Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Safe Is Your Family When You Are Away?

How safe is your family when you are away?
I’ve often asked this question of students and others that I have worked with through the years. I’ve received a variety of answers. Often it has been that guys have tried to teach their wives or even children and it has not gone well. Maybe other family members are not interested enough to actually want to learn self defense. This is something you need to discuss with your spouse seriously. Can your spouse be serious enough about self defense to learn whatever it takes to defend themselves and the household? I’ve been fortunate that my family enjoys shooting enough to get trained and to practice.
Often men will be the instructor of the family. Sometimes this can work, but often a husband and wife shouldn’t be together during instruction. I’ve seen many couples split up because often the husband brings more stress to the situation than is already there. I’ve also instructed my wife and kids and it’s gone quite well. My wife is very independent and that helped a lot. I was able to share with her the basics and then let her go. If a husband feels he can instruct his wife, make sure you are very patient, teach clearly and don’t assume, and make sure your spouse is comfortable and not intimidated. If you can’t do this with your wife, find a competent instructor for her.
The size of weapon is always a consideration. If you are considering a weapon for home defense being size conscious is not really a consideration. A weapon that has little recoil is always good for those smaller in stature. A rifle or shotgun can be considered but sometimes even they are too long for home defense. I would recommend a larger handgun. You will have to determine caliber. As with all home defense weapons, consider the danger of possibly shooting through walls.
Remember that education is protection.
Your children should be given gun safety instruction. You must decide at what age you teach them to shoot. I have several children and all of them have learned safety and shooting skills. Some of them have embraced shooting and others see it as a once in awhile activity. I’m grateful my family has seen the importance of defense. You may have to convince your family of this need. If you as the “shooter” of the family are away often, convincing them may not be as difficult as you think.
The times we live in a very perilous. We should do our best to care for ourselves including family defense. Most spouses will see the wisdom in this and do what they can to learn and be more self-sufficient.
Again I ask, are you confident that your loved ones can defend themselves without you?

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