Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Time of Thanks, A Time of Vigilance

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope all of you have a wonderful time filled with family and good cheer and food!
Often on this website I feel I am forced to be “gloom and doom” because of the reality of crime, violence, riots, disasters, and terrorism that is filling the earth. I do not mean to be, but I want to be a force of good on the internet. I want to help anyone that I can. Security and preparedness can be serious business. But I do have fun! I’m going to the range with my son today to sight in his new Remington .308 rifle. I do love to shoot and everything about it. I sing a song to my wife, much to her dismay… “Home, home on the range…!!” I feel at home on the shooting range.
This time of year as we remember the great and marvelous blessings which we have in this great country, I hope we will count those blessings and know how, and by what means, we have received many of them. Our Heavenly father has been very good to us in this country and in our family’s. In my family we welcomed three babies into this world and 2 new daughters in law, and 1 son in law. I don’t consider my “in-laws” strangers, but additional kids. Our family is growing and it’s good to see the happiness it brings.
At the same time, we must be vigilant in our guard of our way of life, liberty, and families. Being security minded is sometimes hard in the lap of family, good will, and freedom. That is why vigilance is so necessary.
I really like an old TV series called “The Unit”. It only went 4 seasons and was cancelled coincidentally when President Obama was elected. I’m not sure that election had anything to do with it’s cancellation but I do wonder. Anyway, for those that may not know, The Unit was a series about a unit in the Army similar to Delta Force in Special Forces. This was several teams of operators who answered only to the President of the United States and would be used for covert missions throughout the world. In one episode this team was home in the United States enjoying dinner with their wives when they were targeted by terrorists. In the middle of their meal they were attacked yet every operator was prepared with a concealed weapon. Of course the bad guys lost and the good guys won. It was a fictional show. But what I liked was the detail and back ground that was realistic in the sense of the military. The advisors of this show really advised well.
The reality of life is that at any moment evil people can purport violence upon law abiding U.S. citizens. There are many things in place to stop that. The best trained military in the world stands ready to defend us. Well trained valiant law enforcement and first responders stand at the ready to care for each of us. Even with all of this, bad things can happen. We must be trained and prepared.
During this special time, and the beginning of the Christmas season, remember how blessed we are and those that serve and protect our freedom. Count your blessings and prepare for the worst, so you and your family will be ready for what may come.
Semper Paratus
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