Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review: and National Situational Awareness Day

I subscribe to a blog/website called Pretty Loaded ( They are great in their articles and reviews and I’d like to add them to our recommended reading/links. They have made videos that are done very well and teach/train safety especially for girls and women. I’ve forwarded their videos to my daughters and wife and I have learned much from them.

They have created National Situational Awareness Day that is officially starting this month on September 26th. This has been approved by the registrar of the National Day Calendar.

They say “Situational Awareness is a skill that everyone can use immediately to improve their personal safety.”


“What Can You Do TODAY?

Situational Awareness is one of the keys to help you and your loved ones remain safe when confronted by a predator or any general personal safety threat. You have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to build that plan of action.


Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.


Be in a general relaxed state of alertness with no specific focal point. You are not looking for anything or anyone in particular; you simply have your head up and your eyes open. You are difficult to surprise, so therefore, you are difficult to harm.


Look for anything that seems out of the ordinary.


Watch people’s eyes, hands and body language.


Look for anything hazardous like a pothole, moving cars, loose boards on a deck, people walking with guns, etc…


Pay attention to 30-50 feet all around you since you will have enough time to move and get away if you need to.
What is Situational Awareness?

Situational awareness is really just another way of being mindful of your surroundings. Developing this skill will make you more present in daily activities, which in turn helps you make better decisions in all aspects of life.

The concept of situational awareness was identified during World War I by Oswald Boelke who realized ‘the importance of gaining an awareness of the enemy before the enemy gained a similar awareness, and devised methods for accomplishing this.’

In a dangerous situation, being aware of a threat even a few seconds early may keep someone safe by giving them time to act instead of react. The lack of or inadequate situational awareness has been identified as one of the primary factors in accidents attributed to human error.

Although situational awareness skills seem to be lacking in modern society, our ancestors used these skills to survive. It has been extensively taught for decades to law enforcement and the military, but it is not exclusive to them.

Most safety experts agree that situational awareness is the number one skill to learn for the safety of everyone.

Situational Awareness Day highlights the importance of using situational awareness skills in every day life to stay out of harm’s way. Harm may come in the form of walking in front of a moving car or that of an assailant, both of which can happen from any myriad of distractions which cause one to not be aware of the surroundings and situation.

The date of September 26th was chosen because it is the birthday of Dru Sjodin, one of the inspirations to start Pretty Loaded. To spread awareness of this important day, use #NationalSituationalAwarenessDay on social media platforms. Discuss its importance with those around you. Be human again and pay attention to the people and events happening around you more than you pay attention to modern day distractions. Situational Awareness is celebrated once a year and practiced 365 days a year!

Thank you for all of the support we have received from all over the world! When you share our blogs and videos, YOU are helping to save lives! We want you to know that we greatly appreciate all the support from the Pretty Loaded community worldwide!”

Don’t forget National Situational Aware day on the 26th and please support this great website!

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