with dates, time, and where the quote is from.
I also call foul on some websites like Politifact and Snopes. They are not all bad but I’ve questioned their facts before also. I don’t think they are particularly dishonest but I have seen some political leanings in them. At least they will give references. Don’t just take them at their word, do your own research. Sometimes it takes a little work to find the truth and I understand your reluctance to put in the time. At the very least do not forward or re post anything you have not checked out. Don’t perpetuate deception.
The people I do not understand are those that like guns yet they put out lies and “quotes” to discredit the gun grabbers. Don’t do that. The gun grabbers are easy to discredit with honesty. We have to take the moral high ground here and be honest and yes, even kind. I know that is hard in the face of Nancy Pelosi being her irritating, not so honest self. Leave the lying and self-delusion to the gun grabbers. We must be all about truth. Important, critical matters may hinge on that honesty one day. We must be able to discern the validity of information we send and receive.
Don’t give into the frustration of dealing with these lu-lus. The grabbers do this a lot. They take the word of another grabber.
As a member of the LDS faith I have dealt with anti-Mormon individuals and organizations for years. I’ve found that often they quote each other rather than credible sources. Anti-gunners are the same. Don’t confuse them with the facts.
In most cases, it’s easy not to fall for that. If someone promotes a quote, or a claim or an outrageous “news story,” make sure there’s a link to a credible source. If not, either find one or don’t pass the ‘information” on.
Truth is something that we all need to cling to. As the scriptures attest, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

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