Thursday, January 26, 2017

Guns Make Us Safe

I wrote a post about reasons to carry a gun. (Reasons To Carry 1/4/2017) The same people who ask why I carry a gun need to hear this as well as anyone who carries, or intends to carry.
There are some facts that not all gun carriers may have heard or they have heard the opposite. So let’s go over them.

A lot of people have defended themselves using concealed weapons. This is the only possible way that people with physical disabilities are able to defend themselves from potential attackers. Stories told about there are more Americans who say no to CCW permits are false.
I’ve been around guns and guns stores my whole long life. Talk to gun store owners, they will give you the truth about gun sales. I’m also an instructor. Although I am not a CCW instructor, I know, and have trained, with many of them. Ask them about their business and if it has improved. They will tell you it has.

66% of the country’s police chiefs have attributed the decreased rate of violent crimes to more people carrying concealed weapons. I also know many law enforcement officers.

Numerous reports tell of civilians with concealed weapons saving the day against mass shootings. One incident in the Appalachian school of law reported two men rushing to their vehicles to get their guns. They were able to prevent a mass murder from happening.

Studies show a decrease in crime rate in States with less restrictive CCW laws. I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t you hate studies?” You would be right, I don’t like studies. I tend to treat them like reality T.V. Reality T.V. isn’t. BUT, if you actually believed studies, there are some that almost seem credible. See how I’m reaching there? I want these studies to be true, I really do. Although, I do think there can be a difference between studies and statistics. Statistics show that rates are going down, but I believe all crime, especially violent crime, is on a downward spiral. That trend is slow and it accounts for changes in technology, focus and training of officers, and other factors. But I do believe arming the masses makes a difference.
A 19 year study shows that crimes involving guns are 10% higher in US states with restrictive concealed carry laws. In Texas, crimes of murder, rape, and assault have dramatically dropped in the first two years after their CCW law passed. Take that study for what it is.
States issuing the most number of concealed weapons permit have surprisingly declining gun related crime rates. Those are statistics.

Reports about police officers disagreement about civilians with concealed weapons have no statistical basis. But can armed civilians prevent violent crimes? Policemen believe so, according to several surveys. If you don’t believe surveys ask the officers themselves. They are the ones out there in the trenches. They see it firsthand. I’ve talked to many officers and most of them believe this.

Sometimes these mass shootings or other violent crimes that happen freak people out. But don’t ignore the many lives that were saved due to the approval of concealed carry in a lot of States. Don’t let some liberal or gun hater tell you different. I think it’s not so much that liberals think that limiting gun ownership really makes us safer, but it’s more that they don’t like guns and the people that like guns. Frankly, I’m not really interested in which it is. Outright banning of guns in the U.S. will only happen when our Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. That may come sooner than we think.

Guns keep us safer. Not because violence is the answer. Violence is only what we can answer violence with. If violence is answered with love, violence will continue to come. This is why good people need to have a capacity for violence. It should not be your default attitude, but one you can choose when needed. Using violence only for defense is your mantra.

Study these things out for yourself. Sift through false surveys and studies. Find good sources and find out for yourself.

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