Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Defense Scenario Of The Month For June

Yesterday I was at the bank making a withdraw, there were only 2 customers inside the bank me and another person almost at closing time and it was raining like crazy outside "Perfect day to rob a bank, I think", the guy behind me was acting weird while I was doing my transaction with the teller, one of the manager noticed this too and was on alert at the bank door looking at the guy all the time. The guy ended up been hipper because he got some overdraft fees and he wanted to deposit money to stop more charges.

I really thought this guy was going to rob the bank by his behavior but that wasn't the case.

Now for the possible scenario: If this guy pulls a gun to the teller to rob the bank, can I shoot him as soon he pulls the gun at the teller to stop the threat or does he needs to point at me first "threaten me" for me able to shot? The reason I ask is because I probably will be shooting him on the back, would that count as self defense? I don't want to wait for him to look at me holding a gun and shoot me before I have the chance to defend myself or others. I know most criminals if you tell them drop the gun, they will just shoot you first, unless he sees more than one person like multiple police officers pointing a gun to him that will be the only case he would drop the gun because he knows he will get killed if he shoots at them.

I could also hit the floor and let him get away with it, but who assures me that he wont kill someone or everyone there close to him?

What would you do?

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