Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Overwatch: Drill of the Month for January

Shotgun Drills

Not enough attention is given to shotguns as defense weapons. Practicing and running drills with a shotgun is just as important as any other firearm.

Close Quarter Shotgun: In a home-defense scenario where friendlies and assailants may be entwined, shooters should have an understanding of what a shotgun’s pattern will do at various ranges. So set up a paper target to serve as a no-shoot obstacle close to you. Then place a target in line with it 5 to 10 yards behind it. Shoot from cover. With the loads you plan to use, shoot the second target while keeping pellets off the close target. Shoot it a few times until you pepper the edge of the close target, so you’ll have a better understanding of how close is too close. This will give you a sense of how far you have to expose yourself outside of cover while placing maximum shot on your intended target—without hitting unintended objects in the process.

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