Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Weapons Everyone Should Have

5 (Potentially) Non lethal Weapons everyone should have

1. Tactical pen – Tactical pens are good as a weapon because, depending on your choice, it looks just like a pen. All of them are functional pens (I write with mine all the time). Most have a dull end that is either flat or rounded, and the other end in pointed. Most of these pens can be taken on a plane but make sure before you let your luggage go. You may need to pack it or lose it.
2. Paracord Monkey Fist – The Monkey Fist is one of my favorite knots. I’ve made them for years. Put a steel ball in this knot and a tail to swing it with and you have a formidable weapon. Like the tac pen it looks innocent enough. It makes a great key chain. It may look like a toy, but it most certainly is not. The Monkey Fist would most certainly inflict serious damage if swung at a perpetrator’s head or body.
3. MACE, Pepper Spray, (or the hottest) Bear Spray – This has been around for a long time. Most everyone is aware of this spray. It is one of the most popular self defense items that people purchase because it is non-lethal and you do not have to have direct contact with your assailant. When purchasing mace/pepper spray, make sure you get a good law enforcement or military grade. There are a few states that restrict mace/pepper spray and you can usually find the restrictions on any website that sells it. Hit someone in the eyes with this and you will magically disappear from their view. Find the strongest percentage of Capsaicinoids you can. The strongest being 2.0%
4. Hairbrush and comb – These are a stealth way to carry a weapon. The brush that I’ve seen is made of Zytel which is a fiberglass/nylon composite. The comb I’ve seen was made of ABS plastic. Both have a handle that detaches from the head of the brush or comb and is a dagger. Keep in mind that this is a dagger meant for stabbing, not a knife used for slashing so you have to have enough strength to thrust this into an attacker. Be careful about local laws and trying to take this on a plane.
5.Open Assist Knife – This weapon is probably the most lethal of these 5, but it is by far the most popular. This knife will open easily with a quick movement of your thumb as opposed to a two handed open pocket knife. The ease of only having to use one hand is extremely important should you find yourself in an emergency situation. Making this a good choice for an EDC (everyday carry ) This is not a switchblade, as switchblades are illegal in some states. Most states allow you to carry a knife with a blade up to 3 to 5 inches.
Check with laws on owning, carrying, or flying with any of these items. Be sure they are legal in your state or municipal area. Ignorance is never an excuse.
Also get training by someone competent in using these weapons. All of these weapons can potentially kill so learning how to use them correctly and efficiently is extremely important.
My recommendation for self defense is being armed, but I also believe in redundancy, these 5 weapons can help in that area. If you prefer a less than lethal self defense then I would suggest a combination of these. There are also tasers, and batons that are not on this list that require a little more training.

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