Thursday, August 21, 2014

Preparedness: State Of The World

Suffice it to say we are “Living in interesting times” as has been attributed to a Chinese proverb. I just want to comment on these interesting times.
The world is in turmoil. Not only in war torn nations, but in our own beloved country which is under rule of law. Man is pretty much living in a state that can be found in scripture. As LDS members we know these times are signs of Christ’s coming. Turmoil is inevitable. Besides the world dealing with wars and rumor of wars, we have social upheaval here in the U.S. Weather has been and will continue to be an issue. Parts of the world are just not safe for anyone, leave alone Christians. I even see it in my own family. I have a daughter-in-law who is a high school teacher. The first day of school her school received a bomb threat, along with other threats. Thank goodness they seemed to be only threats. My son had to be talked out of going with her to work. I’m assuming he would have been armed. I’m not sure he would have actually done that at a school, but I know he wanted to.
How do we battle this feeling of uneasiness? My opinion is with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But when hearts are hardened there needs to be another defense. Personal and family preparedness should be taken very serious by everyone, but especially those who have been warned for 77 years! Pres Hinkley put it very well in 1998: “But I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order.” Have we put our houses in order? Is there need? I don’t think anyone could argue that there is no need for preparedness.
I deal with security basically on this web site. I think we (especially Fathers) have a very heavy responsibility to make sure our families are cared for. Like my son who wanted to give armed escort to his wife because of threats, we all should do what we can, all that we can, and then rely on the Lord. I’ve had some members, upon hearing that I advocate concealed carry, question my faith and trust in God. I feel it is foolish to put it all in God’s hands when I could have trained, armed, and cared for my family myself. I was in a position once where I was not armed with a gun, and was in peril. I did employ training and I did have a knife. (One of my rules is never leave home without a knife, or a gun) But I was watched over by God after all I could do. We must do all that we can. I would like to think that in some small way, that’s what we do here at LDS Gunsite.
Once again I plead with you. Get your family prepared. Having food storage is good, as long as you know how to use what you have, and you do use it. Getting “stuff” is important. But always keep in mind that “training trumps gear”. Put yourself and your family on a training program. Just as you would a diet of nutritious food or an exercise program. This training program may only be learning a new skill each year or every six months. For family home evening you can practice some of these skills you learn to keep current. You can go camping as a family and include some of this training or practice. There are numerous ways to do it. Just do it! Do it now! as President Kimball would say. It’s not difficult because it can become a way of life. Do this for your children. Because not only will it teach them independence, but it will give them confidence. The opposite of fear is faith. The scriptures say that if we are prepared we won’t have fear, but faith. If you want to strengthen your faith then prepare!
We live in a turbulent world. If we are prepared we won’t fear. We can have peace in turmoil if we prepare spiritually and temporally. Even the government wants you to prepare. We’ve been given a commandment and wise counsel how to fulfill it. “Being prepared is a commandment?” you ask? Yes. From D&C to President Kimball and President Benson, they confirm the divine nature of the counsel. When will you and your family start to follow this commandment? There are many who can help.
As far as security is concerned, I’d like to help. And in any other way.
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