Friday, September 11, 2015

Beginning to Hate Mainstream Media: Finding Real News

What is wrong with the mainstream media (MSM)? CBS, NBC, ABC, and yes, FOX are completely losing their collective minds! Yesterday I actually watched FOX news. I’m not sure what came over me, but I watched until I couldn’t anymore. This took about 15 minutes. I watched as a news reporter talked to an author about how the mainstream media was reporting the police killings. I guess the FOX news reported doesn’t think he is part of the media! Could they be so stupid as to think FOX news is not part of the problem? I know I’ve ranted about this before. Mainstream media sucks! They are simply spinners of whatever cause their producers want spun. I look at 80% of the news stories and wonder how anyone could believe that they are actually a newsworthy story? How many hours of the same rhetoric and the same news footage do they think we need? What definition are they using of news? The dictionary says news is “information not previously known to someone.” So I guess hour upon hour of the same baloney could technically be news. It’s not that I just don’t agree with the story, it’s that I think that the story is leaning toward an agenda or is just horribly deceiving. I can’t even watch CNN because I’ll be yelling at the TV more than I watch! Do you remember in 1986 when Geraldo Rivera did a two hour special called “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults”? That was typical media hype that is prevalent in most MSM. It’s quite nauseating.
Lately the hype over police shooting blacks has been totally bogus. I’m not saying there have not been any instances that should be questioned. What I am saying is that the group Black Lives Matter would have you believe that all the black people being shot by police are little innocent angels. This is not true. I think there are some issues in law enforcement that should be looked at and changed. But if I am a police officer and someone holds something up in the dark that looks like a gun I am going to fire my weapon first. I don’t care what it turns out to be! Why would anyone, black or otherwise, point something at a cop who is chasing them? What would you expect? The cop can’t afford to wait and see what that was. He wants to come home to his family at night. The Washington Post has a website with the actual numbers. As all MSM The Washington Post has their own agenda. As of today 328 white people have been killed by police. 169 black people have been killed. Do those black lives matter? Of course. But no one, activists or media, is very interested in the 328 white lives. Or the 106 Hispanic lives for that matter. From the media it sounds like it’s open season on black people from the police. Of those 169 that were killed, 25 were unarmed. 6 of those showed signs of mental illness. After reading some of these incidents I am convinced that most of these problems start with crime. I’m not saying they deserved to die, but if you’re involved in criminal activity you should know that you are in danger. Whether it is from police or other criminals, you take a chance. I don’t care what color you are, because there are 19 white people who were killed by police and unarmed, if you engage in criminal activity or illegal activity there is a high chance you could die. If you’re making those choices then you take your chances. I’ve never had a police officer pull his weapon on me. I am white, but I’ve tried to not do stupid things and have stayed away from criminal activity. My chances have gone down considerably just by not being a criminal! There are some cases where the officer made some bad choices themselves. They should be accountable for that.
I have known many in law enforcement. Some of them have developed a very bad attitude and a crazy mistrust of everyone! This is dangerous in the field they are in. I’ve known a few that brought it home and treated their family with mistrust and like criminals. When you are lied to and treated as many officers are, I can understand how they can become this way. When you deal with the dregs of society you can sometimes see all as you see the criminals.
If someone is stealing your car or breaking into your house, or worse, attacking your family, the first person we want is a cop. They pay a price to be a cop. They sometimes give all to try and serve us. George Orwell said:
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
Well law enforcement can be considered “rough” as they serve us.
MSM would have you believe their progressive crap about “the establishment”, law enforcement, and “the man”, those who make rules and laws and try to keep this country true and just. There are those, even in the LDS Church, that are liberal in their progressive thinking and feel if you’re living right, you’ll be taken care of. They live in denial about reality. MSM is a big problem in this country. Sometimes the internet contributes to this problem. Do NOT believe mainstream media. They will, and do, lie and deceive. Everything they say and print is not very true. It’s hard to find this truth that we seek. Be very selective about your news and try to sift through what you’ve decided to read and listen to.
This is where I get my news:

Drudge Report
Blacklisted news
Ooda News
Al Jezeera
The Blaze
The Diplomat
The Irish Times
Meridian Magazine news
Washington Post, depending on the reporter (be careful about this rag)
Wall Street Journal, depending on the reporter

If you know another language other than English, there are some good sources out there. Some European and some Mexican or South American.
Be careful with even these sources. You must be involved and well read. You may find some sources that you can trust. Please share them with me and I’ll give them a try. Sometimes it may take a little very critical reading and listening to find what will work for you.
Semper Paratus
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