Friday, August 28, 2015

Trigger Press Basics

Trigger press (yes I'm obsessed with calling it press instead of pull!) is one of the most important things to perfect in shooting. Here are 5 ways to improve your press.
If the firearm is too big it will be hard to shoot and your shots will be all over the place. Make sure the gun fits your hand and that you are gripping it properly.
Dry Fire
Dry firing is an excellent way to improve trigger press away from the range. As you do this you can observe gun movement. Dry firing has no recoil or noise so being able to concentrate on trigger press is easy and muscle memory can be developed.
If your dry fire, do it safely.
Do not use any other finger but your index finger when shooting. Isolate this finger as you practice. Concentrate on moving only that finger. Ensure the rest of your hand is relaxed enough to grip the gun but not move away from the sight picture.
Take Your Time
Speed kills. As you master the trigger press you can speed up the whole shooting process. But until then, take your time. Unnecessary jerking of the trigger will always affect the sight picture. Do everything slow and methodical. Press the trigger as smooth as possible.
Focusing on the whole process will only help your accuracy. Think about the things you are doing and how you do them. Make sure you feel everything the same way every shot. You will get to know your gun so that you can squeeze the trigger without moving anything else. You will get to know the pressure it takes and how much space you have before the shot actually happens. Think about your finger and how it feels on the trigger and how it is moving. To oversimplify it “Be” the trigger.
Expect The Bang
Make sure you know the sound of your gun and that it doesn’t make you jump even when it goes off “unexpectedly”. Everyone knows a gun recoils. As you get to know your weapon you will know the recoil. The only thing that should be a surprise is the actual bang. Don’t anticipate the sound and the recoil. Follow through your shot by letting the trigger reset and controlling the gun with managing the recoil. Acquiring the sight picture as fast as possible ensures you’re ready for another shot.
Shooting a gun is not really a difficult task. If you follow the safety rules and master the basics you can shoot like a pro. As in any skill, you must practice, practice, practice.