Thursday, September 13, 2018

Every Day Carry Basics

I was in Walmart the other and I got accosted. Actually, I didn’t have to draw my weapon and it really was not an attack on me. It was an attack on my EDC. I was buying some ammo in the camping area when a fellow ammo buyer noticed my knife case. He said he could never carry that big of a knife case. I carry the brand Nite Ize Clip Pock-its XL Utility Holster. My story is that I was looking for a knife case. For just a knife. I was a Boy Scout Scoutmaster and I wanted to carry a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. I looked at the knife cases that were available and all I saw were cases that I had to put my belt through to use. I didn’t want that. I wanted a belt clip. Nite Ize had the case for me. The case came with a loop on the side of it for a flashlight. I thought I’d carry a Mini-mag which I did for years. As time went on I wanted to carry other things. Instead of a Swiss Army knife I wanted a Leatherman multi-tool. Eventually instead of a Mini-Mag flashlight I wanted a tactical light. So as time went on my EDC evolved.
So now I carry my “suitcase”, the XL case with a multi-tool, tac light, tac pen and other items I think are important. This is what I was being attacked for, what I call my “suitcase”.
Everyone has an EDC. You may not call it that, but it is essentially things you have found useful to always have with you. Everyone is different. That’s how it should be.
Most people carry a wallet, keys, a cell phone, and a purse if you are a woman. Not necessarily a purse. My wife hates purses. She carries a wallet with a zipper pocket. It’s about the same size as my wallet. She used to carry a purse. But I noticed those purses were getting smaller and smaller. As our kids got older and she didn’t need so much she stopped carrying a purse altogether.
When I was in high school I played a lot of basketball. I was always trying different shoes so I started to develop some blisters occasionally on my heel. So I started to carry a single Band-aid in my wallet. It served me well. As an adult I cannot tell you how often I have used that band-aid on myself and others. I started to carry two band-aids because I didn’t want to be without one if I used the one and forgot to replace it. That’s when I learned about 2 is 1 and 1 is none.
As I said, everyone has some type of EDC. The idea is to design it well and to be prepared.
For those new to EDC or even those seasoned carriers who want to re-evaluate their current carry, here are some basics to consider.
Wallets - A wallet is a core piece of EDC. The sort of piece that you'll be looking for should have great functionality, robustness and style. Every piece of EDC should serve a purpose and a wallet is to keep your valuables i.e. cash and cards protected from the wear and tear of daily use. There are also wallet or “credit card” tools, knives, and other things that you can consider for your wallet.
Phone - No one will typically leave the house without their phone in tow and that's why it forms another essential component of a EDC. Your choice of phone should be based on your requirements and personal taste and from a functionality point of view. Today's smartphones are difficult to top because they essentially put the likes of a camera, flashlight, compass and even a wallet what with Apple Pay, etc right there in your pocket. Consider apps that will assist you in your preparedness. Everything from weather to shot timers are available. There are also some cell phone cases that may take the place of your wallet if you lean toward that way. There are many options.
Keychain - Another essential part of your EDC is the keychain. The primary purpose of this accessory is to house your keys, many people look for a bit more functionality from their keychain. There are excellent multi-tool keychains which adds several types of tools to your EDC. I carried on my keychain a P-38 can opener and a knife for years. I just removed them because I seldom if ever have used them.
Knife - A versatile knife is another piece of EDC that a lot of people carry because it offers solutions to various issues that you can encounter on a daily basis. Obviously, you should be carrying a small, functional knife as a tool for things like opening boxes, cutting cords and various other daily tasks you may be faced with. But there is self-defense to consider also.
Pen - Despite the digital nature of today's world, a pen should still very much form a part of your EDC because you can’t always solve the problem with a cell phone. Inclement weather or other reasons (a gloved hand?) might create the desire to write. Invest in a good quality pen. It does not need to be a “tactical” pen although if you can get some training in using a tac pen then it would give you more options.
When you're serious about your EDC, you'll put some thought into the pieces that you desire to be a part of your day to day routine. There are a number of tangible benefits to streamlining your EDC such as:
• Convenience - There will be many occasions when the pieces of EDC that you have on you offer a certain level of convenience. For example, you won't waste time hunting through drawers and garages in search of a screwdriver if you've got a multi-tool sitting on your keychain.
• Be More Prepared - Let's face it, none of us know what life is going to throw at us each day so the more you have at your disposal to deal with it, the better. Your EDC should be as functional and versatile as possible to ensure that you're prepared for as many eventualities as possible. So multi-tools are a great addition to any EDC collection for this reason.
How you carry your EDC has just as many options. I carry some in my wallet, some on my key chain, and some in my knife case and then my holster. You have to decide how you want to be prepared and how you’ll carry it. This will be an evolving thing and it should be. I follow a guy on You Tube named “Nutnfancy” and he carries his EDC in a small fanny pack. I like the room but I’m not sure I could ever wear a fanny pack. But I’m also not foolish enough to think that I never would choose a fanny pack. I just don’t choose that now. There are many itdeas and options out there. Do some research.
Be flexible because new or different items come and go. I’ve changed flashlights because what I liked stopped being made. I had to find a replacement. Like my can opener on my keychain you may find you don’t have use for an item.
I also broke a multi-tool and wanted to replace it. The model I was carrying was no longer being made so I had to find another that met my needs.
One thing that has helped is seeing what others carry. Sometimes you can get ideas from others. You tube, websites, and even Pintrest can be good sources to see what others are doing.
EDC can be convenient or it may save your life one day.
Also remember that knowledge trumps gear. Having a good, functional EDC is good, but having a varied and solid education in many things is much more important.
Semper Paratus
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