Monday, January 16, 2017

Military Slang For Everyday

I was at work the other day.  I talk on a radio a lot and have developed quite a slang vocabulary.  If you were around me any amount of time you'd probably hear some of this slang.  I say on the phone "Standby one" a lot.  Of course this is just a way of saying "Hold on a minute."
I thought it might be fun to revisit some of that vocabulary.  Use some of these terms on your military, or ex-military friends or family and see their reaction.
There are a few phrases for "Hurry up" or "Quickly"
"Mosh Skosh" which I understand is possibly from the Japanese word.
"Most Riki Tik" This is one I use too much.
Phrases meaning "Affirmative" or "OK"
"Roger that" I know I use a lot.
But "Affirm" and "Roger" work.
Phrases for rank. Can be used for boss or authority figure.
"Dai uy" is the Vietnamese word for the rank of Captain. It's pronounced Die We.
Other Vietnamese words would be "Didi" meaning "go" or "leave."  I don't think this is the correct spelling but it is from the Vietnamese "Didi Mao." (Phonetic spelling)
American soldier corruption of Vietnamese "dien cai dau", Meaning batty, Crazy, Whacko, Goofy, Etc.  Often it was used with the French word for " a lot", "beaucoup" or phonetically "bo coo."
Phrases for "ready"
"5 by 5"
"Squared away"
This term came from the old communications, or radio term coming from:
Hearing someone loud and clear were on scales 0-5, 5 being the best.
In contrast when someone needs to repeat because of bad reception I still say "You're coming in broken and stupid."
Also for "loud and clear" are the phonetic words for "L" and "C" are Lima Chalie.
Common for when you needed something done fast is the acronym ASAP ( as soon as possible )
Also common for when you are leaving an area "I've got 2 days and a wake up"
These are only a few, maybe you can think of some more.
Semper Paratus
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