Thursday, February 2, 2017

Overwatch: Drill Of The Month for February

Gun Golf

The other day I’m sitting in my office and my wife walks in. She’s carrying a two by four that’s about two and a half feet long.

Sticking out of the two by four are several golf tees. She explains to me that she’s just come up with a brilliant idea where you can either put golf balls or ping pong balls on the tees and have a competition shooting them off.

I immediately thought this was the greatest idea ever and asked her if she got this from Pinterest, where she gets everything else. (For the record, she told me she did not get this from Pinterest… this was all her.)

So, I grabbed the two by four full of golf tees and the family and I headed out to the shooting range to give this idea a test.
From Jason Hanson’s wife Amanda

The way the game works is you play it like golf. The first one up tries to shoot the balls off the tees. And then the next and so forth. Whoever shoots the balls off in the least amount of shots is the winner!

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