Thursday, August 7, 2014

Immigration and Threat

I have many friends that are law enforcement officers. I believe we have the best LEO’s in the world. One of those friends is a Border Patrolman and has been for many years. He has seen, first hand, the problems associated with our borders not being secured. He’s also seen the frustration of trying to do a job that Washington won’t let him do. Where ever there is Border Patrol there is a secure border. Unfortunately there is more border than agents. I thank my friend, and he knows who is, for the information I’ve used for this article.
Immigration to the United States of America should be near and dear to our hearts. Unless you are Native American, your fore fathers immigrated to this country. But unfortunately things are out of hand. In a report from the State Department for Fiscal years 2008 through 2014 (March) Arabic was the top language spoken by legal refugees into the U.S. During that same time, 270,000 refugees were allowed into this country that were from Muslim countries.
To quote my friend:
“In the past 6 years we have allowed to enter the US 300,000 refugees, 270,000 of which are from Muslim nations, mostly arriving by plane, not crossing the border. If we think the new border crisis is the top issue, think of those who perpetrated 9/11, they came in legally. Out of 50,000 aliens that arrived from Oct 2013 to May 2014, 42,000 were from Muslim nations. Not to understate the problem we are facing at the border, but there is another crisis that we are ignorant of. And we wonder why we are having honor killings and Sharia Law creeping into the US.”
I quite agree. We worry about those who are entering this country illegally, which is a problem, when many times more are there legal immigrants coming in. Between the two, surely we’ve allowed more than one “actor”. In anti-terrorism language one who perpetuates terrorism is an actor. I am not opposed to immigration and I don’t have a problem with the Muslim religion. Most Muslim’s are good people trying to live their religion. But it is a fact that radical Islam causes a lot of trouble in this world. Any radical actors from various religions can cause havoc on the world. Christian religions have not been exempt from this throughout history. The difference is, I’ve never seen a religion that is hell bent on violence. The Qur’an advocates and sanctions violence on non-Muslims. I’ve not seen violence advocated in the Bible. I am not really comparing religions, but I am giving a reason for alarm in the United States. Not every Muslim acts violent, and most do not engage in a holy war against the rest of the world. But don’t be offended if non-Muslims are afraid of Muslims moving into a neighborhood. I understand the persecution. It was a while ago that there was an extermination order on Mormons in Missouri. Being concerned about many Muslims coming to this country is not burning their homes and sending them into a winter night across the river!
Also of concern to not having a sealed border is this.
This is an article about a Border Patrolman and his family who was attacked on a fishing trip. The Patrolman was killed and his Father wounded.

This story is about China banning beards and veils on the city’s buses. This is how one Chinese city is trying to handle the terrorism that has been brought to them through Islam.

We are not the only country with these concerns. I’m not sure this ban is the answer but it shows that this problem is everywhere.

Radical Islam and Shari a law does not work in this country. Shari a law will attempt to supplant our Republic and our form of government. Shari a law does not advocate freedom and equality. Our form of government is not implemented perfectly. We have problems. But our form of government tries to advocate freedom.

I know that there are many aspects of the border crises. But legal immigration should also be a concern.

I believe we should protect our Border Patrol and LEO’s and let them uphold and sustain the law. Stop tying their hands or making them babysit!

Semper Paratus