Friday, March 3, 2017

EDC: I Love Tac Pens!

A tactical pen is a deadly weapon in the right set of hands.
In the wrong set of hands, it’s a harmless writing utensil. The distinction is important.
Basically a tactical pen is a Kubotan. A striking weapon.
Practicing with a Kubotan teaches us something paramount about survival and combat: even simple, mundane objects can be a surprisingly potent means of self-defense.
Being creative is about thinking outside the box, and breaking down preconceptions of what it means to compete and combat. A weapon can be anything – a keychain, a tactical pen, a pencil, a railroad spike, a drill bit, or a coffee mug.
What you use is less important than how you use it. Anything can be a deadly weapon, but nobody can deny that some objects make better ones than others. So what’s the best option?
You can think of a tactical pen as a Kubotan disguised as a pen.
Like Kubotan’s, they are forged from hardened metal. The metal is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip. The non-writing end of the pen incorporates a hardened tip. This tip is the primary weapon of the tactical pen.
It’s designed to penetrate and injure. It’s made to puncture and incapacitate. So a tactical pen is a pen made out of metal, with stamped grip grooves and a hardened tip.
Few products can offer you as much utility as the tactical pen. Not only is it a mean weapon that can poke, prod, twist, and stab anyone dumb enough to get on the wrong side of it, but it is also one of man’s greatest inventions: the pen.
A tactical pen is what is known as a “survivor’s multi-tool”, or a survival device that serves multiple purposes.
And as we all know, the pen is mightier than the sword. Or so they say. But what could be mightier than a pen in the right hands?
Being armed and ready to defend yourself at all times is no easy task. In fact, in our modern world, most people are disarmed more than armed. Often because social and political regulations forbid conventional weapons from being openly carried.
The harsh reality is you can’t legally carry guns everywhere, nor can you carry swords, clubs, bows, blowguns or some knives.
But there are solutions around these restrictions. Protecting yourself with a self-defense tool does not mean you have to be armed to the teeth. To the creative, just about any object can be a weapon, and an especially effective tool is the tactical pen.
Even if you’re already a highly trained martial artist, whose hands and feet are weapons unto themselves, having a tactical pen is always a welcomed advantage. And that’s why you should carry a tactical pen. You want the advantage. I want a BIG advantage in a fight!
The primary use of a tactical pen is straightforward. It’s a device for self-defense and writing. But there are two other lesser known uses of tactical pens such as:
Breaking Glass
The pointed end of a tactical pen is perfect for breaking panes of glass. Just grip the pen firmly in a gloved hand, stand back against the same wall the glass is off to one side, and swing your arm from the elbow like a pendulum. Slamming the pointed metal tip into the corner of a pane.
The glass should shatter with ease.
DNA Collection
Yeah, believe it or not, these fancy little self-defense tools come with a built-in device for tracking an assailant with the power of science.
Some tactical pens even have a crown studded end cap that is ideal for scraping, jabbing, scratching and stabbing an attacker. Leaving blood or flesh behind that can be analyzed by a lab.
And here are the most useful features of tactical pens:
1. They are discrete; people will overlook them and let you carry them almost anywhere
2. Tactical pens are difficult to pry from your tight grip because they fit almost entirely into the palm of your hand.
3. You can write with it.
4. Tactical pens are a concealed weapon in your pocket and are extracted quickly without a lot of movement.
5. They are ideal for attacking someone’s pressure points, and for twisting uncomfortably against bones.
6. Tactical pens get overlooked as a weapon in pat-downs.
7. People rarely see a tactical pen attack coming – you have the element of surprise.
8. If you need to break a window (for whatever reason), tactical pens are exceptionally efficient for this purpose.
9. With some practice, they could make a decent projectile. I feel like that’s a stretch, though.
Using a Tactical pen for self-defense is easier than you might imagine. Unlike most forms of martial arts weaponry, using this small weapon does not require you to memorize any complicated forms, hand-grabs or punching techniques (although knowing those would help you become proficient much faster).
Tactical Pen Techniques
The techniques are pretty simple and can be learned by anybody – but the key is practice. Look up some internet videos and work with your friends.
As long as you are careful not to hurt each other, practicing these simple moves can be a lot of fun – and even running through them, a few times can significantly improve your ability to perform effectively when the time of need finally arrives. Or you could use a soft dog chewtoy shaped as a bone. You can hold that similarly to a pen.
Here are some general ways in which you can use your tactical pen:
Pretty self-explanatory but the tactical pen can be used like a knife or sword. It can be swung in a striking motion, down being the strongest move.
Although there’s no blade, the tactical pen will still do real damage when you connect. Especially with a solid over the shoulder swing.
Pressure Point Striking
This is a method that requires some background knowledge and practice. Pressure points can be debilitating when pinched or pressed. If done right, it doesn’t take much force.
Knowing how to use your tactical pen to target these natural human weak spots give you an incredible advantage against less knowledgeable attackers.
The tactical pen is a close quarter weapon; you can’t do much damage at more than arm’s length distance. However, close range is how you get access to a threats pressure points. If the opportunity is there, knowing the pressure points could save your life.
