Monday, August 4, 2014

Mormons: Low Standards of Security (1 of 3)

I hesitate to write this article. I love the Church and have a testimony of it’s teachings and gospel principles. I love the LDS people and have grown up in the Mormon culture. My family left a predominately LDS populated area for the mission field. I truly love the mission field. I’m sure you’re saying, “Burn, I hear a “but” there.” Yes, there is always a “but”. I don’t want to sound critical of anyone and certainly not the Church.
I have been a member of the Church my entire life. Come from pioneer stock. Not to toot my own horn, but just so you know where I’m coming from. I’ve watched members from one end of this great country to the other, and in other countries. For the most part I have no problem with LDS members. They are all kind, generous, wonderful human beings, trying their best to live high moral and ethical standards. They are not perfect, but who is? I have found that most members here in the U.S. are typical of Americans. We have a very false sense of security because of the rule of law in this country. I believe all of North America is included in this and some of Europe. I’m not sure of other countries but it may apply to them also. In the U.S. we trust our law enforcement and military to protect us. The law is usually on our side if we are law abiding citizens. But LDS standards of security and personal protection are typical of most Americans, pretty low. Our law enforcement and military are the top of the heap. They are outstanding and they do all they can to keep us safe. The problem is, we have freedom in this country that I don’t think anyone else enjoys. Because of that unalienable right of liberty we have crime and terrorist activity that seems to be bad. As I have always maintained concerning crime that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. The reason 9-11 happened in part was that we have this idea that those things happen in 3rd world countries, not here. Well, if we are not vigilant, they will happen here… again.
As far as crime goes let me tell you a little story. I have some very good LDS friends. Our families go way back. Their son went through a unfortunate divorce and remarried a wonderful girl, who herself, was married to a rat. This rat has done some rotten things to this couple. Now, they have experienced some things that have changed their lives, yet they still are not security minded. They do things that make me shake my head. Now, some of this is also a difference in personalities. But I find even when something bad happens to Americans, we find it hard to change our ways, or we change a little, and then get complacent, and get burned again. Mormons are particularly susceptible to this because, as a rule, they are not looking for the bad in anyone. They accept and trust most everyone. I don’t want to change that. Well, maybe a little.
I have another friend. He works for Customs as an Intel analyst. He is a great guy. Years ago when I served as a Bishop, he was one of my counselors. His son just went into the MTC. Anyway, at one time I was his family’s home teacher. He got out of the military after he and his wife served in the first Gulf war. As he worked in his profession he and I would talk. His view of people was so mistrusting that I finally had to say something to him about it. He apologized and said that his family was even noticing a change in him. He dealt with so much scum every day that he began to think everyone was scum. To his credit, he did work out and separate his work from his personal and church life. That is the opposite end of the spectrum. I believe we all need to be somewhere in the middle of those two examples. Live in the yellow. (see blog Yellow to Orange 3/8/2014 and Threat Cons and Training 3/4/2014)
I plead with you. Please take a look at your everyday practices. You may live in a very safe neighborhood or town. This is both a blessing and a curse. Protect your children and family. Even your friends and neighbors should be aware and look out for each other. Do not be a sheep. (see blog OP Rockwell Philosophy 4/9/2014, Mormon Self Defense 5/13/2014 and Security in a LDS Church 5/19/2014)
As members of the Church we profess to believe in prophets and continued revelation. Yet when crazy things happen in this world and evil is revealed, sometimes we are surprised. We should not be. Elder Oaks did say “Even I know the name of our Church.” Latter-day… We know that things will get even worse in this world as the second coming is ushered in. But I feel as Pres Monson, we live in wondrous times, we should be of good cheer. If we are prepared, we can be of good cheer.
I’m not saying go out and buy a gun, (although I am not opposed to the idea) but be security minded. You probably safeguard your social security number. So if you feel that is important, why would you get on Facebook and bare your soul! Picture this. Someone posts 200 pictures on Facebook. In the background of those pictures are expensive items that a burglar would love access to. You never did give out your address because that would be foolish. You did mention what town you lived in. In your pictures are pictures of your kids playing in the front yard. In the back ground we see plainly your address with number and street. Then you talk about your vacation but don’t give the time you will be gone because that would be foolish. You then say that you have to take the kids out of school early on a particular day. Then to someone else you say you’ll see your Brother in a different state this weekend. Now all the internet knows what valuables you have, what town you live in, where you live, and when you’ll be gone. Do criminals really have time to do that kind of recon on Facebook? They do it all the time.
Look at your home. Is it fortified? Have you considered your kids security? Have you safeguarded your lives and property? You need not be paranoid or looking for a perpetrator behind every corner and bush. Simple things you can do will make your lives more secure.
In the next article I’ll help you to come up with a security plan for your family. Like safety, security is a mind set and a life style.
Semper Paratus