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My Suggestions For Church Defense

With the changing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints policy on firearms and “lethal weapons” I’ve had a few requests for training that would improve your chances in an active killer (I hate calling them shooters, the police are shooters, these people are killers). So I’ve put together some things I’m sharing with my family. I’m sending them a DVD of these things. They are not all mine so I can’t sell them or give them to you but I can tell you where to find them to train yourself, or your family. Don’t be fooled, reading an article, or seeing a video is not real training. Seek out real, competent training where you live. These things are only a glimpse of what is really needed. After being trained you must practice. Without these two things, training and practice, you can fool yourself into believing you can handle an attack. With these two things, training and practice, you can begin to learn what you will need to survive an active killer or criminal attack.
Here are some of my recommendations:
Read First!
October 2019
Pre-advice before you choose a self-defense weapon or method.

Get trained. Most of us have busy lives. We have children and homes, jobs and callings. Learning about defense can easily take a back seat to life. That is OK as long as you eventually get to it. Look for a course on the use of these weapons where you live. If you are so inclined you can find these classes in other places and put aside the time and money for them. Once you receive training, set up a practice or training schedule. As we make time to exercise we should make time to practice the defensive skills we learn. Unlike physical exercise your defense training schedule can be monthly or quarterly. Reviewing simple training and getting “hands on” real life training is not difficult. Setting up some simple drills can mean the difference between real defense, and a false sense of security. Skills are perishable. Do not get caught into thinking you will react the same under the stress and pressure of a real attack as you did during a course 2 years ago. Training and practice are extremely important. With training you need to know the limits and the implications of the weapon you choose to defend you and yours with. Some “non-lethal” weapons can be lethal if not used properly.

Be lawful. Find out the laws where you live. Don’t just take the advice of someone you may ask or internet information, make sure you get real information about the laws concerning defense where you live. Look for “stand your ground” laws or “castle doctrine”. Some of the weapons I’ve suggested may be illegal where you live. Also, don’t get information and then never look again, laws change all the time and you must be aware.

Be aware that non-lethal is just that, non-lethal. Sometimes without the threat of death an attacker will continue on and “take his chances”. Make sure if you use non-lethal weapons and you temporarily stop the threat, that you can escape and get to safety. A good blast from pepper spray may stop someone but not everyone. The effects will eventually stop and then the attacker will just be mad.

Choose and use these weapons prayerfully and with sense. You will be lead to what is best for you and your family in their safety and security.

Watch First!

Into the Fray Episode 56: Defense Without A Gun?


Defensive Mindset Personal Defense Network
By Bob Pincus
Could not find the video

The Master speaks on: Mental Color Code
By Jeff Cooper
Look on the internet for a copy of Color Code in print.

Personal Defense Tips: Firearms Training - The OODA Loop
By Bob Pincus

Threat Indicators

You can find this on the internet
Staying Alive When Rules Don't Apply
By Tim Larkin



ASP Techniques: Defensive Tactics

Tactical Pens

Focused Impact Volume 1: A Practical Course In Self-Defense With Tactical Pens

Pepper Spray
Self Defense Tips - How to Use Pepper Spray

Choosing Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Review - The Pretty Loaded Field Test

Hand to hand combat

Geoff Thompson on real violence-The Fence

The Fence - Geoff Thompson - Clip 1

How to throw a throat punch (Extreme Self-Defense) BOYNOw

The Elbow Spike

Focused Impact Volume 2: A Practical Course In Self-Defense With Tactical Pens

Pepper Spray

Self Defense Tips - How to Use Pepper Spray

Knife Fighting

Knife Fighting 101- Black Scout Combatives

Stun Gun
I haven’t found good training information or videos on this weapon. I’ll keep looking.

Please take all of this information as a beginning. Get competent training and then practice. Be careful and don’t think that anything here is earth shattering material. This is only a tool to give you a background in these subjects. I put the mindset first because the proper mindset can keep you out of more trouble than being a professional with any of these weapons or techniques will. Also, learn the laws of your state and maybe even county or city. But some of these things may be illegal. Know what you’re doing.

These weapons are not considered lethal even though all of them have killed in the past. They are not designed to be lethal, maybe that’s the key. Even a hammer can be lethal but that’s not what a hammer is for. So in an effort to remove ambiguity from the Church’s firearm policy, they decided to make it clear on guns, and muddy on everything else. It does bother me a little that the Church believes the Constitution to be inspired all but the 2nd Amendment. It’s something I can live with.

Semper Paratus
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