This motion is obvious, but the best target locations might not be. Aim for the eyes and if you connect the fight will come to an abrupt end. Another vulnerable location is the Adams apple. It’s really hard to keep fighting if you can’t see and/or breathe.
The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tactical Pens
Things you SHOULD DO:
Carry One Or More
This is the kind of backup defense tool that you can store in lots of sneaky places to keep yourself safe at all times. Sure, you could carry just one tactical pen with you at all times.
Or you could get one for your bug out bag, one for your bug out vehicle, one for your office, one for your home, you could even keep a tactical pen in your first aid kit.
Use Your Tactical Pen Creatively
There is no defined “right” or “wrong” way to use a tactical pen. A “How To Use Tactical Pen For Dummies” does not exist.
So feel free to get creative and imagine unique ways you could use your tactical pen throughout your day. Picture how you might defend yourself in various situations, or how you can retrieve your tactical pen covertly.
Practice With It Often
Could you pick up a guitar without ever done so and play a rock song? Your clumsy attempt at a song would probably sound similar to cats dying.
Same idea goes for all new skills, if you want to be any good at them you need to put in practice time. Anyone can wield a tactical pen but there’s a big difference between randomly slashing and thrusting vs mastering it.
And while no one is saying you have to be a master, learning and practicing tactical pen basics will go a long way to preparing to defend yourself with it.
Things you SHOULD NOT DO:
Consider This Your Primary Weapon
No one has ever marched into battle armed with a jubilee of tactical pens. They are never a primary weapon. BUT they are the ideal last resort weapon.
Get Too Attached To It
Any incognito weapon is liable to get confiscated. No matter whether it is a tactical pen, a cane sword, a sleeve pistol, or an Odd Job hat, anything that hides or disguises a weapon is a target for seizure.
Be careful where you bring your tactical pen, it is a weapon after all. There are places where it is downright unacceptable to carry a weapon on you.
And although it is a pen, it doesn’t exactly look like a regular pen, and if you get caught trying to sneak this weapon somewhere you’re not supposed to, there could be severe consequences for getting caught.
In a pinch, where available weapons for self-defense are limited, using a regular pen is better than nothing. But don’t practice tactical pen techniques and then go cheap and carry around a lame plastic ballpoint pen expecting it to function on the same level as the metal-alloy weaponized tactical pens. Some regular pens are built better than others.
Standard pens don’t have the strength or durability to perform as those engineered by weapons manufacturers.
The bottom line is regular pens make poor self-defense tools.
They’re not illegal, but they’re still a weapon.
So don’t use them as a toy, and don’t abuse their power. You can seriously hurt someone just “messing around”. And I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, be careful where you take your tactical pen.
Carrying one into a place like an airport could result in arrest and get you charged with conspiracy to commit a crime (whether those were your intentions or not). Tactical pens are weapons, treat them as such. Law enforcement knows all about weapons that are available out there.
Tactical pens are considered non-lethal.
That does not mean they can’t kill; it just means that they are not designed to. Murder (even in the name of self-defense) is something you should avoid if possible. Killing someone with a tactical pen would take a lot of effort. It won’t happen by accident, and it would be both gruesome and messy. Also not something easily defended in a court appearance.
Tactical pens suck as far as pens go.
If you want a smooth, flawless ink implement to write your memoirs with, don’t rely on a tactical pen. Tactical pens are more Kubotans than pens. Or more accurately they are 27% pen and 73% tactical weapon.
So don’t be surprised if the ink is of poor quality and it’s a bit of hit or miss when writing. Realize weapon companies make these and not pen companies.
Nobody looks menacing brandishing ANY pen.
Even a tactical one. Leave your ego at the door because you won’t scare off any attackers when you whip out your tactical pen and start thrusting it around and making tough guy sounds.
In fact, expect to draw a few chuckles from you assailants. But use this to your advantage; when they think they are about to beat the living crap out of some pen-wielding-dink, their confidence will be high but their guard will be low. Let them underestimate you and your tactical pen-abilities. It will be their downfall.
Don’t tell others your pen is tactical.
The best part of the tactical pen is its discretion. Why then would you show a random person your weapon? It’s a good practice to keep your self-defense weapons to yourself until you’re forced to use them.
Best Tactical Pen
Everyone wants to know which is best. Once someone decides that carrying a tactical pen makes sense, they want the best.
The key features to look for in the best tactical pen are:
• Made From Solid Alloy Construction
• Stainless Steel
• “DNA Collector” Built In
• The Pen Functions As A Pen
• Discrete
If the tactical pen has each of these qualities then it’s one of the best. You want it made from solid alloy to ensure it won’t break even under intense pressures. Stainless steel helps to avoid rusting. DNA collection will help you catch the bad guys through forensic science. The pen functioning properly helps you discretely keep your powerful weapon with you at all times.
After these hurdles have been met, the best tactical pen is one that is affordable and one you will carry every day.
If you buy a tactical pen, pop it in your tactical backpack and forget about it until the next time you get mugged, it is not going to do you much good. You need to actively stay proficient with your weapon. Train with friends and practice alone.
The dual purpose of pen-and-weapon serves as the perfect disguise and allows users the element of surprise while also granting them the benefits of being armed and prepared for any situation.
I’m never without one.
Semper Paratus
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