Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EDC Series: Security (Part 5 of 5)

What do you think of when you hear Everyday Carry (EDC)? EDC means different things to different people. (see blog 7/16/2014 EDC What’s In Your Wallet?)
In this series, I’m going to go through ideas for “kit”, loadout, or whatever you may call your basic EDC.
In doing this series, I’ve reevaluated my idea of EDC. This is where I am working from:
Level 1: Clothing and everything on your person.
Level 2: Items in a pack, bag, purse, or case that you have with you all the time.
Level 3: Items in your vehicle (Obviously if you are on foot Levels 1 and 2 apply only)
When I teach survival or preparedness I teach with this foundation and the acronym ASWiFFS. That is: Air, Shelter, Water, Food, Fire, Security. That is what I will base this basic EDC on.

Do you consider yourself secure wherever you are? Let me tell you, I’ve been in some places where a team of 5 seasoned operators wouldn’t have really made me feel much better. I’ve learned the best personal security is to stay away from those places.
EDC security may bring you thoughts of a tac vest and a battle rifle. I believe there are two schools of thought here. One is the tac vest school of thought. This would be a “without rule of law” scenario a phrase coined by my friend Nutnfancy from Youtube. By the way, check out his channel. I like his philosophy. But I speak of a “rule of law” situation that we now are in.
I like guns. I guess this sites name, LDS Gunsite, is a giveaway. I like guns for protection among other things. My primary EDC security is a firearm. But I also like redundancy. As I’ve mentioned before, I am concerned about SWB (size, weight, bulk). So, whatever I use as a backup to my primary security, must fit that criteria. I also carry a knife. I’ve had limited training with a fighting knife, but I have one all the same. What I do also carry is a tactical pen. This pen is really tactical, I promise! I know the word tactical is used too often when it comes to gear and quite frankly, any item. I tease my wife all the time with paracord. Once I put paracord on an item, I call it tactical. We have a tactical mirror in our shower! What I carry is truly a tactical pen. It is designed similar to a kubotan. A kubotan is a close-quarter self defense weapon developed by Takayuki Kubota. He is a Japanese Karate master. I have had some training with this weapon so I feel competent to carry it. I would probably call my Gun my primary, and my tac pen my secondary. My knife would be a last resort weapon.
Those are the weapons I carry. There are more that are available. Hand to hand combat training would be a good thing to “carry”. Pepperspray and stun guns also come to mind. So you must find what will work for you.
My primary defense is not really a weapon. It is my brain. Using your head to avoid danger is one of my first defenses. Situational awareness will save you a lot of heartache. Don’t forget our most important “weapon” for personal security, the Spirit. As members of the Church we should be trying to live our lives so as to have the Holy Ghost with us all the time. The Spirit can literally save your life.
Security and self defense are a mind set. If you can work to create that mind set then a good part of your preparation is complete. After mind set, training and practice is most important. Training trumps gear every time. It’s important though to have the complete package, Mindset, Training, and Gear.
Some people say that improvised weapons won’t do you any good. They say that’s only Hollywood, Jason Bourne stuff. I completely disagree. I have never used an improvised weapon, but have talked with those who have. I admit improvising is rare and unusual, but it can work in certain situations. Do not rely on improvised weapons for your personal security because most of what you will run into will be fast. You won’t have time to improvise. But under certain circumstances, you may save yourself with something improvised. I saw a Youtube video of a home invasion where a woman was beat in front of her child while the invader just did as he pleased. She had opportunities to grab items and use them as weapons. In an active shooter scenario you may have the time to find and use an improvised weapon. Do not discount this idea, but do not rely on it as a primary or even a secondary defense. I would improvise only as a last resort.
There is more than all the above to personal security, although the above is a good start. I talked with a friend of mine who was in special forces, law enforcement, and now is in the body guard business. He said this:
“True protection is about risk analysis and careful preparation. It's about transforming a "sheep" (a target who doesn't vary his movements, and hasn't considered his vulnerabilities) into a "tiger" (one who is unpredictable in his patterns and minimizes his exposure). When done right, reaction rarely becomes necessary. You, not the bad guys, are dictating the course of events. "No one wants to go after a tiger. If I'm a bad guy, I go after the sheep when I know he's going to be watching his son play tennis."
A principal is most vulnerable during transitions—walking between a car and a building entrance, or vice versa—as the assailant needn't overcome the extra obstacles provided by an armored vehicle or a building's control and security systems. So you carefully assess the "apron"—the area between the sidewalk curb and a building's front door—to choreograph how we can get in and out smoothly. We would even check the curb height to ensure the car door will clear it, avoiding a snag that could slow us down. We might have the car drop us off at one entrance and then pick us up at a different exit, to be less predictable.”
He gave me different things that I could do to improve my security and my family’s security out in public.
Driving Skills
Emergency Medical Skills
Defensive Tactics
Weapons skill
Travel planning and logistics

As we try to keep ourselves secure we will have more ability to keep our loved ones secure.

EDC is an important part of our preparedness. Only you can decide what is best for you to carry every day. Experiment, and choose wisely.

Semper Parartus