Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Concealed Carry: Non Permissive Environments

I’m thinking if you are reading this, you are probably pro-gun. If you are not, then welcome and I hope we can convince you of a need for self defense.
I want to talk about non permissive environments (NPE). A non permissive environment is a place where you are not allowed to carry your legally carried weapon. There are many types out there and you should be aware of them all, and also you must decide what to do about them.
Let me give you my disclaimer here. I have strong opinions about this. How idiotic is it to give you a license to do something and then start restricting it. As if I want to defend myself in just a few places! In getting that license you must go through training, pay fees, and be subject to a back ground check. That doesn’t seem to be enough for the government. As usual, they want more.
I categorize these NPE’s into 3 different categories. Level 1, 2, and 3.
Level 1 Policy
This would be a place that does not want anyone to carry. Perhaps it’s the employees of a business or a residence. They have made it clear they do not want anyone to carry a gun in their business or residence.
Level 2 Policy and Law
Level 2 is the same as 1 but can be enforced by law through signage
Category 3 Law
Level 3 is usually a federal law. For instance, carrying in government buildings, Just don't. Most .gov buildings have metal detectors and security anyway, and the ones that don't, like post offices, aren't worth it. I’ve come to the conclusion the government wants me disarmed when dealing with them. Perhaps they know that dealing with the government will bring on rage…
You must decide with level 1 what you will do. I carry everywhere I legally can. Should I ignore policy and wishes? I had to decide and I say that my security supersedes someone’s politically correct ideas. The Constitution says that I can defend myself, so I will. Now level 2 is a little different. One thing I’ve noticed is that in states where a proper sign is required many places do not put up the right sign. They have not bothered to find out what is required and just put up a sign they think will be sufficient. I carry in these places. If they do not have the proper sign that is required by law and have not bothered to find out what is required, I feel no obligation to follow their policy. If they have a proper sign, I follow it. Yes I know, I’m asking to be compelled by law. You must weigh the consequences. If you carry and are made and the only consequence is they ask you to leave, I’ll take that chance.
The best thing you can do as a concealed carry participant is learn your local and state laws. You should know what your state has decided about guns in schools. Most people think that schools are gun free zones, find out what your law is. Many laws are not entirely clear. You need to know this and act accordingly. Public schools and I don’t mix well. Before I say more you should know that my Father taught in public school for 30 years. I am also a product of the public school system. I mean no disrespect to any public school teacher because I think those teachers are thankless. Most work really hard to care for and teach the children of this country. But they are good people overwhelmed by a hopeless system. It is failing miserably in spite of good teaching. The reason is administrators and the federal government. Administrators must bow down to politicians. Some school boards think they know better than parents what is best for children. And I have yet to find a school board who do not bow down to the federal government. The federal government does nothing very well. I would like to see a school district thumb their nose at the feds and tell them where to put their “fed” money. I wish the districts would just run their own school district. I wish state governments would also keep their nose out it. I also wish that books were not just a money making scheme. Do textbooks really need to change every year? Ok, I’m done with my rant.
Find out what your laws are and don’t interpret those laws liberally. Be very conservative because you may have to convince a judge of your interpretation. You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand most gun laws.
Use your best judgment with levels 1 and 2. Follow the law but don’t be caught unarmed in a place where you could and should have been. There is a risk/reward risk in many instances. If you can live with the consequence of carrying in a NPE then do so. If you cannot then be very careful about going to those type places. The only reason I want to be in a federal building is because I work there as a federal law enforcement officer, in which case I will be armed.
And just a word to you law enforcement officers, you too need to learn and know the law concerning guns so that you won’t harass someone legally exercising their rights. Don’t clog up the court system because you don’t know.
I think you have no business carrying a gun if you don’t know the law concerning what you’re doing. So learn a choose wisely.
Carry on!
Semper Paratus
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