Thursday, July 6, 2017

Eating Healthy and Crap: From FLAG

One of the things you might notice with the change of your eating is your bowel movements will be different and possibly more frequent. Don’t stress over this. The more bowel movements you have a day, the better it is. Feces is waste and toxic. The sooner it can pass out of your body, the healthier you will be. This happens because of the extra fiber in your diet which comes from eating whole grains and breads, fruits, vegetables and beans. The fiber is an important role in slowing down the digestion of food, which makes you not hungry as fast as eating something with no fiber. No fiber foods are cookies, donuts, candy bars, white bread, hot dogs etc. This digests faster and you find yourself hungrier sooner.
The high fiber in the diet also helps to maintain a fairly even blood sugar. This is important with helping the body to function properly. Fiber in your diet helps clean off the walls of your digestive track. Its job is to clean and eliminate waste. It helps keep the villi cleaned and clear so that proper nutrition can be absorbed into the body. Fiber is like toothpaste we use on our teeth. Toothpaste gets rid of plaque and helps prevent cavities. Fiber is the toothpaste for the digestive system. If the digestive system is not properly cleaned, fecal matter (poop) gets stuck between the villi. Over time the waste sits in there, gets hard, ferments and can cause cancer.
When you start eating healthy you may find your stools softening and going more often. As you’re cleaning out your intestinal track the stools should get lighter as time goes on. The darker and stickier the poop, the more your digestive system is in need of cleaning. Don’t stress when over time your stool softens to a lighter brown or green. That is good. Also you will notice that when eating healthier your stools will become smaller. This happens because you are consuming food that your body can burn and get nutrition from. The poop is what is left over. There is not much when eating good and nutritious food.
Your body also uses your skin to help eliminate toxins. Your skin is like having an extra kidney. So from time to time with eating healthy your body will go through detoxing. This is good and important. So from time to time you may need to take an extra shower and drink more water. This will help eliminate waste. Your body gets rid of waste 5 ways by throwing up, sweating, urinating, bowel movements and pimples. The body uses these options for survival.
A healthy urine look should be light yellow or almost clear. If it is really yellow, you are not drinking enough water during the day. Proper amounts of water are needed for the body to function to its peak efficiency. You should have at least 8 glasses of water a day. Don’t count drinking fruit juice or milk and one of your eight glasses.
My Grandmother used to tell me that every time you go to the bathroom, after washing your hands, take a drink of water. You got rid of liquid you need to replace it. This is why I keep a cup in my bathroom.
During the day I drink 2-4 glasses of limeade a day. To make 2 quarts, squeeze 8 key limes. Use a small hand strainer so seeds don’t go into pitcher. Fill pitcher with water. When I drink it, I put ice in the cup and 3 droppers full of liquid stevia and pour in the limeade. Lime is good to help alkaline your body. It is also a nice refreshing drink. You can do it with lemons but would have to use less of them to squeeze because they are bigger than key limes. I use key limes because they are sold where I live in bulk.

Soda should be avoided because of the carbonation. It is not good. If you have to drink a soda from time to time, (that means once is a blue moon) it is better to drink regular soda rather than diet because of the Aspertame in diet soda. This is another substance I don’t believe is good for your health. Diet sugars are awful for your health. That is why I use stevia or cane sugar.

Eat healthy my friends!


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