Thursday, September 24, 2015

Self-defense Rules

There are some basic rules that will keep you safe if you implement them into your life. These are rules of self-defense.

Rules of Self-Defense

Rule #1—Always fight dirty. There’s nothing “sporting” about self-defense. If you have to attack, attack vital areas such as the eyes, throat or groin. Use a weapon if possible. Let your attacker know you’ll stop at nothing to survive. Criminals respect no rules and fight to win. You must do the same.

Rule #2—Attack the attacker. Nothing surprises a bully or mugger more than finding himself on the receiving end of a vicious attack. If you have to fight, fight aggressively.

Rule #3—Keep it simple. Don’t try to use fancy or complicated maneuvers. Under stress, your coordination suffers, so keep your counter attacks simple and effective.

Rule #4—It’s not over, until it’s over. In a gunfight, we’re taught to shoot twice (double
tap) then assess and shoot again if needed. With less lethal weapons such as fists, batons or makeshift items, remember a single blow will probably not stop your attacker. Keep fighting until you’re sure it’s over. The same goes for a gun. Keep shooting until the threat has stopped.

Rule #5—Expect to get hurt. No matter how good you are, you must be prepared to take some punishment. A bruise, lump or scrape is better than ending up dead or brutally beaten.

Rule #6—Don’t worry about your ego. Don’t be embarrassed to run if you have to flee. Don’t be concerned about what others think about the way in which you defend yourself. The only rule is this: You must survive—no matter what.

Rule #7—Mental awareness. (Situational awareness) Stay alert. Everyone is a possible threat, until you determine otherwise. Use “what if” scenarios: Where can I run to; what would I do if; is this area safe; is this guy getting too close; if he turns toward me with a weapon, what will I do?
These rules are simple. These rules have helped keep many alive. These rules will work for you. Put them into action today.

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