Friday, January 11, 2019

Check Your Bug Out Bag

It’s the beginning of a new year and maybe that’s a good time to check things that you have in place for emergencies.
BOB (Bug out bag)
GOOD bag (Get out of Dodge)
72 hour kit
Survival kit
Go bag
Emergency kit
Disaster kit
Battle box
3 Day kit
INCH (I’m never coming home)
QRB (Quick run bag)
PERK (Personal emergency relocation kit)
Evacuation bag
From my military days, E Bag
No matter what you call it, a Bugout Bag is a kit you have put together for an evacuation. I also have other kits that I keep up on. A get home bag to get me from work to home in a difficult situation. We have first aid kits in vehicles and at home.
It’s a good time of year to check the contents and replace what may need replacing.
I’ve seen recommendations that you check this bag every ¼ but I check ours semi-annually.
What are you looking for with this check?
Expiration dates. Most survival-type foods have a shelf life of 5 years but some may go bad before this time. Also medicines have an expiration date. Most medicines don’t actually go bad, but lose their potency. EPI pens, antibiotics, and over the counter or prescription drugs all have expiration dates. Some creams or ointments and wipes will dry up or go bad. Most of bandages expiration dates have to do with being sterile.
Batteries. Everyone knows batteries have a limited life even when they aren’t being used. They also can make a mess in electronics if left in the device too long. Hand cranked items are great in a bob but there are times you need batteries. Checking them will ensure they aren’t dead when you need them. An excellent preventive measure against batter drain is to store them in the electronic item with the two positive (+) ends of two batteries facing each other. This prevents any current passing through the dormant circuit and greatly reduces energy seeping from the stored batteries
Ammunition. I go through a lot of ammo. That means I have to buy a lot of ammo. I switch it out every check. Some may suggest to test some rounds but I just switch it out and then shoot what I switched out.
Also, review your evacuation plans and route in case some things may have changed. If you have family bags and kids make sure the clothes still fit or switch out for appropriate sizes. Maybe you now have elderly parents or in-laws living with you.
Your evacuation plans and bags should be evolving and changing. Trying to prepare for everything is not the easiest thing. But new gear or food may come on the market that will change some of your items.
Preparation is not something you can set and forget. It involves inspection, using, and adding to or taking away. A good idea might be a practice run to the country. Hiking and camping is a good opportunity to test your bug out bag.
Stay prepared!

Semper Paratus
Check 6

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