Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Biker Attack Security

A few weeks ago on March 1st in San Francisco, California there was another motorcycle attack of a motorist. This time someone caught video of it. This has happened before in this area with dirt bike riders. The recording shows a pack of riders on dirt bikes and ATVs surrounding a car until it stops. Then they appear to beat the driver on a busy Bay Area freeway during rush hour. A similar incident happened in New York 3 years ago. This too was recorded.
What would you do in these situations? How do you avoid these type of attacks?
Situational Awareness
Being aware of what is going on in traffic around you is the best way to avoidance. Often motorcycles take all the lanes and control the traffic behind them so those in front can do their stunts. Recognizing this as it is happening can give you a chance to get away from it.
There are many aggressive things you can do to get around a group of motorcycles. Unless you see an eminent attack don’t try and get by a group. Exit the freeway as soon as possible. Also, sometimes when a car gets past the group it’s seen as a threat and the situation escalates.
Communication is always important in an emergency. If you really are fearful of an attack call 911. Know where you are so that you can communicate your location if things start to go bad.
Be prepared for an attack if there is even a hint that one may come. Lock your doors and roll up all windows. Turn on lights or 4 ways to attract attention. If you can see an attack coming try and maneuver around the motorcycles as a last resort. Law enforcement advises motorists to move forward and do what you have to do to get out of the situation. In New York, the driver was basically involved in a deadly encounter. He was surrounded. He had his wife and child in the car. If you look at the whole situation, it’s justified, and you are legally allowed to use deadly physical force to protect yourself from being harmed. But be careful to not use deadly force if there is any other way out.
If you’re on a highway where a U-turn is available, seek that option to move in the opposite direction of the motorcycle gang. Attempt to drive to a populated area off of the highway to summon help and police assistance.
Keep moving. Never get out of your vehicle. Keep your head and keep looking for a way out. If you feel your life is in danger than defend yourself, but make sure you are really in a life threatening situation. If a guy is banging on your window and screaming at you that is not a life threatening situation. If he has broken the window and is assaulting you, that can be life threatening. I know that seems a little too late to start to defend yourself, but sadly, that’s the only way to convince a jury or the legal system that you felt your life was in danger. If you had a chance to leave but did not, and you end up shooting the guy, you may end up having legal nightmares.
Remember that it’s so much easier to pay attention and keep yourself out of a bad situation than it is to mitigate that situation.

Semper Paratus