Monday, November 7, 2016

Guns And Statistics

Don’t be alarmed but I am going to use statistics from a study. I have ranted and raved against using studies because I think data can be manipulated. I looked at several studies before I wrote this article. I’m not sure it made any difference. In looking at how they do these studies I am amazed that anyone listens to any of them. They are truly ridiculous. Some of them use telephones. How many people do you know who actually have a hardline telephone anymore? That alone should throw out the study. That means that those with cell phones were probably not called. Sometimes they call their studies national. If you are dialing a Mississippi area code what’s to say that person no longer lives in that state but has moved to California and is still on their former plan because they like it and don’t want to change their phone number? I have a son who lives in Utah but still has his home state phone number.
I guess that maybe I need to take another statistics class for me to understand that those details don’t really matter. I also think that when you start asking questions about guns in people’s homes you either get no answer, or a less than true answer. In these days of the NSA listening to EVERYTHING and the trust of the government is at an all-time low. That is if you can trust the PEW Research Center. They used studies for their data…
They said:
“During the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency, 47% of Republicans, on average, said they could trust the federal government just about always or most of the time. During Obama’s presidency, average trust among Republicans has fallen to 13% – by far the lowest level of average trust among either party during any administration dating back to the 1960s.”
Average trust among Democrats, by contrast, has remained more stable throughout the George W. Bush and Obama years. During the Obama administration, trust among Democrats has averaged 29%, compared with 28% during the Bush administration.”
How can you really trust this stuff? If we don’t trust the people that run government, then how can we trust what the government does?
National Institute of Justice part of DOJ
Nonfatal firearm violence 93-11
Year Firearm incidents Firearm victims Firearm crime rate Firearm crimes as a percent of all violent incidents
1993 1,222,701 1,529,742 7.3 8
1994 1,287,190 1,568,176 7.4 8
1995 1,028,933 1,193,241 5.5 7
1996 939,453 1,100,809 5.1 7
1997 882,885 1,024,088 4.7 7
1998 673,304 835,423 3.8 6
1999 523,613 640,919 2.9 5
2000 483,695 610,219 2.7 6
2001 506,954 563,109 2.5 7
2002 450,776 539,973 2.3 7
2003 385,037 467,345 2.0 6
2004 405,774 456,512 1.9 7
2005 446,365 503,534 2.1 7
2006 552,035 614,406 2.5 7
2007 448,414 554,780 2.2 7
2008 331,618 371,289 1.5 5
2009 383,390 410,108 1.6 7
2010 378,801 415,003 1.6 8
2011 414,562 467,321 1.8 8
Can you really believe any of these sources?
Excellent article. I felt it was honest and gave facts rather than emotional hype.
Gun Rhetoric vs Gun Facts By Robert Farley Dec 20,2012
Normally I have a great disdain for “Fact Check”. I feel like it’s such a misnomer because I often see liberal rhetoric masquerading as facts. But that’s just my opinion.
I will say this, I’m very tired of politicians, “news” people, and pollsters using incorrect wording when it comes to guns. Immediately I discount what they are saying because they use wrong terminology. This tells me that not only do they not know what they are talking about, they didn’t have the decency and professionalism to get educated. Don’t talk to me about guns unless you have a little education about them because I have made it a lifetime endeavor. If you are really serious about being against something, and want to make a point and not sound like an idiot, then get some education. Please know the difference between a clip and a magazine. If you don’t know the difference, got get some education and then come back to me for a discussion. I know, it makes me a gun snob. Stop using words like “high capacity”. What the heck is that? That sounds like rhetoric some anti-gun idiot invented to sound credible. If my car holds 50 gallons of gas is that “high capacity?” I saw a survey questions that asked: “Do you happen to have in your home any guns or revolvers?” What kind of a questions is that? That’s like asking “Do you own any pants or jeans?” Aren’t jeans pants? Aren’t revolvers guns? When things are written or spoken in an ignorant way, it insults all of us. Don’t be dim!

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