Thursday, March 24, 2016

Details To Fighting Terrorism

The Brussels attacks were clearly just a cowardly act aimed at terrorizing, or scaring the world into meeting demands of a terrorist organization. This organization believe that if they can cause some sort of panic they can force people to fear them, and have power over them. The only thing the Brussels attacks did was remind us that we are in a war. This is an ugly, drawn out war.
As I’ve said before there are two kinds of good people, sheep and sheepdogs.

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Sheep live in denial. They will never acknowledge evil until it bites them in the butt.
Sheep dogs have a “go toward the sound of gunfire” kind of attitude. Helping the sheep is their work that they believe they have a duty to fulfill. Some sheep dogs even take an oath to protect. They are always watching for a threat.

Always being “on” can be a problem. When I was in the military I noticed that it didn’t really matter what force protection we were in, if we were in it too long, complacency could set in.

Until everyone’s mind is so numb to complacency that you have 3 Islamic terrorists with the intent of murdering people able to waltz into an airport with duffel bags so full of explosives that they’re too heavy to carry.

Every intelligence and law enforcement professional I know says the clock is ticking on when the next attack will happen here.

Does any of this motivate you to try to learn to identify threat? Caught in time, threat identity can save you or your loved ones.

Combating terrorism is no easy task and it is something that cannot be done overnight. It will be a long struggle that could be quite dangerous.
As I’ve talked about with combating crime, situational awareness is a good place to start. Watch people. Be aware of someone who may be out of place, or dressed wrong for the weather. Don’t be afraid to report something out of place in an airport for instance. By the same token, don’t be that person who is out of place or dressed wrong for the weather. Do your best to blend in to your environment.
Be aware of where you are. Know the layout of the building that you are in. Know where exits are and where you would go if shooting broke out, or anything looked out of place.
Practice these skills and do it intelligently and not out of paranoia. Being able to assess quickly your location, those individuals around you, and what feelings you have about all these things can be the edge that you have over terrorism.
Remember that if something does go down, especially an active shooter, you must find cover or concealment. Keep moving and remember distance between the attacker an yourself or your loved ones.
Know your gear and be comfortable with it. Especially your weapons systems. If you are good with your gear you won’t have to divert your attention or take time to use your gear.
One of the greatest tools that can be used to combat terrorism is to simply get citizens involved and make sure they understand how important it is to report anything that is out of place. This is especially true at airports because they have been successful before and many other terrorist attempts have been stopped. Having the citizens get involved is one of the most powerful ways to combat terrorism. It can give the authorities thousands of eyes and ears to watch for suspicious behavior.
Terrorism is something that can be stopped. It is important to stop them quickly. It can be done as long as everyone comes together and does their part to ensure the country’s safety.
Remember what Benjamin Franklin said however:
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Semper Paratus
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