Friday, April 28, 2017

Eating For Health: The Foundation Of Defense from FLAG

I know that eating right in America is very difficult. But this country is blessed with prosperity and an abundance of good food and clean water. What a great blessing that is. Being prepared, self-defense, and self-sufficiency depend on a good foundation of health and fitness.

I don’t like the word diet. It brings terrible thoughts to a person’s mind that now I have to be deprived to lose weight. Everyone is on a diet. A diet is what we are eating at the time. Each culture has their own types of diet depending on the area of the world we live in. The American diet is filled with fat, preservatives, and lots of sugars which are not good. Let’s not forget the fast food diet. I think of eating fast food as Satan’s banquet table. It is totally opposite of the Word of Wisdom.
I think our thinking needs to change. Going on special diets is useless because we lose weight, go back to eating what is so available in America, fast food, frozen dinners and processed foods. I feel that our diets need to be changed to reflect good health and right choices, living the Word of Wisdom. This can be done and we can still live in the world and stay healthy. Eating healthy gives a person many choices. Eating a programed diet, I feel is more restrictive and people will eventually fail.
Americans have their plates in reverse. When looking at your plate there should be 75-80% vegetables, 10% grains and 10% meat. We do the opposite, a huge portion of meat, potatoes or some veggies.
Purchase fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. Canned produce has less nutrition. Purchase true whole wheat bread. Not the cheap stuff at the grocery store. Go to a special place that makes it from fresh ground wheat. It has more fiber and better nutrition.
When changing your diet and starting to eat healthy, your body will be hungry at first because it is craving proper nutrition. It usually takes a little over a week or two and then the hunger pains stop. It is better to eat 6 small meals a day then one big huge one. Don’t skip meals. If you eat one meal a day or skip meals, your body goes into famine modes, which causes fat storing. Also eating a diet that is not nutritional, you will find yourself hungry because you’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals. This also causes you to eat more because your body is wanting proper health and nutrition. This also causes someone to put on weight.
I think buying diet foods can be disgusting. For example mayonnaise. I use regular mayo but in smaller quantities. This is what I do with tuna fish.

Put the following in a bowl. Drain tuna. Add chopped onion, celery, pickles and be generous with the veggies. Get tuna in water, NOT oil. Add mayo slowly and stir. You just want a nice light layer for flavor and to pull it together. Cut thin slices of cucumber. Place tuna mix on real whole wheat bread. Then put cucumbers on top of tuna. It makes a great sandwich. Very healthy and nutritional because of the extra veggies. You could make up a big batch at the beginning of the week and have it for lunches 3 times a week. It would be fast and easy.

Another healthy sandwich is whole wheat bread, turkey slices and lots of veggies. You could use onion, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, lettuce, avocados. Put a light coat of mayo on each side of bread. Avoid cheese, it has too much fat. I only have cheese every so often.

Purchase virgin cold press olive oil, real butter and avocados. These are healthy oils. They are a little more expensive but they taste better.

Some snack ideas:

You can take plain yogurt (I prefer the Greek kind, it is thicker) mix it with a package of ranch dressing mix. Dip veggie in it.

Yogurt with grape nuts cereal in it. Put a small amount of grape nuts in a bowl and pour in flavored yogurt. Sometimes I do this for breakfast.

I like taking a mixture of fresh fruits, (mix any combo together) I may do strawberries and kiwi. Or apples and bananas, cut in a bowl and mix in vanilla flavored yogurt.

Raw almonds or pecans. Not roasted. Chew them slowly. I will eat about 10 of them and they satisfy my hunger.

On the go: take an apple, bananas or cut veggies.

If you want chips with your lunch every once in a while, eat the baked chips and only about 10. It doesn’t sound like a lot but as you start eating healthy your appetite change. Plus you will be satisfied with that amount. Don’t eat baked chips or any chips as a snack by itself. Not healthy.

Remember the Word of Wisdom teaches us moderation in all things and having control over our appetite. It should be a way of life. If you are living the Word of Wisdom, the positive aspects of it, you can have things from Satan’s banquet from time to time and it will not cause damage to your body.

These are just some ideas and tips. I think if you stick to it, you will see a difference in your health, mind and body. It takes the fog off the brain.
Keep going forward and don’t give up.


Our health affects all of our lives. If you strive to eat right and exercise, you will be prepared for whatever may come. A self-defense situation can be mentally and physically taxing. Also, don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Proper eating, exercise, sleep, and training will keep us sharp, prepared, and happier.
My dear FLAG is a pro at this and I appreciate her experience, ideas, and thoughts!

Semper Paratus
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