Monday, March 28, 2016

Reloading Makes Sense

As laws are enacted it is never sure where gun rights will receive an attack. Sometimes it is not the guns themselves. Sometimes it is ammunition. More popular with the control crowd is taxing, or banning ammo. This is a good reason to reload your ammo.

I have the equipment, and have reloaded before. As of right now I do not reload, but I suspect the day will come when I return to reloading.

What are the reasons you should reload?

When you shop for a large appliance you often will by the energy saving model. It’s more expensive, but you know in the long run you will save electricity.
Reloading is similar to this. In the beginning you will have to spend money to reload ammunition. You may wonder if this is worth it. Once the outlay for the equipment you will be able to reload many thousands of rounds at a considerable savings.

When you re-load your own ammo, you’ll save money over time. It’s cheaper. Unless, of course, you’re always buying equipment to load a new cartridge size.

It’s Fun
Like any other hobby reloading can be fun. It actually relaxes me. There are those who reload for extreme precision accuracy. They can get obsessed with this like anyone might with their hobby. Some who are not quite so obsessed reload because they enjoy shooting something that they made themselves.
If you play with different loads you can actually improve accuracy. It can become a competition with yourself to produce better and better ammo.

Factory loads are fine for what most of us need—target practice and self-defense. However, if you’re into competition or precision shooting, re-loading your own ammo is almost essential. It goes a step beyond accuracy, though. You can actually engineer your cartridges to do anything. If you want a lesser recoil, you can make it so. If you want a lighter projectile, you can do it. Higher velocity? Go for it. The possibilities are endless.

Gun Laws
Chances are good that you are at least a little concerned about whatever is next. The point, is that we have no idea what’s coming, and now is as good of a time as any to begin re-loading ammunition.

I like the preparedness aspect of reloading. With all the components stored you will always have a way to produce ammo.
I have all the components stored, brass, primers, and powder. I even have some bullets put up. I have all the equipment and dies for every caliber that I own. I’m now in the process of getting the bullet molds and other equipment to produce my own lead bullets.

I like the self-sufficiency that can be there if you feel the need to prepare in this area.

Reloading makes sense and also gives you one more skill that can make a difference in a difficult situation.
Semper Paratus
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