Thursday, November 10, 2016

Veteran's Thoughts

Happy Veteran's Day!
33 years ago I took the oath of office where I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  My Father took the same oath about 1942 and his Father before him.  I am proud of my families service to this country.  By virtue of that service I am now a veteran.  So what does November 11th mean to me? For one it reminds me of my Father and Grandfather and their service in the first and second world wars.  They served honorably and did their part to ensure the freedoms of this country, as well as other country's freedoms.  My service was not under such harsh conditions.  But I like to think I served honorably to ensure our freedoms stay intact.
A military base is a unique place.  Very few places have patriotic traditions like a military base.  At specific times of the morning and evening you will hear our national anthem played as the flag is posted and retired for the day.  Load speakers blast out the anthem and every one outside stops, turns toward the location of the flag and stands at attention, or reverently, until the anthem ends.  Those driving stop their cars and sit quietly.  It is a time, twice a day, when a reminder of what was fought for and died for, and what is still being defended, is there for all to recognize.  
As members of the Mormon faith, we partake of the sacrament each week.  We remember our covenants with God.  Like the flag and national anthem we use the emblems of the sacrament to keep our eyes on our goal to return to God.
This is why abusing my countries symbols does not set well with me.
I'm grateful for veterans and the sacrifices they and their families make and made.  Please thank those special people in your life and treat this day as a day of remembrance. It is more than just a "day off."