Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Dear Scouting Is Dying

This is an entry I made in an LDS forum about Boy Scouting and the recent kafuffle that happened in the Boy Scout organization. Most were saying that BSA should not have caved under pressure.

"This is a tough one. I agree with almost everyone here. I have been a Scout leader since 1986, even before my boys were old enough for Scouting. Most Scout Troops in the Church operate in a very loose way. I mean, how many of us played basketball more than we did Scouting? But now I am called as a Stake YM President. When I have a ward that seeks counsel and direction from the Stake concerning their YM programs I feel obligated with my calling to encourage a well-organized Scout Troop. I have 3 Eagle Scout sons and my last just lacks his paperwork and board of review. I truly love this program. I love the history and the connections to the past through traditions. I love what the program teaches and how boys can learn from it. I love the preparedness and self-sufficiency it teaches. But as my wife said the other day, "I just want to get my sons finished and earn his Eagle so we can be done with the program before it completely collapses." That seems selfish but I tend to agree. The program that I grew up with is going away because of political correctness and the need to be so "inclusive." If there was no Girl Scouts somebody would be screaming that a girl should be able to join Boy Scouts! I kind of wish the Church would abandon this program and create one like unto it. But until then, I will push the program that I love so much. I always tell everyone that I accepted the Scoutmaster position all those years ago just so I could go camping and use my calling as an excuse! But so many of "my" boys have loved this program with me. They have moved on to missions, college, and marriage. It makes my heart swell when I catch one of my "boys" from years ago in the Temple. We always talk about that "one" campout or hike or activity that we shared and bonded with. I see how Scouting has enriched their lives and my own boy’s lives. I am sad that possibly their own sons may not have that same experience. I really just want the Church to get out, rip it off like a Band-Aid! It would hurt less than to watch it slowly die."
End forum post.
I do feel this way about Boy Scouting. I really wish people would leave sexual preference and gender out of this program. How is it I would likely find out if an adult in Scouting preferred having sex with their own gender? How would I know that? Is there a club handshake or a T-shirt that homosexuals have that I would recognize? I mean do all gay men speak with a lisp? No they do not. So how would I know? Would it come up talking about a Troop campout coming up? My point is, I don’t understand why we even need to bring these things up? I’ll tell you why. Some gay people must broadcast their sexuality to the world. For some demented reason, they feel the rest of the world really gives a crap! So, the BSA has to come up with a policy. Ludacris! Does the gender of an 8 year old come up often when a Pack discusses the pinewood derby? I actually feel that we should consult professionals on the subject of gender choice for a 6 year old. The professional being the medical professional who put a gender on a birth certificate. I know my liberal friends will have a fit, but you don’t really choose your gender. Now there are certain situations where someone is born with both sets of reproductive organs. I guess in this case one must make a choice. It’s kind of a no-brainer. If an 8 year old said “I want to eat candy and ice cream for dinner every night” would you as a parent say “OK it’s your choice…”? No! A 6 year old does not have the brain capacity, experience, maturity to make certain choices. And gender is one of those things! This is an adult putting these things into a kids mind. Kids do not think that way unless they are taught. Why the heck is this an issue? Because pig-headed adults are involved. People that have nothing better to do than to cause problems. I guess the parents of the 8 year girl who was “choosing” to be a boy and was kicked out of a Cub Pack is a little different story. Someone found out about the girl, and told someone in the Council. I’m not sure how it was discovered.
Then Boy Scouting caved into silliness like Anikan Skywalker to the dark side. We want to include everyone! No, actually we don’t. What about pedophiles? Don’t they have rights too? I’m not equating pedophiles with homosexuality. But the BSA is exclusive. I’m a Life Scout. I’m a Life for life. What about MY rights? Can’t I finish my Scouting career and become an Eagle? Why can’t I just go to college without entrance exams and transcripts? Isn’t my money good enough for Harvard? Why can’t I get a job designing rockets at NASA? My background is projectiles, isn’t a rocket just a big projectile? I know these are not the best examples. The point is, groups can put requirements on membership. Boy Scouting can limit their membership any way they want. Problem is, liberal whining and thinking permeates big organizations. I’m embarrassed for BSA. I’m wondering what will be next? (That’s what I thought when BSA let homosexual boys into Scouting, as if a 14 year old can really figure they are gay) Now that we know when people complain or there seems to be some injustice concerning the BSA they will just roll over. There is integrity at stake here and I feel BSA needs to get some. Why is it an organization must let everyone who wants to into their organization? These issues need not be issues. I don’t know why everyone should be everywhere!? Why can we not have exclusive organizations? Actually, we do. You must meet certain requirements to enter some organizations.
There is a Seinfeld episode where George turns down a girl who would have made him very happy. He calls himself “Costanza, Lord of the idiots.” Jerry and George are at a party that overlooks the street where the NY marathon is being ran. Several people are watching the race and one girl says to the runners as they go by “You’re all winners!” George looks over at her after he proclaims himself Lord of the idiots and says “…but suddenly a new contender has emerged…”
Reality is that we are not all winners. There is a winner of a race and many losers. That doesn’t mean that those who ran ARE losers in their lives, just of that race. Each of us have won and lost at many things in our lives. It will continue to be so. “You’re all winners” is a statement that tries to make us all feel better about losing. It is not teaching anyone how to lose. It’s not real. It does depict society as being “Lord of the idiots!”
I cannot just join any organization I want. I can’t be a member of MENSA. Like Scouting, MENSA has requirements. I think that’s discrimination. Stupid people should be able to join MENSA too! My IQ sucks but I should be able to “identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity…” too! Or is that, “also?” Apparently I should NOT be a member of MENSA, but you get the picture.
There is no going back for BSA. They will continue to cow down to those who don’t meet their standards. They will just change their standards! I predict this will happen again. Something else will come up and BSA will change their policies once again. Good thing they write them in pencil!

Semper Paratus
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