Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Preparation and Others

It never ceases to amaze me how some people think. For instance listen to this story.

“It recently came to the attention of some folks I was working with that I made a habit of keeping a first aid kit in the backpack I usually carry with me. They thought that this was a strange practice. One even went so far as to ask if it wasn't a bit paranoid to carry a first aid kit wherever you go. I'd imagine a sizeable chunk of the population would agree with that sentiment seeing as how the vast majority of them get through the average day without needing a first aid kit. Not even ten minutes after someone questioned the level of paranoia necessary to keep a first aid kit handy another someone managed to slice themselves open. At the moment when the dismissive individuals were faced with someone bleeding and teetering on the edge of going unconscious due to being panicked at the sight of their own blood, they stared in (mostly) mute helplessness. It was left to the "paranoid" guy to open up the med kit no one else had the foresight to bring or apparently inclination to use, glove up, and apply some gauze to stop the bleeding.

It wasn't a life threatening injury...and thank heaven for that. The people who thought I was a bit touched in the head weren't much help in the situation. Even in this very minor event with only a little bit of blood spilled (by my standards, anyway) they seemed incapable of following the clearest of directions or performing a simple action they had performed many times in the past like starting a car so we could get the victim somewhere they could receive proper care. I don't really want to know what it would be like to try and manage them in a situation where the bleeding was serious and someone's life was at stake. Most don't like to dwell on the more unpleasant possibilities of life and I totally understand that. I don't spend my free time contemplating doom, either...but when something like this happens you get the feeling that some have never contemplated even the possibility that something bad will happen. And sometimes they're pretty smug about it.”

I have lived this story. Several times. Occasionally a member of my family will ask for a item in my Everyday carry (EDC). Occasionally I won’t have the item. I will then say “Don’t get upset because I’m not prepared for you…”

This happens when it comes to guns. Those who want more gun control often think that anyone who would own a gun is an idiotic good-ol-boy. This is not reality of course. I have been surprised a few times at the range to find certain people who feel strongly enough about a gun to buy one and practice with it. (My favorite was a Priest!)
I am not doom and gloom but it is amazing that some people think bad things will NEVER happen. I’m not sure what kind of life you must lead to think that way. Why someone would think that social breakdown is not just a verdict away is beyond me. This country has great freedom and with that freedom comes the right to protest. Sometimes a non-violent protest can turn ugly real fast. We’ve seen these things happen all over the world, but especially here in the U.S.

Those who will make fun of you for taking some sort of responsibility for what happens in this world will, without even the slightest hesitation, try to squeeze themselves under the protective umbrella of your good judgment when things go badly. When the danger is over, they'll return to contempt without any sense of irony or ability to even recognize the folly of it. Some people will still think I have some sort of psychological defect because I have a med kit handy. It doesn't matter that when someone is bleeding you’re the only guy on scene who had a plan or any capability to do something'll still be a nut to a chunk of them.

Don't let the inexperienced, the feckless, or the willfully stupid draw the line that separates preparedness and paranoia in your mind. Those people, after all, will not help you when things go wrong. If things do indeed go wrong, you'll find their opinion offers little comfort when someone is bleeding and stuff is on fire.

In the Book of Mormon is a story of Lehi’s dream. Those who were making right decisions were being mocked by those in the spacious building. I feel that way often about other members. I shouldn’t feel like this but it always comes. Being prepared is actually following counsel and keeping commandments. Can it be all consuming? Yes. I’ve seen others go crazy with preparedness to the detriment of everything else in their lives. I understand how that can happen. As we live in the last days and things get hot in this world, it’s easy to see why someone might get obsessed with preparedness. Some may feel they are behind the curve and are trying to catch up. It’s always good to look at what you have prepared in place to ensure that it will work when needed. Keep a good perspective though so you won’t go overboard.

What others say should not matter. Do what you feel you need to for yourself and your family. Follow inspired leaders and personal inspiration and you will never go wrong.

Semper Paratus