Friday, July 22, 2016

Introducing FLAG: A New Occasional Writer

I’d like to introduce a new writer to LDS Gunsite. She is known as FLAG. That is an acronym for “Fights Like A Girl”. Let me explain. When I first married her she was a shy girl who never would hurt a fly. When we were in the military she would complain about our housing on base. She could not get any satisfaction and felt she was getting the runaround all the time. I finally told her I couldn’t deal with this and do my job too. I was gone on temp duty enough to where I could not deal with any house problems while I was gone. I told her “This is the military, everyone has a boss! Go up the chain until you get what you want!” This she did. It made her a scrappy fighter who stands up for herself and others. Sometimes when she and I disagree I regret encouraging her to take a stand and never give up, but it has brought out an independent streak that she has always had in her. It’s one of the things that attracted me to her. When I was working under a car or cutting wood, she was always right there beside me. You will never catch my wife saying “Eeeew, that’s yucky!” When something needs to be done she jumps in. So her fighting like a girl is not a derogatory thing. She taught our daughters the same thing. They are girls, but not push-overs. It also helps that they heard their Dad always say “Close and engage!”
FLAG has extensive experience in many areas of preparation. She has run our family storage plan for years. To those of you with a years supply of food, you understand that storing and rotating food is a big job. Over the years we’ve wasted very little. She uses our food storage every day. She also knows and understands nutrition and herbal healing. Her knowledge of gardening and so many other preparedness subjects could keep us all busy for a long time. She was taught to cook and bake by her Father, a trained and experienced Head Chef. He worked for many years for oil companies on oil finding ships. He was in charge of the chefs that cooked on these ships. So not only could he cook, he was quite adventurous.
FLAG is also the Mother of several kids and so she is everything in our home. She has homeschooled all of our children for many years, and still does. She carries a 9mm and has always been an advocate of self-defense. She is also trained in the medical field as a Laboratory Technician working in a hospital. Her talents are many, her experience is vast. We can learn from her.
She's also been a Relief Society President, a Young Woman President, A Primary President, and has taught Seminary for years. She has put up with me for over 30 years and is my High School sweetheart.