Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Preppers Matrix

Many years ago I ran across something that has helped my preparation planning by leaps and bounds. It’s called the “Preppers Matrix”. This a chart that has everything pertaining to preparedness planning that you could think of. It is greatly detailed and I have not been able to find an area that I would add to it. It breaks preparedness down into 9 areas. Medical, Water, Food, Protection, Survival Plan, Communication, Energy, Financial, Sanitation and Hygiene. It goes into detail in each of these areas connecting steps giving you an overall look at preparation. It even looks at these areas in the sense of bugging in and bugging out. It includes long term and short term on other areas. It helps you to visualize all that needs to be done. When preparing sometimes we can gravitate toward what we are interested in. I love guns and defense, but sanitation is probably my least interesting area yet it needs to be addressed. Neglecting an area can make things very difficult if things go south. On the site that has developed this matrix it says: “When I first started prepping, I looked for a prepping road map, but was unable to find one. So after we launched Prepper Link, we started working on what we call the Prepping Matrix. In addition to your personal preps, this matrix can be used to explain what is involved in the prepping lifestyle to those just getting started. Additionally, a group can use it to identify priorities and responsibilities.”
I’ve been teaching preparedness for years and this is a great teaching aid. This is a great tool for keeping you on track and focused. I highly recommend it!
Thank you to the authors of this matrix. Their site is and is pretty informative too!
The matrix is on the prepperlink website but here is the link to go directly to it.

Semper Paratus