Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November Drill Of The Month

Point and Shoot Drill

The purpose of this drill is the development of point shooting skills. Point shooting is best described as the shooter bringing their pistol up to eye level, with both eyes open point their pistol at the desired target and shoot. Point shooting is generally used from 0 to 7 yards, while for some shooters it is possible to hit targets out to 10 yards or more using this method of shooting.
This training drill is set up to be done without a time limit. The drill requires a minimum of 18 rounds. If a shooter wants to use a stop watch or shot timer to gauge their own speeds this could be done, but is not required. The target I suggest using is a full size silhouette.
Safety Considerations with Movement:
The lateral movement in this drill is described as taking a step laterally to the side. This would be as if you were stepping to the side to allow a person to go past you. While firing portions of this drill where lateral movement is called for, the shooter shall remain facing the berm. If you are moving with your pistol drawn, it is required you keep it pointed down range.
When getting ready to practice this drill, it is recommended you first practice the movement phase with a dummy gun or training pistol. This dry practice should be done until you are comfortable with the movement phase. When you are ready, you could move onto using your pistol and live ammo. I cannot emphasize enough if you are having troubles during dry practice, you should not move onto live fire, but seek out a certified instructor for assistance.
Points to remember when practicing:
• Start out slow, speed will come with time and practice.
• Concentrate of forming a good grip on your pistol each time.
• Practice your draw stroke the same way each time.
• Bring your pistol to eye level with both eyes open when firing.
• Practice lateral movements prior to live fire exercises with a training pistol or dummy gun.
• During the lateral movements, the shooter shall remain facing the berm with unholstered pistols pointing down range.

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