Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: You Tube Channel-Nutnfancy

I am a TNPr. What is a TNPr? I subscribe to, and watch on a regular basis, The Nutnfancy Project channel on You Tube. I would like to review this channel for you.
The Nutnfancy Project You Tube channel started when the owner, Nutn, decided to review a knife back in July of 2006. He did a review of the knife, SOG Flash 1, for After seeing how many views that video had received he decided to start his own You Tube channel. At first he reviewed knives but soon branched out to his own philosophy videos, gun videos, and preparedness/camping gear videos. He has since done car, motorcycle, adventure videos too. I started watching his videos in 2007. I have watched most all of his videos though I’m not as interested in the car, motorcycle, and lately, knife videos. He does videos of things he likes and also of requested reviews and ideas.
Nutnfancy is a retired Air Force pilot who still flies commercially. He is happily married with two sons and lives in Utah. As you know from my blog title, this is a site focused on guns, preparedness, security with a focus leaning toward an LDS or Mormon perspective. I used to wonder if Nutnfancy was an LDS member. I don’t really know, and I don’t really care. His views, ideas, and values are very much like that of the LDS belief regardless. I became interested in his channel because of his gun videos. I soon learned he and I have a connection with an Air Force base we were both stationed at many years ago. So we have a military connection. Nutn and I are also about the same age. He and I see eye to eye on most things. In other words, I feel he is a kindred spirit. So obviously my review will be positive.
Nutnfancy has a logical and moral way of looking at things which I enjoy. His philosophy videos I can usually completely agree with. I like his thorough review of guns and gear. I have bought gear on his recommendation and have never been displeased with that gear. I don’t agree with everything he says (I just can’t bring myself to wear a fanny pack! Sorry Nutn) and as he has said “Your mileage may vary”. In my experience with preparedness I don’t agree with every idea he has regarding prep. But I would say we agree 98% of the time. I like his sense of humor too. His wife and mine are alike in that they are camera shy. I also like the fact that he takes his OPSEC seriously, and guards his privacy. I’ve seen the hater drivel that is on the internet and I can honestly say it’s hogwash. Everyone who gains a following in the public arena is criticized and attacked. I don’t think he takes any of it seriously. I know he takes his and his families security seriously.
If you are interested in guns, knives, etc. I would highly recommend The Nutnfancy Project. One last word. Some have said Nutn is too “know-it-all-ish” for them. Every time he does a video it is simply his own opinion. He mentions many times how he doesn’t mind constructive criticism and real differing of opinion. He acknowledges that there are other ideas and opinions out there, but this is his. He does not profess to be a professional or expert. I feel that with his back ground and experience he is somewhat of an expert. Others may not agree and that is fine. I respect his experience and opinion, and especially his viewpoint. Check it out on You Tube. On You Tube search for nutnfancy. You won’t be disappointed!

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