Friday, December 12, 2014

Another Call to Action: Revisted

I hope you as a reader won’t get too bored with me. I tend to prattle on sometimes. I get something stuck in my head and I must write. I try to not let my writing turn into a rant, but I know it sneaks in. I want you to know how much I appreciate you the reader. An LDS gun site is pretty unconventional even though the views I’ve shared are prevalent in the Mormon Church. I realize most of the Church is pretty conservative but not all. You would find most of the Apostles and prophets, and I daresay, most general authorities, not subscribing to liberal/progressive thinking. I, myself, do not like the main stream 2 parties. I don’t really like any party. I’d like to just vote for good people not party lines and ideologies. Having said all that, and before this turns into a rant, I’ll move to my point.
In an article back in June (See blog Fathers Call to Action! Secure your Family 6/15/2014) I talked about a father’s responsibility. Of course nothing has changed. But I’d like to call attention to an ever increasing change in the dynamic of the church. As you would well know if you were a member of the church, we’re all about family. Most programs are geared toward a family. The traditional family is changing in the world and even in the church. Many single parent families are out there and we need to adjust to this. When I talk about a “Father”, sometimes there is no Father. I would hope that we would compensate with leaders, home teachers, family and friends to ensure that single Mother’s are taken care of. I think the Brethren are aware of this and are trying to teach this. One of the reason’s I talk about women and shooting so much is that traditionally, shooting is a guy thing. More and more women and girls are catching an interest in guns. I think that’s great! So please don’t misunderstand, I’m not very politically correct (PC). When I write about Father’s, I’m meaning to include single Mother’s. When I write about women in general, I’m also writing about men who are not into or familiar with guns. I know there are cross overs both ways.
It’s the responsibility of the head of household to care for and protect their family. How’s that for a PC sentence? This is a challenge and one that may be daunting for men as well as women. But I beg of you, do not procrastinate. Have a plan, and implement and review it. If you need help, find someone who you can trust to help you. Read some of the articles on this site and others to give you ideas of areas of focus you need to work on. Let me remind you of some:
Physical security. This is security of life and limb. That are many ways to do this. Weapons and training abound out there. I like guns so I would suggest there. If you’re not comfortable with weapons maybe hand-to-hand programs would appeal to you and your kids. I would actually suggest a combination. I like redundancy and a combination would take care of a plan B, C, and D. Code words for your kids is also a consideration for younger ones. Situational awareness is something we can all work on.
Home security. Fortifying where you live. Even if you rent you can either ask the landlord to do more, or ask if they will let you do it and pay for it.
Communication/Operations security. COMSEC and OPSEC is for everyone. Keeping personal information private and secure and what you do, and how you do it, can be practiced all together.
General preparedness. This is also a family affair. Planning and becoming better prepared in all areas should be and is something every member of a family can participate in.
All these areas can be addressed and achieved in any kind of family that there is. We can all improve and should be looking for ways to increase our security.
My guess is that women, especially Mothers, have been doing some of this already. Preparing is a Motherly instinct. Where men like to think “I got this!” However you find yourself, even empty nesters, widows/widowers, and single people should do this. Your responsibility is still there.
Write down the areas you feel compelled to work on. Do this prayerfully. Once you get the “categories” then list specifics in each area. Don’t go too crazy and be realistic. Don’t be overwhelmed because preparing, including security, will never really end. As you change your mindset to be more security minded, most of these things will come naturally. But you must have a written plan. When I was serving a mission there was a quote in our missionary handbook, which we read parts of daily, it said, “A goal not written is only a wish.” This is a true saying so write down your plans and goals. Cross them out as you go and you will have a satisfaction that will spur you on.
Preparing, security specifically, appeals to me. I like the peace of mind I get with this type of activity. You will be blessed and inspired as you go. Don’t just amass “stuff”, but items that will help you be more self-sufficient and better prepared. Remember that skill trumps gear every time. Learn how your gear works and if it works for you. In doing this, you will become more confident and assured that you can handle anything. Keep your Heavenly father in your planning and in your life for the Spirit is really good preparedness. You will also teach your children how to be able to get through these trying times we call “The last days” and preserve them for the callings and missions that they have in this life and beyond.
Semper Paratus
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