Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jeff Cooper's Birthday: Seven Principles Series, Intro

In honor of Jeff Coopers birthday (would have been 97) I present the seven principles that were originally formulated by the legendary Lt. Col. John “Jeff” Cooper, USMC (1920-2006) in his book: “The Seven Principles of Self-Defense”

Always know the answers to these two questions: (1) Who’s around me? (2) What are they doing? Situational awareness.
Select a course of action and get on with it. Don’t second guess. Good training will help in this.
Fighting is by definition an aggressive activity! The best defense is an explosive counter-attack.
You must move quickly. Speed comes from practice and economy of motion (not desperate hustle).
You must keep your head! You cannot miss fast enough to win. Front sight, press.
In our context, this means absolute single-mindedness of purpose. Once the fight starts, the only thing that matters is winning.
Turn the tables. Do what your aggressor least expects you to do. Be bold.

This is the introduction to the seven principles series.

Semper Paratus
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