Thursday, July 6, 2017

Overwatch: Drill of the Month For July

Hood Drill
Situation: You are surprised by the sudden bad turn of events as the people right next to you launch an attack. Remember-attacks occur suddenly! This drill protocol is nothing more than the use by firearms students of the common hooded drills that martial artists and reality fight trainers have used for centuries.
Drill 1: With the shooter not able to see the range, set up several target stands in realistic positions. Staple a human picture shoot/no-shoot target to each. Place a hood over the shooter and lead him/her into the middle of the targets so arranged. Standing in a direction away from any target, pull the hood off and let the shooter deal with the problem presented, making the necessary shoot/no-shoot decisions.
Drill 1A: Any number of variations of this drill can be done, using different human representational targets and props. Variation: Also place objects of cover or simulated cover in the training area, and let the shooter use them. Airsoft variation: same drills as above, but using airsoft weapons and real people instead of targets.
I like this drill because it is more realistic training for self-defense. Don’t get into a rut with your training. Find new ways to challenge your skills and improve your awareness and perception.
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