Friday, December 5, 2014

Porter Rockwell's Hair

It’s been 171 years this Christmas that Porter Rockwell received a special blessing from the Prophet Joseph Smith.
The Prophet’s own journal records the end of Porter’s long journey home many days later, “A large party supped at my house, and spent the evening in music, dancing, &c., in a most cheerful and friendly manner. During the festivities, a man with his hair long and falling over his shoulders, and apparently drunk, came in and acted like a Missourian. I requested the captain of the police to put him out of doors. A scuffle ensued, and I had an opportunity to look him full in the face, when, to my great surprise and joy untold, I discovered it was my long-tried, warm, but cruelly persecuted friend, Orrin Porter Rockwell, just arrived from nearly a year's imprisonment, without conviction, in Missouri.” After cleaning up, the Prophet requested him to relate his nine month ordeal. With great compassion for his sufferings, the Prophet pronounced upon Porter the famous blessing, “Orrin Porter Rockwell, cut not thine hair and no bullet nor blade shall hurt thee, no harm shall come upon thee nor enemies have power over thee.”
The Prophet then allowed Rockwell to stay in his home and establish a temporary bar / barber shop in the Gentlemen's Parlor of the Mansion House until Porter could get back on his feet. This was cut short when the Prophet's wife Emma returned from a furniture buying expedition in Boston. The Prophet then helped Porter build a similar establishment across the street.
Porter Rockwell died with a full head of hair. This prophecy came to pass and Port was never hurt as long as he hadn’t cut his hair. He did cut his hair once, and that was to make a wig for a Sister who was losing her hair.
Porter was a true great friend of the Prophet and defended him and the church to his death.
Semper Paratus