Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You Know You're A Concealed Carry Nut When...

You know you’re a concealed carry nut when…

The people you’ve been with many times for many hours just realized you carry! (You’re a CC God!)
You buy your pants an inch too big in the waist.
You worry about printing! (No one can see, they’re far too interested in their own lives and phones!)
You hate safeties unless they are on 1911’s.
You take a knee instead of bending over to pick up something. (Don’t want to print!)
You smile at a “no guns allowed sign” that does not have force of law. (Many states have specifics for no guns signs. If they are not within that law, the law cannot enforce the establishments policy)
You hate California.
You sweat like a pig because you wore “this hot thing” in too warm of weather. (Why did the weatherman say it would be 65 degrees when it’s 80!?)
You hate the name “Brady”.
You actually care which business are pro or anti-gun.
You have a reciprocity map app on your phone.
You have a day time caliber and a night time caliber.
You won’t get too close to someone who is hugging you. (They might feel my gun!)
You have ammo dedicated to the season.
You plan road trips around states that honor your permit.
Your wife watches people, and you watch to see who’s carrying.
Your wife asks if what she’s wearing makes her look big, you ask if what you’re wearing prints.
You recognize cover and concealment whenever you walk into a building.
You have a drawer full of holsters at home.
You buy holsters like your wife buys shoes.
Your first holster was an Uncle Mike’s.
You breathe a sigh of relief when you see the object inside the red circle-slash is just a cigarette.
You have more guns than friends.
You put on a paddle holster to grab the paper.
You own reloading dies for guns you don’t have. (Yet!)
You can’t really remember how many guns you have!
You identify the gun on the cover of Dillon’s Precision catalog cover before you see the girl.
You carry a spare backup gun and a spare magazine for your backup gun…
You carry a gun that cost more than your pickup.
You hear someone say "It's about 9:45" and you think to yourself "Good grief, the 9mm/.45 debate will never end!"
You’ve ever written a smug blog post about how other people need to get over themselves about concealed carry. …Hey!

Semper Paratus
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