Monday, October 24, 2016

Find Ammunition Quickly and Cheaply:

In the first year I started this blog I wrote a review of a website that seemed timely. We were just coming out of the worst ammunition shortage I had ever experienced. I’ve been storing ammunition since the ‘80’s. So when this shortage hit I really had the ammo that I wanted. But I would normally not go into my stored ammo. I would buy more to train with and rotate through my stored ammo. So this was starting to eat away at my stored ammo. I also reload so I knew that was an option too. Ammunition is part of my preparedness plans. I could recommend an amount of ammo I think you should store, but that may seem excessive, or lacking from your perspective. When I was competing I went through a few 1,000 rounds a week. Now, I limit myself to only 50 rounds per caliber. I usually shoot .22 to work on my grip, trigger press, and aim, then I go through my “workout”. This consists of different drills, depending on what I’m working on. I don’t limit my .22 but usually only shoot about 40-50 rounds of it. The 9mm and the .223 I limit to 50. If I don’t limit myself I’ll blow through 100 or 200 rounds. I just enjoy it too much! You must determine what you are storing ammo for, and how much to store. I’ve heard some crazy (even for me!) ideas of 100,000 rounds per gun. I don’t know, that kind of cost and weight would do me in. But, everyone has to make that determination and who am I to dispute someone’s need? It’s hard to anticipate every scenario. Will you have to defend your home for a long time? Will you have to hunt for years? Will you have to train others? Or will you just have enough to train yourself for a year? I try to come somewhere between fighting a war, and occasional plinking.
Back in 2014 when I first reviewed the word “ammo” on a Google search gave you 18,100,000 hits. Today it gave me 57,700,000. That’s an increase of over 39,000,000. Why do you think that search would give you 39 million more hits than 2 years ago? It’s because many people have begun to understand the importance of defending yourself, and the fear of ammo being licensed, tracked, limited, or just in short supply is very real. I haven’t changed my ammo buying regime, but I may increase it a little soon. I have considered putting up my storage limit on certain calibers. This is where comes into significant play.
Going through the shortage was a little stressful if you were looking for ammo. During that stressful time I found it difficult to find certain ammo and components. I guess it wasn’t really stressful, but frustrating. But that frustration was eased with This site is great for finding what you need in the area of ammunition, reloading components, and magazines. I like the no nonsense way this site is set up and that they tell you when something is out of stock or not. It also will show you the total price of ammunition but also the price per round. You can set your “good deal” threshold which means you can pick a price per round that you’re looking for and the site will let you know in red letters or a “beep alert” that you can set. I found this site easy to use and simple (like my brain). Now, I know that there are other similar sites out there but this was the first one I came across and it helped in my time of “need”. There is even a list of retailers that they follow on this site that is ever growing. When I need reloading components this is still where I go. I don’t need to buy ammo online since I don’t need large amounts because of my stored ammunition. But components I usually buy in bulk. This site helps me find what I need and in the amounts I desire.
No one knows what this election may bring. Being wise about ammo storage now may make a difference later.
If you order these items on the internet, this website will help. Please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments.
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