Monday, November 10, 2014

A Short Veteran Thanks

I was thinking about history today. Days like this make me think about the past. I can remember being at the top of a 150 ft tower getting ready to make my first "jump" at that height. My room mate and buddy, Mike, said to me, "Iv'e got your back." He knew I was afraid of heights and that I needed some encouragement. The black hats weren't going to give me any.
I've thought about that statement "I've got your back". It means more than just good luck. It means I'm here to support you.
I loved serving in the military, but more than that, I love the people I've served with. Most of them are out of the military now or have retired from there. It was a privilege to serve my country with some of the best people you can imagine. Most of them are like family. I can count on them like I would my family.
Serving your country is something I would recommend. I think that serving in the military gives you a different perspective on the world. There is also a patriotism and love of country that can be found in no other place.
I am grateful to have served but also I am grateful for those who served, those who gave their all, so that I may enjoy the freedom of the United States.
Thanks to all those who are serving now, and especially all who gave a piece of themselves to ensure my freedom. Like the saying says "All gave some, some gave all".
Thank you fellow vets.

Semper Paratus